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Count groudon

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I usually play the sneaky class, be it a rouge, or spy or whatever is appropriate to the game world.
I usually play as a sneak if there’s no mage-y class available or the spell system for a particular game kinda sucks. Only real complaint with it is that usually stealth is kinda broken in a lot of games. Usually enemy AI doesn’t really know how to handle it or other players don’t seem to realize it’s a part of the game and make no attempt to counteract it. Still hella fun tho.


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I had a very spergy group of friends (myself included) in high school. I was a goth, my best friend was a weeb, another was a redneck and the other friend was an obnoxious stoner type. How we all got along so well, how none of us really got picked on still eludes me.
I need this sitcom to happen


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I was run over by a freight train when ~4 years old, and lived. Every part of the carriage struck me except for the wheels. Little toddler body did some weird gymnastics down there. Only scar I have is across my scalp which was peeled open and hanging over my face.

100% deserved, I should have died. Me and another little prick were placing stones on the tracks trying to derail the coal trains.

Count groudon

Concentration camp counselor
True & Honest Fan
you fuckin' done it boiii:

I will always, always love that era of cheesy electronica
Europop is unironically the best musical genre to have come out in the past 20 years and it will be decades before anything could ever rival it. The overly cheery beep boop music paired with 90’s CGI is the pinnacle of art.