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When I was a kid I loved stealing random things. I think it's called kleptomania.

I would do stuff like steal notebooks off other classmates and textbooks, library books, calculators and stuff then just throw them in the garbage.

No reason in particular. I threw most of everything I got away. I loved visiting there houses and stealing 1 particular thing then leaving. My favourite was stealing a few pieces of a puzzle making it completely unsolvable.

Rice Is Ready

Mmmm, red velvet
I have a scar on my right knuckle from a time I got so pissed that I punched clean through some drywall years and years back. I remember the flap of skin wide open, but I just put a bandaid on it. And that's what it became.
Wow that's so badass. I bet people think you're really cool and tough when they see virgin rage holes in your wall.


It's kinda like how you destroyed my profile wall with your autistic rage posts.

Rice Is Ready

Mmmm, red velvet
You try to cover it up, but it's already public. It's was a nice attempt though. Message me anytime, darling. ;P
You're embarrassing yourself. Those are middle school lunch table/Xbox live comebacks. Next you're gonna resort to "I waz fuggin ur mom!"

Try harder Kyle. Also get a better house. You shouldn't be surrounded with dry wall. That is low quality poor people material.

My right eyebrow has been growing a 3/4 inch translucent thick hair for the last 7 years. when I pluck it, it goes away for a while, but then one day I wake up and it’s suddenly back out of nowhere, full length.
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Rice Is Ready

Mmmm, red velvet
I've been mixed up in every kind of crooked deal there is with every kind of crook there is. Con men and gang men, prowlers and boosters, stick-up artists, can-opener artists, and sometimes face artists, petermen and boxmen, paper hangers and grape hangers, hustlers and rustlers, pimps and McGimps, hookers from the big town and hookers from the sticks, big shots and pikers, dynamiters and sodomiters, fruiters and booters, ding bats and gay cats, shiv men and gunmen, needle pumpers and snow snifters, hotheads and jugheads, wise guy and dumbbells, bootleggers and rum runners, wolves and gunsels, dips and short card gamblers, home guards and boomers, boost fighters and cop fighters and last but not least musclers and gustlers. I've put in twenty nine years in a game of hooks and crooks. There is no angle of this game I haven't tried at some time or other. I've even tried running a gas station.