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Made pure again from the hardest game on earth.
Last year I had six good things happen within a very short time in one day. I felt so great I went out and had lunch at a restaurant by myself for the first time. Treated the hell out of myself, then had three more good things happen, so counting the meal 10 thing within about 32 hours.
There was only two other people there, and they took off so I had the entire place to myself except for the staff. Got an oversized pizza extra because they screwed up the size of my order.
The restaurant still sends me fliers hoping I'll come back.
I wasn't wearing a cloak.

One of my family members lives about a block away from the park in Hackers. I was so shocked when I first saw that film. Even had people playing on the chess boards.

Stranger Neighbors

Mondo Bizarro
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As a fat kid growing up I had little option for hanging with girls on the weekends, getting laid or being invited to parties. While my friends would find an older person to buy them beer ( often some homeless bum happy to get some free beer and money to buy minors beer ) I would spend my Friday night picking up some lube and looking for a bum who would buy some porno mags. ( dads tame playboys just wouldn't cut it.

Back in my day we did not have online porn so a man had to gather a few magazines, spread them out and conduct his business taking precautions not to sully any of the pages ( unless it was a throw away page ) however I saved those for the shower.

Did you know that a page from a hustler can last for up to an hour when stuck to a shower wall ? Much less if there is direct water contact hitting it.

Anyways as the years went by I settled into what's called today as self fap acceptance. Its where a fat kid becomes a fat man and gets addicted to porn and fapping while not perusing girls because he is too fat. While I lost weight and hit the gym in my 20s and started dating girls I retained my fap and porn addiction. In a way this helped because no girl ever accused me of rushing to get her into bed or cheating on her.

Anyways fast forward to 1 year ago. My porn addiction was becoming a problem with my currently girlfriend who I love very much. We decide to make a pact that any time I had to fap I would go to her and try to have sex. I would also not surf the internet hours upon hours saving porn pics. ( I never got so addicted that I had to pay for porn ) although back in the 90s I used crack and password websites for porn pages hehe

Anyways watching boogie2988 on youtube I heard about samandtolki and kiwi farms. At first I paid no mind but when boogie made a video about his child hood trauma it came across like he was trying to milk it. At first I went to samandtolki and read the mega thread. Then I started lurkling here at the farms!!

Between the two sites and re-watching some of melons old videos I see him differently now. He is unredeemable unless he does 1 thing. admit all of his lies and stops conning his audience. Its so obvious to me and I feel stupid.

Now days I spend time as a hobby finding his lies and pointing them out. This is where my porn addiction went.
Instead of researching some obscure hard to find picture to fulfill a mental fap fantasy, I spend it looking for small lies from old booger.

I would have never had something almost as enjoyable as researching porn if it had not been for old kiwi farms.



Autumnal Equinox

In our early 20s, my friends and I got drunk and decided to fuck around on a playground in the middle of the night.

Swinging around on a swing set with a gutfull of alcohol is not the smartest thing to do, ended up puking all over the swings and just walking away, feeling bad for whoever had to come across that mess the next day.