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Pinot Pierrot

The naive one, forever waiting.
I’ve inherited very oily skin from my mother. As a result, my face hasn’t aged at all compared to when I was still in high school, and will likely remain that way for the next couple of decades if my mom is of any indication.

On the negative side, my skin breaks out into the occasional bout of acne as if I’m still in high school.

Angel Dust

Nobody wants to admit they ate 9 cans of ravioli
What are some of your favourite styles? Is the hair synthetic or real? I had a friend who could pull them off but was always nervous I couldn’t
Generally I like the long and flowy ones and ombre colored wigs, and curled/wavy, things I can't do on my own. I prefer them having bangs bc it helps look more realistic. I have synthetic, real hair and some blends of both. Honestly they look pretty much the same, the real hair ones require more upkeep though. Any wig in the brunette catagories can be bought cheaply from wish or ebay without worry. Brunette seems to always look realistic no matter what. Black wigs are usually fine too. They can be a little shiny but you can fix that easy. It's the blonde wigs you want to pay more for or see them in person. Blonde wigs, even good ones can look god awful.

Everyone always worries that they can't pull off wigs but you absolutely can. You're probably thinking about it more then anyone else is. I went through the "oh god I hope no one can tell it's a wig" phase, then realized I was more concerned about it then anyone was. Usually if it's even semi real looking no one will bat an eyelash over it. If you want to get into wigs, I'd suggest buying a cheaper one in a neutral brown color and testing it out. If you're really worried about it or if it has a fucky hairline, just put a beanie on and it'll automatically look good. Or do a pony tail + beanie for a cute hipster look.

Both my sisters,
My 4 oldest daughters,
my ex-wife's youngest daughter,
my oldest daughter's best friend.

All of these are the girls who have had that magical moment where they first begin to transition into womanhood when I was the only adult around and I've had to deal with it. And frankly, by this point I think I'm pretty good at calming them down and giving "the talk" about it. I should probably write a book about how to handle that particular situation as a parent.

Pinot Pierrot

The naive one, forever waiting.
I had seven wisdom teeth, all have been removed now
All of my extended family live in Taiwan. They were able to get some word in so I can have my four wisdom teeth removed for much cheaper than they would have cost in the US. Taiwanese dentists use only local anesthetic for the procedure by default though, so I was wide awake throughout the process. I wasn't actually too bothered from seeing the dentist yank them out (getting a root canal was a much more harrowing experience), though it was kind of funny to see a bit of jawbone still attached to one of the tooth's roots.

Incidentally, the reason why I got a root canal was because I bit down too hard on some tough candy. I've learned to let stuff melt first.
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