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All Kinds of Gorillaz
Dude, people laugh but I think if you later it right a mullet could look pretty rad.

Come to think of it, I think a few years ago there was a trend where soccer players were styling their hair into weird choppy mullets and it was actually kinda cool.
My friend is growing his hair out to a mullet, and it actually looks really really good.


One's feathers become singed
JFK was assassinated on my matrilineal great grandmother's birthday. My matrilineal grandmother's birthday is on 9/11. Waiting to see if any national tragedy happens on mom's birthday.

Count groudon

Saltier than Njord's left testicle
True & Honest Fan
I can somehow semi-accurately predict the weather by smelling the air.

Like if it’s gonna rain or there’s rain someplace close I can smell moisture in the air, and if a lightning storm is nearby I can smell moisture mixed with some weird smell the kind of smells like hot air mixed with plastic. This skill has been of very little use to me through my lifetime.


🔥 🐱 🔥
I once entered two wrong classrooms looking for my class and I got so embarrassed I cried and went home. Surprisingly I'm not exceptional.
Hey, at least you lived. That type of thing is so viscerally embarrassing for me that I probably would’ve gone home and immediately dropped dead from the internal shame and humiliation. Remember that there’s always someone out there who’s just as (if not more) exceptional as you

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