Reports of armed man sparks major police operation in Sydney CBD - "Allahu Akbar"


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Little bastard getting chased down the street, belted up and then almost decapitated with a tard cum crate makes me proud of my countrymen.

The police presser was all "ra-ra, if you want to try this shit in our city, it's not just the police you have to worry about".


What's this "other mass killings" shit? He killed one person.
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Footage of the chase/capture

View attachment 888649

Police say 21 year old "lone actor" but did have "ideological material" on him when captured (USB thumb drive) and has a history of mental health issues but "unremarkable" relative to "the gravity of the incident".

Body of 21 year old woman found in apartment nearby.

NSW Police talking to the media.

Witness report.

Edit: this cop has said gun/firearm instead of knife in two different interviews now..

Just found this. Some blokes already done a livestream with his hot take. Straya.

Props to the old guy running the whole way with a fucking chair.
Also, why take it out on that poor defenceless bike?
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Rancid Flid

Wah di bumboclaat ?
The Aussie's were saved by 3 Britfags with tard cum crates. Yay, Rule Britannia, we're not all cucks & still have some brave, mad lads repping our country. 🇬🇧 Deus Vult.

'Muslim convert' shouting Allahu Akbar kills one woman during stabbing spree in Sydney before being taken down by three British men as police say the suspect had 'terrorist ideology'


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"Mert" which is a weirdass name, appears to be a Turkish name. He does look that way, as well.

I was on twitter just about 20 minutes after this happened and there were already rumors on there about the dead woman, even as the Guardian was denying any deaths and saying the one injury was a woman who was in stable condition.


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I was on twitter just about 20 minutes after this happened and there were already rumors on there about the dead woman, even as the Guardian was denying any deaths and saying the one injury was a woman who was in stable condition.
I'm not sure how much the raw footage was eventually edited for the news, but at the time the guy got m.ilk crated another guy came up to him and kicked him and asked him "do you have any idea how many people you just stabbed" and told the others that psycho guy had taken a bottle of pills. I assume that the police found out about the dead woman and the other woman who'd been stabbed at the apartment from the kicker.

Edit. Actually, it looks like a different guy told police something had happened at the Clarence Street building.


The Guardian was one of the first to break the news of a body being found at an apartment in Clarence Street, so I don't think it was so much a matter of them denying it as the media not having solid information until the police confirmed it.

Media is now saying victim was a sex worker.
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She was a hooker. Cute, considering what she chose to do with her life

Woman allegedly killed in Sydney stabbing spree identified as 24yo Michaela Dunn
Updated 37 minutes ago
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VIDEO: Michaela Dunn was active on Instagram. (ABC News)
RELATED STORY: 'A threat to himself': Sister of Sydney stabbing accused speaks of his 'descent into insanity'
RELATED STORY: 'These people are heroes': Knife attacker stopped by passers-by in Sydney CBD
RELATED STORY: Woman dead, another stabbed in back as passers-by halt Sydney CBD rampage
The 24-year-old woman killed in a Clarence Street apartment in Sydney's CBD yesterday has been identified as Michaela Dunn.
Key points:
  • Michaela Dunn was pronounced dead at the scene in a Clarence Street unit
  • Her family has requested privacy as the murder investigation continues
  • A fellow sex worker said there was too much focus on men who confronted Ms Dunn's alleged killer, rather than on her

Ms Dunn was found by police in the Sydney apartment just after 3:00pm yesterday following the alleged stabbing rampage by 21-year-old Mert Ney that shut down part of the CBD.
It is understood Ms Dunn is from Sydney's Inner West.
A young blonde woman smilingPHOTO: Michaela Dunn from Sydney's Inner West was found just after 3:00pm on Tuesday. (NSW Police)

Her family have been notified and although police said they "appreciated the public support", they have requested privacy.
Police said initial inquiries indicated a man had allegedly gone to the unit for an appointment about 1.30pm and was captured on CCTV leaving the building about 1.50pm.
Mr Ney is under police guard at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and has undergone surgery for a laceration to his knee. He is expected to be discharged this afternoon.
The ABC has been told that Ms Dunn, a sex worker, had been sharing the apartment with another woman, also understood to be a sex worker.
Police sources said the flatmate came back to the apartment yesterday afternoon because she had not heard from Ms Dunn, and found her dead with fatal cuts to her neck.
Michaela Dunn, 24-year-old woman killed in a Clarence street apartment.PHOTO: Michaela Dunn has been identified as the woman killed in a Clarence Street apartment in Sydney's CBD yesterday. (Supplied: NSW Police)

