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You know, I recently replayed a bit of RE 6 with a friend of mine that is marathoning the RE series and...holy shit, going from playing REmake 2 and to RE 6 I cant believe how much Leon's character changed for the worse. He was a pure boi cop in RE 2 who just wanted to help people, especially the little guy, and still had hope that the city could be saved (one cant say that his pureness wasnt one of the things that Ada grew attracted to). Now Leon is such a cynical bastard, almost always having that brooding emotionless stare that started to become a thing with RE Degeneration and the series never seemed to catch the hint we prefered RE 4 Leon over this, serious but still caring enough and not beyond sometimes cracking wise at the situation
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...Okay. Capcom won't completely fuck the RE storyline, they'll bring back best girl Rebecca, re-master and release all four Breath of Fire games, a sequel to Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, make a brand new Captain Commando game, and finally release Mega Man Legends 3.

May as well dream big.
I wouldn't mind a HD remake of Demon's Crest...


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I obsess over RE2's soundtrack. I love how there's a repeating motif throughout it, those three notes you can hear more clearly in the Birkin fights.

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Resident evil 6 was one of the worst games I've ever played. My friend and I co-opted that and to this day we still shout "leeeeeeeeeoooooonnnnn" "caaapppttttaaaiinnn" at each other. Game was a trip.

Man those new monster designs are fucking creepy; especially that tadpole looking thing.

Now we just need spiders and I'm game dude. Might actually pre-order if I scrounge up enough dosh.


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I just played through the 4th game again, the feels man... it took me quite some time to finish as a kid because I would always get scared and run upstairs (my room was in the basement). That cutscene where The Big Cheese grabs Leon by the throat from behind seemingly out of nowhere still stands as one of the best jumpscares in survival horror games ever.

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I'm trying to get into old IPs I never gave the light of day, but honestly RE is such a shitshow. Half the games are unapologetic action co-op shooters, a few of them are isolated stories, some of them make sense, yet they all carry the same name and number system.

Maybe in a few decades time I can replay all the games but in full HD remakes, and it won't be as bad. Thank you very cool Capcom.

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Revamped frog enemy maybe? Kinda looks like a fucked up tadpole.
I was thinking it looks kinda shark-esque with what looks like a fin at the very top but I have no clue. Doesn't look like any other monsters I recognize from the series.

Real interested to see what the Hunters are gonna look like now.
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