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I may have the ability to "passively absorb" stuff without really studying, but as if I really studied. Like all the types and evolutions of pokemon to generation 4 from playing pokemon when younger, or the ability to convert almost any sound to katakana.*

Unfortunately, it didn't seem to work for school though...

Sounds like you should've payed less attention in school.


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One of my teachers in elementary school used to subtract half a point for every i/j I didn't dot. The intent was to make me learn to start dotting them as I wrote. But I just ended up writing them as I usually did and going back at the end and dotting them all in one fell swoop.

After I got out of her class I never had to do that again. Until this very day I still don't dot my i/j.

I got expelled from 1st grade after a girls parents wanted to press charges against me (an 8 year old) and get a restraining order after I tugged on her skirt (It was a behavior I got from my mom. I would tug on her pants when I wanted her attention). The school sucked anyways and I'm glad I was able to leave it (To be fair, I had something like 10 different incidents of assaulting other students, either by hitting them or knocking them over, and for the last few months I had to go see the principal everyday when school ended with a "performance" sheet signed by my teacher every "period" of class. Teachers were major assholes though, fuck em.).


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I have some sort of tactile condition, I think. When I think about certain things, my hands and fingers immediately freak out as though I were having some sort of seizure episode. Usually comes on when I think about paper cuts, fabric burns, and other skin-focused abrasive stuff. Like, it causes full on contractions in my hand muscles. Apparently it's related to l'appel du vide, but I haven't been able to find aything else related to the subject.

I got crazy shoulder flexibility


Like I Can Do this but grab my wrists with ease.I never had problem with pain or my shoulder leaving his socket too


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I may LARP as a wizard baddie but I honestly work out more than 10 hours a week. I have the sexiest thighs and legs of any old man wizard you have ever seen. EVEN GANDOLF.

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