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Personally, I'm not much of a fan of online multiplayer in general but maybe RE: Resistance will turn out good.

Personally, I wish that a new take on The Mercenaries mode from the original RE3 was going to be in this as well, but maybe they could add it as a single-player DLC later on? It could play out like an improved version of the Ghost Survivors DLC from REmake 2.

What I'd ideally like to see for a REmake 3 version of The Mercenaries would be similar to the old minigame, with the time limit, killing enemies netting you extra time, and rescuing survivors for added time and extra supplies. However, I'd also include certain differences to make each one of the playthroughs unique. Item dispensers from Ghost Survivors could also return, but you'd also have certain unique elements to each UBCS mercenary's playthrough, such as certain survivors only showing up for a certain character and maybe you could have certain monster encounters be unique to certain characters, maybe even have ending cutscenes for each one of the mercs.

Of course, I'd have the original lineup of Mikhail, Nikolai, and Carlos and also include Murphy Seeker and Tyrell Patrick as well, since they seem to have a more expanded role in this remake.

Played the demo for over two hours. 100%-ed it. It was pretty great, but I got a lot to sperg about on nemmy and the shotgun. What irked me was that nemesis couldn't be killed, only downed for a minute. Fighting him for the item drops in the og was fun, provided he didn't stun lock you. Furthermore, he can launch into the sky like superman and basically vanish from existence whenever you move outside his patrol area, only to come crashing down like batman whenever you move back in. That's just odd, I didn't once see him retreat up a building or move from rooftop to rooftop.
I know it's been said before, but he really should be allowed to break into safe rooms, it would be a nice change of pace to forever keep the player on their toes. Just waltzing into a safe room and letting your guard down, only for him to bust through the wall and smash the typewriter within, would be pretty cool. You can damage and tear apart nemesis' outfit with the shotgun.

Also I think the RE3make shotgun is a little odd, the spread on it's kind of absurd. Hopefully there's a weapon upgrade that fixes that later in-game.

Also, they're removing the live selection options that let you make a decision which determines the ending you get. It's going to be one straight linear campaign from start to finish. Which is going to hurt the replay value.

Everything else is for the most part fantastic. Wonderful graphics, dodge mechanic that takes some getting used to, headshots are pretty nice and gory too. One of my favorite aspects was the exploration, searching all the little nooks and cranies for bonus items was a rewarding experience. I think this could be a pretty damn good game after the RE2make.

Been hearing on the steam forums that the full game allegedly got leaked in France, a couple hundred people got it a couple weeks early. Some guy streamed it, but I can't find the stream to back up the claim.

You've been warned.

First mention on the leak.

Apparently this ones got a lot more details, there's a link to some french forum:

New leaks... Some pleasant, some not.

As you can see, the game is available today in Paris but quickly fell apart. Don't worry by Monday there will normally be restocking.

After two good hours, the first REAL boss fight against our giant teddy bear. And frankly it imposes. We can criticize the face that the developers gave him, it really stresses and seems to have after you much more than in the basic game.

Nemesis has many forms during the game, more than the original.

City is much larger than the original.
The apartments are new.
The hospital is larger than the original.
The sewers are new.

No Beffroi, just boss fights, only a boss on the clock tower,
No spiders, just the critters swarming at the generators.

Grave digger is not in the game.

You earn points for completing challenges in the game to buy unlockable weapons, infinite ammo for guns

Complete game 5-6 hours


Another source says this...

Need to find the link that i read this all on but if you google RE3 datamine you'll find it.
Warning spoilers:

Clock tower is in the game. The people saying it was cut were wrong. So is raccoon city park. Hospital looks to be a lot bigger. Dead factory renamed Laboratory in the files and again looks to be a lot bigger.

Jill has four costumes whilst Carlos has 3. One of Jill's is her STARS costume which is mentioned several times in the data.

The rail gun is in the game.

Chief irons, Claire Redfield and Ben the reporter are all mentioned in the files.

Theres a lot of redacted and deleted data on the demo as if Capcom knew people would datamine it so stuff like items, weapons, enemies and boss fights are still unknown.

Thinking it could be legit.

What's the word on alternate outfits besides the classic ones? In the original RE3 after your first run you could enter a boutique store that serves as an outfit select. What I'm hoping is that they'll have one on my girl Regina like in the original.


Sure we have mods, but I'd love to see Capcom update her appearance with modern-day tech.

EDIT: I now believe those France leaks are real. Even reddits' going nuts over this shit. So long as you don't open that second spoilers tab you should be fine if you want to avoid them. Some store gave Capcom the finger and sold the game early. I hid the links behind it in case folks don't want to be spoiled.

