responding to comments & torrid haul 03/07/21 - LOL, She's FAT.

I think she has become housebound for real now. If Becky has possibly left, Amber is without transportation, and the only way she might even have any hope of getting to a doctor is through bariatric med transport.
Our gorl being housebound is for certain. Look at the way she was treating the gutter in an earlier video after moving, She's heavier than that now - by a considerable amount, mind you. She also mentioned her apartment has a couple of stairs despite being on the ground floor. Can we really see her risking walking down them if she was horrified of the gutter?
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Clotso Coof
Yes. However there is no open CT, only MRI. My suspicion is that she could not lie still for 45-60 minutes in an MRI. CT scans take only a few seconds to a few minutes.
She's had a CT before, to look at her lymph nodes. That's probably what they're doing again. She's too fat for a PET scan, so she'd better hope the CT scan and (presumed) blood tests come back 100% clear.

The presents her aunt send her are odd. Yes, tacky garbage that only Fat Ass would like, but the thing about budgeting and a planner pinged me wrong. Like she has been dumped and her family is sending her gifts that are supposed to be about forward planning and things will get better? Or it's just tacky junk.
The budgeting planner is some kind of tell. ALR is the big money in her family. She makes more $$$ than the rest of them can dream of. If they're sending her a budget planner, something interesting happened.

But we'll never hear about it, because it's interesting. ALR is determined to never be interesting again.

It’s possible something’s going on with Becky, maybe a Covid type situation or she got back on the pills that made her zombified.
Did we ever figure out what those zombie pills were and why/when she stopped taking them? It was so weird, like she was always in slow motion.

Also, when Thumb had some sort of health scare and dropped a bunch of weight quickly. [Gained it back, of course]

ALR will gossip about Becky's family, but won't say anything interesting about Becky, lest we all be interested in her instead. Becky is to remain a "side character" only.

Not gonna lie, the panda underwear is cute as fuck you guiiiiise. Sorry not sorry
Yes, but not in the size of a whole panda enclosure 😂 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

You could use those things as a parachute.
No way are her legs fitting in those size 5 leg holes!

The massive difference between the size 5 and 6 panties tho. No way do you fit a 5 big al or you would have got them all in a 5. Why does she think we all dumb though?

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