Culture Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men holds 12th anti-Valentines Day march in Tokyo - Millions rallied to patriotic fervor never seen since Nuremberg rallies

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Anti-Valentine’s Day protest march held in Tokyo by Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men

Shibuya demonstration also attracts one woman in call to “Crush romantic capitalism!”

February 14 falls on a Thursday this year, and so Japan’s Kakumeiteki Himote Domeiorganization decided it would be best to plan their annual Valentine’s Dayevent for the Saturday before. However, last Saturday saw a sudden cold snap bring freezing cold to the Tokyo area, with snow flurries part of the forecast as well, which was bad news for the group, since its gathering was being held outdoors.

Nevertheless, Kakumeiteki Himote Domei braved the cold as members showed up for the 12th annual Valentine’s event. That might have you thinking they’re true romantics, but actually it’s just the opposite, as Kakumeiteki Himote Domei translates to Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men.

Beginning with a rally at a park in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood, Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men leader Takayuki Akimoto greeted those in attendance, and took a moment to praise the group’s continued efforts to bring down “romantic capitalism. ”Speaking about the recent rise in Japan of people buying Valentine’s Day chocolate for themselves or friends, he boasted that this social dynamic was “unmistakably” the result of the Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men’s decade-plus of public protests undermining the tradition of giving chocolates to your sweetheart on February 14.

The statement was met with a moderately loud cheer from the eight other people in attendance.

With the participants suitably pumped up, they began their protest march, complete with police escort, thought the streets of Shibuya. “Crush Valentine’s Day!”shouted Akimoto into his megaphone, with the other marchers, who included one woman, repeating. “Crush romantic capitalism!”he continued.“Don’t by controlled by the conspiracies of the candy makers!”

If Akimoto’s voice sounds familiar, you might remember him from another of the Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men regularly activities: it’s annual protest march against Christmas Eve, the most important date night of the year in Japan. However, in 2018 the group was unable to get a permit from the park in which it wanted to hold its rally, and had to settle for an indoor anti-Christmas Eve date symposium instead.

The alliance also often holds a protest against White Day, observed on March 14, when Japanese men are supposed to give thank-you gifts to women who gave them chocolate on Valentine’s Day. However, no White Day protest was held in 2018, making last week’s Valentine’s Day gathering the group’s first march in a full year.【vid】/


Gee, I wonder why they're so unpopular. Are these the same guys who booked every other seat in a movie theater so that none of the couples who went to see a movie could sit next to each other?

If only Western incels were chad enough to do this.
The Japanese are very non-confrontational. If these guys tried something similar in the West they'd probably face a backlash that wouldn't make it worth the effort. They'd much rather stew in their own misery online.
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Cyborg Scars

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I can't say I like their cause, but I'll be damned if I don't appreciate their style. Doing this thing for 12 years with very little attendance (8 people is nothing), this year in a blizzard it really impresses me they still go on. They even make sure to clear it with authorities first. I also find it funny that they have a woman amongst their midst. I guess MGTOW allows non-men into their mix now.

I hope they continue this next year. I find them so endearing. Kinda like kids holding a protest against something they have no way of stopping. Why can't more incels be like this bunch?


True & Honest Fan
I can't say I like their cause, but I'll be damned if I don't appreciate their style. Doing this thing for 12 years with very little attendance (8 people is nothing), this year in a blizzard it really impresses me they still go on. They even make sure to clear it with authorities first. I also find it funny that they have a woman amongst their midst. I guess MGTOW allows non-men into their mix now.

I hope they continue this next year. I find them so endearing. Kinda like kids holding a protest against something they have no way of stopping. Why can't more incels be like this bunch?
In fairness, it was 11 this year. In 2017 and their protest against Christmas, they had 15, which was one of their largest rallies.


lol the organizer had his inspiration from the fucking Communist Manifesto. He claims that the 'hi riachu'(those who don't have a social life) as a class that is oppressed by the riachu (those who got a life basically). He's a commie incel.
Funny how their talking points are pretty much identical to their western brethren. The government should collectivise all the pussy to make sure there is an equal distribution and no hi raichu should go without. From each according to her prettiness, to each according to his need. I wonder if any of these guys feel any kind of comradery with western incels or if they're divided along racial lines like r/asianmasculinity.
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Alec Benson Leary

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lol the organizer had his inspiration from the fucking Communist Manifesto. He claims that the 'hi riachu'(those who don't have a social life) as a class that is oppressed by the riachu (those who got a life basically). He's a commie incel.
Using "capitalism is evil" as an excuse to take things from other people without providing any worth to them knows no cultural boundaries, apparently.

While that's going on, in another Asian country:

Valentine's show raises awareness for Philippine poor

Concert proceeds to be used to send more missionaries to impoverished communities

A group of tribal children perform during a concert to help missionaries who will be sent to poor communities in the Philippines. (Photo by Mark Saludes)

Mark Saludes, Manila
February 12, 2019
An ecumenical church group in the Philippines staged a pre-Valentine’s Day concert to rally support for the poor and missionaries who will be sent to remote communities.

At least 15 performers including a group of tribal students from the southern Philippines performed to an audience of about 400 people at St. Paul's College in Manila's Quezon City on Feb. 8.

Carmelite priest Rico Palaca Ponce of the Anawim Mission said the event was "an expression of solidarity and support" for those who aspire for "just and humane life conditions."

