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Count groudon

Saltier than Njord's left testicle
I usually play the sneaky class, be it a rouge, or spy or whatever is appropriate to the game world.
I usually play as a sneak if there’s no mage-y class available or the spell system for a particular game kinda sucks. Only real complaint with it is that usually stealth is kinda broken in a lot of games. Usually enemy AI doesn’t really know how to handle it or other players don’t seem to realize it’s a part of the game and make no attempt to counteract it. Still hella fun tho.


Ducking Fegenerate
I was run over by a freight train when ~4 years old, and lived. Every part of the carriage struck me except for the wheels. Little toddler body did some weird gymnastics down there. Only scar I have is across my scalp which was peeled open and hanging over my face.

100% deserved, I should have died. Me and another little prick were placing stones on the tracks trying to derail the coal trains.

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