Law Report Shows FBI Official Received Sports Tickets From CNN Reporter And Lied About It To Investigators -

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The corruption and incestuous cross-collusion between the media and the alphabet agencies had gotten so bad that they could effectively bribe each other with sports tickets.

It's times like these that I'm truly grateful for how hard Trump is going after the swamp critters in Washington.
That is probably the most absurd thing out of all of this. Not a huge fuck-ton of money(Asfarasweknow...) but just some fucking sports tickets...

pwnest injun

An Honest Man is Always in Trouble
I got a kick out of this story. I find it hilarious that they’re covering for a CNN journalist but have no issue reporting on the FBI agent. Who do you think bribed a FBI agent?
The Journalist was doing their job. The FBI agent was fucking up.

Imagine being such a grug brain people bribe you with sports tickets. If some CNN Journo walked up to me with Washington Nationals tickets in hand I'd tell them to fuck off.
No this is standard operating procedure in Washington D.C. "Favours" and gifts over cash that can be tracked, taxed, etc. I will guarantee you that every team in the NBA hands out a certain amount of tickets and season passes to every big media org for favorable coverage, or an in. These tickets are then given away ala this article to sources the media orgs want to cultivate.

Kinda like the human centipede.
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