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Holy shit not to a-log but I don't think I've ever actually hated fatty until now, but the more this animal abuse plot thickens the more utter disdain I feel for him.

Do understand that he's technically Barb's puppet so they're trapped. In America, if every American has a right to the pursuit of happiness, then they shouldn't have to live like this. The local health department needs to intervene but Virginia's laws seems rather too lax.


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Holy shit not to a-log but I don't think I've ever actually hated fatty until now, but the more this animal abuse plot thickens the more utter disdain I feel for him.
I blame Barb a lot more. Chris is just an ignorant dumbass. Barb should know better.

Like, Barb's the most caustic, shithead redneck you could imagine. I mean, I thought I knew trashy, but then I became acquainted with Barb. :lol: I didn't know shit.


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Barb mentions she loves dog in the audio.
We know that Chris had Patti, although she seemed to be treated potentially okay (at least having a dog house and being allowed outside. I don't claim that there was proper water or food around, hence why I'm not saying she was treated well).

But since she says she loves then and how Snoopy and Clover being raised so poorly, you have to wonder how many other dogs (and cats) Barb had over the years...

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This brings up a good point of how Barb treats Chris.
Any time we've seen or heard Chris and Barb interact with one another she treats him like a child. And it's not because she wants to belittle him but it's because Chris acts exactly like a child. Remember in the Mcdonalds video where Chris starts raising his voice and Barb has to quickly quiet him down and tell him to eat his food? People act like Barb treats Chris like shit but what else is she to do? Playing the strict mother seems to be the only kind of authority Chris has ever respected.
Barb is not a good person by any means. But if I had to spend the rest of my life with a perpetual toddler I'd probably turn into an asshole too.
It's a vicious circle; Barb treats Chris like a child, which prevents him from growing up and causes him to behave like a child, which in turn causes barb to continue treating him like a child, so on, so on.

There's also definitely an argument for Barb also wanting to keep her "baby" close to her forever, particularly after Cole got the fuck out of dodge, and especially after Bob's passing. Then add the fact that Chris is perfectly content being babied as opposed to the other choice of growing up and behaving like an adult, you've got the crazy situation we all know and love.

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I have a feeling this is going to turn into "The Weens Who Cried Wolf". Every federal, state, county, town, and mall official in a 50-mile radius probably ignores all calls about Chris by now.

And then one day, someone actually needed to inform the local authorities about a situation... (:_(


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Not even gonna lie: I really don't like dogs but goddamn what a stupid asshole. If you have pets take care of the pets. Like every other thing, Chris and Barb fuck this simple rule up beyond belief. No, just no. I'm not sure I have an issue with weens calling them in to animal control. What is wrong with these people... Oh..., that's what.


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I would imagine people with families live closer to Charlottesville.

It's really not too far from Charlottesville. It's basically a suburb of Charlottesville. Which albeit isn't a large town itself, just barely qualifies as a city. But I don't think it's all that bad of a place to live all things considered. It isn't as isolated as a small town and not as dangerous as larger urban areas (especially if you're an autistic menace). Nothing wrong with Ruckersville, except the Chandlers.


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Welp, I can hear that fucking Arms of an Angel song in the back of my head already. Poor dogs. *sigh*

This does make me more curious about how Patti was cared for and if that was mostly Bob. I really think that this new insight into Barb has confirmed that the only remotely decent human being in the Chandler household was Bob and now that he's dead there's nothing to keep the other two in check. Chris is blarming it up in dresses and Barb is wallowing in garbage, dog turds and piss. What a shit show. Its like the punchline to an Aristocrats joke.

Why don't they just give the dogs to a shelter? Jesus Christ, neither of them even sound like they like dogs, and they don't want to take care of them. They'd have better care at a Humane Society shelter, as messed up as that sounds.

I'm still having trouble wrapping my brain around this dog stuff. I mean, jeez, this is some sick stuff. It sucks knowing that there's nothing legal any of us can do and that those poor animals are trapped there.


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As someone who prefers animals over people, this really gets to me. I remember when Chris and Barb first got the dogs, I was actually fuming, because I knew this would happen eventually. I wish there was something we could do, but those dogs would need a lot of rehabilitation before they could be adopted by anyone (save a rescue org, or a trainer). Plus the animal neglect and abuse laws are shite. The cat(s?) may have an easier time, hypothetically, I don't know.

Barb is really worse than I realized for quite a while. She's a mass of various mental illnesses.
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