Leaks confirmed.PNG
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I've noticed that Resident Evil has several distinct "eras" of the franchise, more than most of the big AAA franchises out there today. I know this is really just some autistic analysis bullshit, but I admit I find that stuff fun sometimes.

To understand what I mean by eras, I'll use Grand Theft Auto as an example, since even Rockstar themselves acknowledge it, mainly because each era also corresponds to a different continuity in that franchise.

You had the 2D Era of the first two GTA games, the 3D Era on the PS2 with III, Vice City, and San Andreas, and then the HD Era with GTA IV, GTA V, and Online, and each have their own distinct style in both the gameplay and overall aesthetics.

We see a similar and more noticeable trend with Resident Evil, with several distinct eras. These eras would the "Classic Era", the "New Generation Era", the "Action Era", and the "Horror Reborn Era"

I'm going to leave out the games explicitly confirmed to be non-canon like Gaiden or the second Gun Survivor for the most part, barring a few major exceptions.

Classic Era
Timeline: 1996-2000
Titles: RE1, RE2, RE3: Nemesis, Survivor, and arguably Code Veronica

This is the OG survival horror era, the time of tank controls, campy dialogue, firearms with their real names, and old-school homages to B-movie horror from the 1970's and 1980's, especially the films of George Romero. It's my favorite era of Resident Evil, and even today, it holds up despite the dated technology it was built on.

I put Code Veronica in the arguable category for a few reasons. In terms of gameplay, it's purely Classic Resident Evil and it does nicely wrap up the subplot of the Redfield siblings reuniting.

However, Code Veronica also was the first RE game that debuted on Sixth Generation consoles and the story itself really ramps up the deep conspiracy elements with the history of Umbrella becoming more detailed and the big reveal of Albert Wesker's survival.

New Generation Era
Timeline: 2002-2005
Titles: REmake, RE Zero, Dead Aim, Outbreak File 1 and 2

I call this the "New Generation" era because it really started with the Sixth Generation consoles in the 2000's and is largely associated with it. It also was a strange "in-between" time in the franchise that was caught between the Classic and Action Eras, so I decided to name it after the same era in professional wrestling in the early 90's that was caught between two wildly different eras.

The New Generation was defined largely by the first game's remake and the prequel along with the Gamecube ports of the classic RE games, with very little advancement in the story arc of Umbrella's downfall that was set up by the ending of RE3 and both Survivor and Code Veronica were supposed to be the first act of that downfall.

Dead Aim is the only entry in this era that takes place after Raccoon City and its canon status kind of debatable, since Survivor was the only one of the Gun Survivor spinoffs confirmed to be canon. Still, it's worth mentioning since it's not confirmed to be non-canon either and it's the only entry that's set after Raccoon City.

Action Era
Timeline: 2005-2015
Titles: RE4, RE5, RE6, Operation Raccoon City, Umbrella Chronicles, Darkside Chronicles, and the Revelations games

This was the big paradigm shift and in my opinion, the lowest point in the franchise.

Defined by third-person shooter action, Hollywood blockbuster antics, excessive quick time events, chainsaw-wielding enemies, and beloved characters becoming either roided-up freaks punching boulders, cartoon super villains, or snarky emo kids working for the glow spooks.

The only game that really holds up is Resident Evil 4, which was a good game both then and now, even if it pissed away the Umbrella downfall story arc that RE3's epilogues hinted at and that Code Veronica and Survivor seemed to be part of. Unfortunately, it was such a success that Capcom decided to crank up RE4's hallmarks to an insane degree, often without fully realizing what people liked about RE4.

We eventually get to see the downfall of Umbrella detailed some more, even if it's mostly in the Chronicles games and a few cutscenes in RE5.

Speaking of which, Resident Evil 5 was hyped for years throughout the second half of the 2000's and was initially meant to be a grand finale for the franchise, which can be seen with the reveal of Oswell Spencer and the final showdown between Chris and Wesker, who had been a mystery figure the whole time. Looking back, RE5 was a decent game at launch but doesn't hold up today and the acceleration of the negative traits in this era went unabated.

Resident Evil 6 was the nadir of the franchise and was the distillation of everything wrong with RE4 and RE5, and none of the good.

The Chronicles games are really the only good entries in this series aside from RE4, and are good little arcade shooters all in all.

Operation Raccoon City deserves a special mention despite its non-canon status. The game was a return to the classic RE setting and was hyped to be this big game that could potentially have its own alternate continuity. But it had only a single event near the end and the game itself was largely a disappointment.

I'll admit, I didn't play either of the Revelations games after being burned by RE6 and ORC. I was glad Claire returned and the games seemed to be a partial return to horror, but I'm not going to comment further than that until I play them myself.

Horror Reborn Era
Timeline: 2017-Present
Titles: RE7, the remakes of RE2 and RE3

This is the era we're in right now, where Capcom finally got its groove back and made Resident Evil great again. The biggest hallmarks of this era are the increased emphasis on survival horror and the RE engine.

