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Sam Losco

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Furries... diperfurs, zoosadists etc they all lead back to the Furries.
Exactly. Disappear Animal Control/furries and you'd get rid of the zoosadists, along with a lot of members of other fucked up groups like pedophiles, age play (meaning diaper stuff), trannies, and countless other weird ass, degenerate fetishes.
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My #1 pick is a struggle between: Every horrorcow (even the ones we haven't found yet) and Furries.
Furries have a big enough effect on society that wiping them out would greatly improve it. Horrowcows contain all of society's most fucked up people.
Furries and Horrorcows do have a large overlapping section, however.
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If you want my honest opinion, the Weeb Wars lolcows.

As resident anime fan spergout par excellence, they are the culmination of everything that is wrong upon the rise and crash of the Anime boom into the US during the 1990s. Hipster faggotry, fanwhoring hobbyabusing weightthrowing levels of posturing, self entitled ego delusional fuckery that roots into their own faults as humans and amplifies them for all of mankind to suffer, and the fatheaded consumerist gall of believing you have charge of something all because you bought it or are sponsoring it. When it came to anime, I sure didn't go into its world nor the community thinking or being guided by presumptions based off of this shit.

I might be shooting my own foot and chopping off the hands that feed me, but for all of the greatness that is Weeb Wars, for the adrenaline of sharing and scouring for information that combats contradictive claims by opposition, for all of the great times and camaraderie with fellow farmers who frequent that part of this site, and all of which I would not trade away for the world, I want to see the final pyre when it all expires, and peacefully and gracefully fade away like the wind after it ends.


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The unholy tetrad of Chris Chan's (and other lolcows) orbiters: white knights, a-Logs, weens, and enablers.
If we erase them, we would also erase a good chunk of most of the other things that should not exist (furries, SJWs, coomers, weebs, Trump spergs (both pro and anti), and probably several more)
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Beauty Parlor, Furries and especially the Weeb wars should get the boot. That thread has brought about an amount of a-logging too ungodly and intense for average user observation.
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Captain Manning

Tell us the story of your big dog.
You say one group. Can we go just ahead and consider anything "rapey" all one group?

Otherwise it's hard to chose between the zoosadists and pedos. I like dogs more than kids, but it's not like kid rape is anything other than an executable offense.
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