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I can't swim.

This could be a thread unto itself

When trying to picture places or people I haven't seen, my mind automatically maps out placeholder things for them, like having someone I either personally know or a familar public figure inserted as sort of an actor for them, or like someone's home, I'll imagine using someone else's place I've been to before. This even happens with my dreams. I guess it's a little like those Garry's Mod/Source Filmmaker videos where they have various Valve characters acting out the roles of completely different people.
I do this too. It backfires sometimes, tho', when I miss an important descriptor. For example, I missed the fact that Michael Carpenter was white in the Dresden Files. The main description of him is how tall he is, so I imagined him as one of my cousins, who is black.


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I have a huge fascination with the paranormal/supernatural. Whether it's cryptids, ghosts, or UFO sightings, I find the subject almost addictive. I just don't like the idea that we're the end-all-be-all of existence. I want to believe that there is something out there beyond our comprehension.

Only problem is most people don't take you seriously when they know you like this subject matter. It's hard to talk to others about it because most people dismiss this type of stuff outright.
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My name is not in the credits of Clerks 2. I found out about it one day too late. :(

They did a promotion on MySpace when Clerks 2 was on its way, where you could get your name in the credits if you friended the Clerks 2 page or something. They followed through, though it's akin to a Patreon credit roll with thousands of names in a tiny font just flying up the screen so fast you'd have to skim through frame-by-frame to find yours.