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Found out the other day that when I was like nine years old I participated in a relatively big, multi-year study and got the highest eye-hand coordination test score of all participants.

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I'm not German, but I do (barely and patchily) speak it.
I have the gay.
I once wrote an email to Valve about Left 4 Dead 2 and Chet Faliszek responded to it, although I was still a stupid teenager and didn't save it. Which is fine, because I think I said something retarded like "I think it'd be cooler if your game had a wider variety of weapons."
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In high school I was the yearbook editor and had access to every page in the yearbook and there was this girl who would constantly say the meanest things about me behind my back (sometimes even to my best friends who would immediately tell me and laugh about it because why the fuck would she tell my best friends and think it wouldn't get back to me???) so finally after like 6 months of it I got my revenge by tinting her skin a lil bit green in every single pic of her in the yearbook. It was truly the best subtle revenge ever. She became Shrek.


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When I was a child I severely burned myself on the edge of a hot bowl right out the oven and still have the scar. I am still a klutz to this day with several more burn incidents.
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I have a patch of skin below one hip that is completely numb after having bone grafts taken from it.

I've only ever broken one bone and it was during a visit to the doctor's office. Probably the best place to have that happen at least
Same, only bone I’ve ever had broken was in a hospital. Controlled jaw fracture. Happened at the same time as above mentioned fact.

I can deadlift about 600 pounds. Not that great compared to most powerlifters, but I feel good knowing that I did it natty and not being that long in the sport.
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I may have the ability to "passively absorb" stuff without really studying, but as if I really studied. Like all the types and evolutions of pokemon to generation 4 from playing pokemon when younger, or the ability to convert almost any sound to katakana.*

Unfortunately, it didn't seem to work for school though...


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