Ms Dunn's friends took to social media to call out violence against women and pay tribute to her.
"I am angry that male violence has taken another victim," Joan Westenberg wrote.
"Selfishly I am so angry that the victim is a young woman I deeply respected and cared about. Mikki was a true delight to know. The violence in this country cannot continue. It cannot."
Ms Westenberg said she'd known Ms Dunn "since she was just a kid in high school at 14".
"Mikki was like my baby sister. I cannot describe how sad and how broken I am at this moment. I loved this kid. She was incredible," she wrote.
"Sex work is work, she was working.
"Her job does not make her a lurid story. She was a person and she is now gone. And she is gone because male violence has taken her from us."
Other friends rued a life taken too soon.
"Such sad and shocking news," Giovanna Baggala wrote on Facebook.
"Can't believe it, no one deserves what happened to her.
"She was such a lovely person and has been taken way too young, way too soon. May you Rest In Peace Michaela."
A blonde woman with a black hat on posing in front of a hedge.PHOTO: Michaela Dunn was active on social media including Instagram. (Instagram)

Ms Dunn's Instagram account shows she'd recently travelled to Sri Lanka and the USA on a months-long trip with friends.
Videos showed her celebrating New Years' Eve in Sri Lanka, before attending the popular music festival Coachella in April.
Michaela Dunn's death a 'footnote' to hero praise
Armed with nothing more than chairs, a tard cum crate and a crowbar, several men chased a knife-wielding man as he ran up Clarence Street and jumped on the bonnet and roof of a car.
Social media has been full of praise for the men, and Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said they were "the highest order of heroes".
Rose Harper, a sex worker who travels Australia for her clients, said there had been too much focus on the men, and not enough on Ms Dunn, who died.
Members of the public are seen holding a suspect down in the middle of a Sydney street.PHOTO: The men used chairs and a tard cum crate to restrain the man. (Twitter via AAP)

"In a few articles I've read it's [her death] been tacked on like a footnote almost … they don't even necessarily use the word 'woman'; they just use her job title," Ms Harper said.
"It's quite abrupt and it reminds the whole sex-worker community that it might be all we're known as some day."
Ms Harper said Ms Dunn had also been the target of victim blaming.
"If a cashier got held up at gunpoint, people wouldn't blame them. They'd be sympathetic," she said.
Michaela Dunn holding a puppy. PHOTO: Michaela Dunn had recently posted photos from her holidays. (Instagram: Michaela Dunn)

"When sex workers experience violence or sexual assault, there's still a widely spread view that by being a sex worker we've somehow offered ourselves up to be the punching bag of men who are sexually or physically violent," she said.
"If something unfortunate does happen to us … I wouldn't be 'Rose', I would just be 'that sex worker'."
The Australian Sex Workers Association said the sex worker community is "devastated by the series of random and senseless acts of violence".
The association released a statement saying all victims involved in this incident were valued members of their families and communities, "none of whom should be portrayed solely in sensationalist terms, due to their having possibly been killed during the commission of their work".
"Michaela Dunn was a woman, a community member, and a whole individual who will be missed and mourned.
"Emphasising the occupation of one victim … perpetuates stereotypes of sex workers that blames them when they are victims of crime, and in this case detracts from the tragic fact that a young woman was murdered by a violent man in Sydney's CBD."
"Sex industry workers are equally deserving of empathy and consideration when befallen by tragedy."
A blonde woman in glasses looking at camera. PHOTO: Michaela Dunn's friends have paid tribute to her on social media. (Instagram)

The attack has hit sex workers hard, with many women telling the ABC they often fear for their safety.
"It's someone from our community and it does cut pretty deep," Ms Harper said.
"It could have been any of us … It's in the back of our minds."
Ms Harper said that the threat of violence was something many sex workers and escorts had to contend with.
"It is a struggle to know that we could get up and go to work and just try and put food on the table and then have our lives cut short by something like this," she said.
"There's certain safety measures I take, but at the end of the day I'm a five-foot-five (1.6 metre) woman. I could probably be overpowered by almost any man out there.
"But that's not to say that we expect to be killed."
The association said sex workers regularly face barriers to accessing justice and reporting crimes, because so often the violence is attributed to their work.
Commissioner Fuller said earlier it appeared Mr Ney had visited Ms Dunn for sexual services.
"But in fairness again, we need to canvass and get statements from neighbours. We need to look at her history, look at her social media, before we confirm that," he said.
Tourist Ayu Devina had been staying in the apartment building where the woman was found.
She said she did not hear anything, but was "shocked" when police told her what happened.
"I'm sad for her. It's an awful thing," she said.
A young girl on a train with a scarf in her hair.

"Mikki was like my baby sister. I cannot describe how sad and how broken I am at this moment. I loved this kid. She was incredible," she wrote.
"Sex work is work, she was working "Her job does not make her a lurid story. She was a person and she is now gone. And she is gone because male violence has taken her from us."
Woke whores: Spank me daddy!


Never amount to anything! And they were right.


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Cops have been saying that this bloke is a mental case and it is not terrorism and has nothing to do with Islam. I'm glad they cleared that up. For a moment there, him yelling Allahu Akbar and throwing the IS proctology digital examination salute and killing a girl with a knife after failing to do it with her, might have suggested the opposite. Oh well, live and learn, infidel.

View attachment 890145
Interesting article. Don't know about 'conversion' to Islam though. He's Turkish Cypriot (i.e. ethnic Turk). So there's a 99% chance that his family are Muslim, even if not practising.

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