Resident Evil - Now with BIG TALL MOMMY VAMPIRE MILKERS *is likely to mutate into a horrific abomination

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I'm about to play RE7 for the first time in anticipation of RE8, any spoiler-free general advice or tips to help me through?
The game is fun. Check every nook and cranny for supplies and don't be afraid to run from encounters.

The first trip to the basement is also absolute hell on higher difficulties.

All in all, just look all around and try to memorize the layout of the house and you'll be fine.

I'm about to play RE7 for the first time in anticipation of RE8, any spoiler-free general advice or tips to help me through?
Learn how to use crafting and you'll have no problem with ammo. Craft enhanced gun ammo. Use supplements to spot hidden items (if you collect enough coins you can unlock the magnum). Items in breakable boxes are randomized, so you can reload from a checkpoint to try getting what you need if you're short on health or ammo.

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Echo chambers are bad for your health.
RE8 demo is coming to PC.
Use this link to download it on steam: steam://install/1541780


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The demo is really short and linear when you know what you’re doing, but it’s really impressive. I like how Ethan is pissed about everyone around him dying.
Ethan is starting to remind me of Isaac Clarke, both in terms of being silent protagonists whose personality comes from actions/text then being voiced in the sequel, and being more pissed off rather than scared shitless in their sequels. Also dead girlfriends.

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The PC RE8 demo froze up and crashed on me after a couple of minutes, no biggie I just wanted to see how it would run with the settings I chose. It runs very well! This means you can play it below the system requirements with some tweaking. They even show how much VRAM your settings will take up which is very nice, going outside of graphics memory will cripple a game.

If you're on the fence and have a laptop, fiddle with the settings and try the demo then either buy or "try" the game when it comes out.


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I just replayed RE7 in VR in preperation for this.
Got to say, if you get into the VR(even in how low the resolution is for the PSVR) it realy gets to you. To bad it is only can be done in short bursts.
That said, without cramming the game to work on a dated VR headset 8 looks far better, but i'm still going to miss it.

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RE 8 Villain puppetry...and yes it's from Capcom themselves. Kinda cute.
I was looking through their YouTube channel and found this masterpiece
What the fuck is wrong with us round eyes, why can’t we have game commercials like this
This version has English subtitles
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I’m pretty sure the game is supposed to be around 15 hours if I’m correct, so it’ll be longer than others.
Good, as fantastic as RE7 was my first playthrough clocked at 5 hours twenty minutes and I wasn't even speedrunning. That would be a questionable value at thirty dollars and a complete rip off at sixty dollars. I paid twenty and still kind of felt ripped off.

I remeber RE4 taking me something like 23 hours the first time I played it, and both 5 and 6 being fairly long for RE games too, not to mentioned that all three had a lot of post game content like mercenaries and some multiplayer stuff for 6.
I wonder why the new ones have been lacking so much in content