Resident Evil 7 was a strange game, played in first-person and largely unconnected to any of the previous games until near the end of the game.

At first, I was convinced that RE7 was supposed to be an original survival horror project by Capcom that was later tied into Resident Evil, but I get the feeling the reduced connections to the previous games was done intentionally.

In many ways, RE7 is like an inverse of RE4. It emphasized survival horror over flashy action and was presented as the start of a new era that wiped the slate clean and started over, as it were.

The remake of RE2 is a masterpiece and is honestly my favorite game in the franchise outside of maybe the original RE2 itself. It's definitely my favorite game of the post-Code Veronica titles and I actually kind of like a lot of the changes from the original, with the only real complaint being the invincibility of Mr. X

I think the remake of RE2 and the upcoming RE3 remake are meant to tie into the theme of a new start that RE7 went with. It's entirely possible that Capcom wants to retcon the Action Era and build a new continuity with a soft reboot, or at the very least want to partially retcon RE5 and RE6.

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I think the remake of RE2 and the upcoming RE3 remake are meant to tie into the theme of a new start that RE7 went with. It's entirely possible that Capcom wants to retcon the Action Era and build a new continuity with a soft reboot, or at the very least want to partially retcon RE5 and RE6.
Then I repeat what I said before on this thread. If they are going in this new direction away from the action era, they should roll the dice and do a full on remake of Resident Evil 4...

...The Prototype Version

I.e. the full on "haunted umbrella castle" setting, the story which tied up all the loose ends of the original three games without that detour into Las Plagas land, and a continued/renewed focus on both the *survival* and *horror* aspects of the survival horror genre that the original RE4, for all its awesomeness as a game and as much as I loved the setting and gameplay, abandoned almost entirely.

Admittedly, this suggestion is colored by the fact that this original version of RE4 was one of the first things I was ever hyped about in internet land due to its initial promotional material being released at the same time I started using the internet as a kid, and it would be nice to finally see the game I was lookin forward to so many years ago

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I don't mind more revelation-like games. Having action horror AND survival horror titles side by side is a good idea.
Agreed. A good mix of survival horror and action horror would be excellent in my book.

I am wondering if Capcom really will use the RE2 and RE3 remakes to partially retcon the more hated elements of the franchise from the action era such as Wesker's cartoon supervillain antics and Spencer's cheap introduction in RE5 or the well, everything in RE6.

I didn't mind Wesker killing Spencer in and of itself, but really it was more of the fact that Oswell Spencer had been this huge mystery lingering over the Resident Evil franchise, the sole surviving founder of the Umbrella Corporation and implied mastermind of the early RE games.

We did not even know what he looked like before RE5 nor what his fate was after Raccoon City fell, and when he finally was revealed in RE5, he was killed in that same cutscene with not much in the way of real tension and buildup, although I think RE4 probably killed that momentum in a preemptive way with its introduction just deciding to hand wave the downfall of Umbrella.

Honestly, we'll have to see what happens after the RE3 remake and how Capcom handles RE8.
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I dunno what the fuck that thing is but it looks really good
Late due to being in spoiler blackout until I play it. But that's obviously a remake of the underground worm thing you fight throughout RE3. First time is when you fall in the sewer and have to call down the ladders. The second in the park where you drop a lamppost on it.

I'm trying to get into old IPs I never gave the light of day, but honestly RE is such a shitshow. Half the games are unapologetic action co-op shooters, a few of them are isolated stories, some of them make sense, yet they all carry the same name and number system.

Maybe in a few decades time I can replay all the games but in full HD remakes, and it won't be as bad. Thank you very cool Capcom.
I can see why you'd think that. RE1 the original is really clunky and difficult by today's standards. RE2 drops you in surrounded by zombies before you get your bearings. RE3 is more actiony with an unreliable dodge mechanic.

I'm going to assume you're young since you never grew up with these games. I'm not going to be a grumpy old man or make excuses. Instead, I'm going to say that Resident Evil has stuck around for 20+ years because it wasn't afraid to experiment. It's not like Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, or other games that are the same shit every year with incremental upgrades. It's worked out great because Resident Evil is still going whereas Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and other games from that time have died. Fuck, even later horror games like Dead Space and Amnesia are completely gone.

A related benefit is that games are not planned as part of some 15 year franchise. Each story was written for the game it was in. Taken as a whole, the Resident Evil continuity is a tangled mess of bullshit, but you can play each game and judge it on it's own merits. Obviously some games are richer if you played the previous ones, but it's rarely a requirement. If you don't want to play the co-op shooters, you don't have to.


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I played through the Demo, and I noticed quite a few things I thought I'd share.

