Reports of armed man sparks major police operation in Sydney CBD - "Allahu Akbar"


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NSW police have launched a major operation in Sydney's CBD following reports of an armed man.
The operation is underway near the corner of King and Clarence Streets.
Police have asked people to avoid the area.
Videos posted on social media show members of the public restraining a man.
While other images show a man being led away by police.
One witness told the ABC he was walking towards Wynyard Park when a man came running around the corner "with a long knife".
"[He was] about three or four metres away from me, and then came about five or six other men chasing him," the witness said.
"They were armed with crowbars and one man had an axe and another man … I think had a firefighting implement.
"My immediate impression was that it was a scene from a crime show being shot, but then that quickly turned out not to be the case and the man ran down the road towards the cafe where patrons there must have tripped him up and they then put a
tard cum crate over his head."
More to come.


Radioactive Man

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Smashed the cunt, nice one fellas.
Shame on the people running away.... don't even know what to say about the ones that are acting like nothing is even happening... just look the other way, nothing to see here.

Honestly I'm a little surprised NSW police are calling the people who restrained him heroes rather than condemning them as reckless or something.
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Radioactive Man

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Footage of the chase/capture

Unedited Press Conference

NSW Police talking to the media.

Witness report.

Just found this. Some blokes already done a livestream with his hot take. Straya.

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Ped Xing

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I think you missed the bit where after he stabbed the chick he was on top of a car saying "shoot me, shoot me". The people chasing him were bystanders. All they knew was that he'd stabbed at least one person, was still armed, and seemed to have a death wish.
Yeah I'm the big stupid.


True & Honest Fan
Gotta love how it's an old guy who is the first to confront him. Old mate shouldn't have to buy his own beer for weeks.

Police are being remarkably cool about the bystanders tackling him so I assume none of them are being charged (imagine the uproar if they tried to charge firies).



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