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Prince Lotor

. . .and the blackest eyes. The Devil's eyes.
He said literally the exact opposite of this during his Minecraft shit.
He actually said both during Minecraft.
Phil said in this order:
  • "I never brought up this person's name"
  • "I purposefully didn't want to call out a person's name"
  • "I'll be very honest with all of you, I didn't remember the name of the person or whatever-who it was-I couldn't remember"
  • "I know exactly what this person looks like"
  • "but I-I kno-I can't remember-for the life of me remember them, okay? And it's my fault, it's been years and years, we're talking 7 plus years or whatever"
  • "I just couldn't-I didn't want to say a name, I didn't want to call out someone like that on a stream or whatever"
  • "Ladies & Gentleman that person who made that video IS NOT THE PERSON WHO I WAS TALKING ABOUT LAST WEEK AT ALL!!"
  • "This is not who I was talking about. Like I said I remember SPECIFICALLY who this person is!"
  • "I'm watching the video and I'm like 'I don't know who this is'"
  • "I know this isn't who I was talking about"
  • "I don't know who that is"

Phil is this stupid. He doesn't remember the name of the person, only remembers their face from 7 years ago, can't fucking remember who they are at all, but also is such a good person he didn't want to call them out by name even though he couldn't, and also specifically remembers who this person is, doesn't know who GamerJLee is, but knows for sure GamerJLee is not the person he was thinking of that he met at SGC 7 years ago. This is your brain on alcoholism. timestamp @ 2m02s
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I assume this new story came up when Superblindman asked him if he rocks around every second because the blind guy hears the difference especially well.

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People at work called him "Sway" because of it.
"Ummmmm Superblindman cheered and said.......let's see......*SNORT*......Oh he said something stupid but I will address it because he is a long term paypi....I mean supporter of mine"

*Attempt to sit straight*

"But um, no I did not rock back and forth, I don't know if that's a detractor meme or not but LOOK, LOOK HERE, LISTEN, I'm sitting straight so why you asking this stupid question, ARE YOU FUCKING BLIND?"