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Pedophiles, definitely. That still leave the animal abusers of the furry community, but while animal abuse is bad child abuse is worse.


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Furries seems like the biggest bang for the buck here, hard to argue with pure numbers. Between nuking the diaperfurs and a good portion of zoosadists, zoophiles, pedos, troons, and weebs it seems like a no brainer. Bonus if we can count Bronies as furries. The only downside is there would be a significant blow to active lolcow threads, but I feel like the resulting black hole created with that much autism wiped out all at once there would be some sort of cosmic backlash of equal and opposite autism.
The cosmic backlash would be Chris-Chan running for president and winning, whereupon s?he would immediately rename the United States of America to The People's Republic of CWCville.

(Thinking about this further and I'm depressed to realize that that might actually be an improvement to the current US political system. Sacrificing a single boyfriend-free girl to Chris-Chan in exchange for a leader we can all feel unified under is a small price to pay.)

The unholy tetrad of Chris Chan's (and other lolcows) orbiters: white knights, a-Logs, I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME, and enablers.
If we erase them, we would also erase a good chunk of most of the other things that should not exist (furries, SJWs, coomers, weebs, Trump spergs (both pro and anti), and probably several more)
You could've just said "the majority of Kiwifarms" and provided yourself with some brevity, OP.


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Pedos number one, zoosadists number two. In that kids and domesticated animals have no means (the rule, not the exceptions) of putting up a fight when it comes to premeditated assault; any "it" who goes to that length to invoke whatever power or unhappiness they have in their lives knowing full well that what they're doing is creating unthinkable and irrevocable damage should expect no less than a one time helicopter ride or the oven.

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Furries. All of em have to go. 20% are open about wanting to have sex with the family dog & there's typically a 1/3 overlap between dog fuckers and pedophiles. You just can't win with those numbers. Zoo Crew 2.0 is going to happen sooner rather than later, especially with the quarantine in place.

Nuke the furries.
Save the dogs & kids.

Furries. This removes most zoosadists, a lot of pedos, a large chunk of anitwitter, pretty much all scat fetishists and probably more.


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SuperSecretAdmin section and all those who inhabit it. Cut off the head of the serpent.

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A lot of people seem to be saying "Zoosadists," which is fine, the animals they torture deserve a better life. However, I feel like there's bigger game to frying here. Maybe I'm just hyper-fixated on them, but I would say SJWs, along with all their associated spheres. Just think: there would be no more feminists, no more troons, no more Antifags, no more BLM, no more racists hating on whites, no more Islamophiles and Mexophiles demanding we import more immigrants who do nothing but rape, murder, steal, and live in ghettos, no more articles about obsessing over Gamergate, no more commies, no more socialists, and no more propagandists pushing for their ideas in pop culture. I think the world who see significant improvement when these types of people cease to be.

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Aside from the obvious people who need to be lined up against a wall and shot until dead, IBS is particularly confounding. Somehow whoring your shitting personality online for artificial drama and attention as well as having standards several ladders below ordinary philosophers at debate makes for a suitable profession.
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