1. The Demo is short. Really short. Like my first playthrough lasted about 15 minutes short. However, this is more than made up for with content density.
2. A lot of areas are based off zones from Outbreak, most notably the Subway.
3. Zombie density is way higher than RE2 and they're just as persistent as RE2's. I lost count of the number of times where I wound up breaking out the knife just to make absolutely sure that an enemy was down for good because when I didn't, some undead with half a head snuck up on me when I was trying to line up a killshot on some other enemy.
4. The weapons you can find are (as I've seen), a handgun, shotgun, frag grenades, a knife, and a hidden magnum.
5. The handgun is a balanced, solid overall weapon.
6. The shotgun in RE3 has a longer effective range, but a slightly wider scatter as well. Much more reliable one-hit kills at close range and able to stun a group better, but much less reliable kills at the same range. Ammo for it is also a little more common.
7. There are environmental objects you can use as weapons, including explosive barrels, a transformer box, and more.
8. Atmosphere design is fucking amazing and the game feels much more like a sprawling city than RE3 original did.
9. Zombies can still trip over one another. All is right in the world.
10. There's an entertaining callback to RE3 original in the supermarket. There's a bunch of bottles of oil additive on the counter near the first red herb.
11. Nemesis can be put into a defeated state that will take him out of action for about half a minute by emptying rounds into that thing on his chest, hitting him dead-on with a frag grenade or setting off a trap near him. You can down him for an extended period for items according to rumors, but only in the full game.
12. That also implies he's balanced for the Demo, so don't think he's going to be like this in the full game.
13. Nemesis is way more aggressive than the T-103 and and tries actively to cut off escape routes. Consider saving environmental weapons (or a grenade) to down his ass.
14. He can infect zombies, turning them into some crazy version of RE5's Cephalo. Beware.


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I'll admit, I didn't play either of the Revelations games after being burned by RE6 and ORC.
I get shit on a lot of saying it, but Revelations is a good game. It's what a sequel to 4 should of been. Revelations 2 had potential but the stilted set up of the episodic nature ruins it.
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This might just be me but I think the characters in Resistance are turning me off from it. I'm just not a fan of the whole highschool kids in a slasher movie style they have going on. I'd have preferred if you stuck in some more unprofessional soldiers like the UBCS mercs or even just a cast of characters with a mix of relevant and irrelevant occupations like Outbreak instead. I admit I have boring tastes so that could easily be the problem too.

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For the spergs among us, the trophy list was leaked (then removed after a polite request from Capcom). Seems pretty much the same as RE2 - speed runs, ranking, etc. No trophies for Resistance.
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I get shit on a lot of saying it, but Revelations is a good game. It's what a sequel to 4 should of been. Revelations 2 had potential but the stilted set up of the episodic nature ruins it.
Revelations are both decent and the Raid mode is a lot of fun with someone to play with. Lot of people still playing it too, at least as of a couple years ago. 1 is definitely tougher and I feel more unique but the goal is to acquire the best mods possible (either from stage clearing or RNG) only in this case the mods are ones that allow you to fire any weapons clip full auto and use different kinds of ammo as a replacement for when the one you're using runs out. Rev 1 is evil though and locks the most important magnum mod behind 4-starring (clear a stage at or below the stated level, take no damage, kill everything and do all three in one run) the final level Ghost Ship which is a board that encompasses almost the entire game's map with something like 1000 total enemies and finishes with a ridiculous boss rush where you have to do things like fight 4 Rachels at once and the final boss has a nigh-unkillable 2nd form that may be the hardest fight in the series. It creates a kind of catch-22 where the only way to 4-star it is having someone else do almost all the work for you but in order for them to do that they need to have the mod you get by 4-starring it to even stand a chance. I got really lucky and had some absolute bro join my open session and help me finish that and the few other levels I hadn't 4-starred yet, thank God.

Rev 2 I didn't play as much but it offers a ton more playable characters, enemies and maps (including a bunch from RE6) and is a lot easier. I remember the optimal way I ran most stages was with a full-auto sniper rifle that would only stop firing by dodge-cancelling (or running completely out of ammo).

If you've someone to play with both raid modes are a lot of fun and different enough from everything else they're pretty much worth getting for that alone.
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They were still laying around in my game, dead as a doornail.
Same here, though one I killed by barrel disappeared and the rest that died from barrels just remained dead but reverted to their old models without the fire and explosive damage.

Gave the demo a second shot to see how fighting Nemesis was and while I took what @Jaimas stated in shooting the thing on his chest, Nemesis has a roar that left stun long enough for him to sneak in a hit and put me in the red. What a cheap motherfucker. Still fun though trying going to the end of the demo but next run after using the hose, I want to see if he'll appear again or is scripted to just come in the cutscene before the demo ends.