The Anawim Mission is a network of Catholic and Protestant organizations and individuals who try to "reinforce the mission of God for the liberation of the poor" through social projects.

Redemptorist priest Teodulo Holgado said church institutions have a responsibility to raise awareness about the poor and the conditions they live in.

Father Ponce said people look at Valentine’s Day as "personal, or time between lovers."

"But it could also be a day to express our love to our fellow human beings," said the priest.

Father Rico said his group wanted to encourage Filipinos to celebrate Valentine’s Day "outside the ordinary way."

"We should include others in our expression of love," he said.

Apart from Christmas, Valentine’s Day is considered one of the most "commercialized holidays" in the Philippines where people shop for gifts and decorations for their homes.

It is also a day for lovers and couples to go out on dates and for weddings and marriage proposals.

Protestant pastor Nestor Ravillas told the concert's audience "not to fall into a culture of commercialism" associated with celebrations like Valentine’s Day.

"We are placed in a false concept of love or the false expression of love," he said, adding Valentine's Day should be "the right time to express mercy and compassion in a non-selfish way."

In his message for the concert, Archbishop Antonio Ledesma of Cagayan de Oro commended church organizations that have "resolute commitment and steadfast love for the poor."

"We must work together for our mutual well-being and we should especially work to uplift the conditions of our brothers and sisters with the least," said the prelate.

Organizers of the event said the concert proceeds will be used to send more missionaries to poor communities.

Avoid Being Broke from Valentine’s Day
Aneth Ng-Lim
Posted at Feb 11 2019 09:14 AM

Consumers in search for Valentine's Day gifts shop at Dangwa, one of Manila's largest flower markets. Mark Demayo, ABS-CBN News/File
MANILA -- Fewer Americans plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, according to the Washington-based National Retail Federation (NRF). But among those who said they plan to do so, the NRF-commissioned study showed they will spend an average of $161.96 or about P8,500.

In the Philippine setting, that’s not too bad considering a dozen roses will set you back about P2,500. Then maybe you also shopped for a gift (a decent one would be between P2,500 to P3,000) to go along with the flowers and cap the day with a romantic dinner (possibly P2,500).

But what I found shocking was the estimated $20.7 billion total spending for Valentine’s Day this year! According to NRF, this is a new high and will break the previous record of $19.7 billion set in 2016 by American consumers.

How is this even possible? Well, knowing consumers have money to spend, retailers are ready to offer anything from a 24-carat gold bag to a perfume in a bottle made with 16,500 Swarovski stones. And it’s not just the women that can be treated with wildly expensive gifts, reports Their list included gifts for him such as a biometric briefcase and a mobile phone featuring hand-stitched leather you can also find in the interior of a Ferrari car.

Now we all want a memorable Valentine’s Day, but not if you end up in debt the day after. And with starving children around the world, spending billions to create romance for a day…it just doesn’t feel right.

The NRF commissioned Prosper Insights & Analytics to conduct the 2019 Valentine’s Day Spending Survey, and they polled 7,384 adults 18 and older from January 2 to 9 in the United States. So those billions actually cover Valentine spending only in one part of the world.

While making a great impression is nice, and sweeping your loved one off their feet is even better, being broke the next day is not romantic at all. Can you find an exciting middle ground? Yes, you can, and if your loved one cares for you and your wallet’s long-term health, he or she would understand. As you try to discover the best way to say I Love You this Valentine’s Day, here are 5 simple ways we suggest for you to experience romance on a budget.

You can be lavish…with romantic gestures!

Not everything romantic needs to be wrapped up in foil paper. If the price of roses is too steep, and you wanted to shower her with two dozen flowers, why not ‘make’ them yourself? Origami flowers are beautiful, and best of all, they do not wilt in a few days. Did you want to surprise him this Valentine’s Day? Instead of going out on a date and braving Manila’s legendary traffic, consider cooking an intimate dinner at your own home and if it looks like you have a future together, you can even invite your parents and his to join. True love lasts longer than one day, so no need to cram every experience (and expense too) in one day.

Instead of giving…what about giving up?

Days leading up to Valentine’s Day are usually filled with stress of what to give him or her that will show they are truly special. How about instead of giving, think about what you can give up for her or him? Do you smoke and your partner doesn’t? He or she may welcome the news that you will give it up and enjoy a smoke-less future. The sacrifice won’t come easy but it will not put a dent in your wallet, and most likely will pad it up because you are kicking off an expensive daily habit.

Say it best with a...greeting card.

In the same survey, NRF reported that the top 4 Valentine’s Day gifts are candy or chocolate, flowers, dinner and greeting cards. Forty-four percent of US consumers plan to buy a card, and will spend about $933 million total. That’s a lot of trees that will be felled just to send across a romantic message. You can follow the herd or create a homemade card. Don’t just pick up a piece of paper, fold it twice and write a message. Think of special memories that brought you and your loved one together and make that part of your unique card. Again, ideas for handmade greeting cards abound online, including one of a guy that made his with sand from their beach getaway.

Spend as much as you want…within your budget.

The problem with celebrations is they always come with a price tag. Even if you decide to stay at home and exchange handmade gifts, you still need to shop for groceries for your meal and arts and crafts materials. It’s okay to spend – even if it’s for a candlelit dinner in a fancy venue – if your wallet can take it. To make sure you don’t end up in debt the next day, set a budget and make sure to stick to it. You can also both agree on a budget for your gift exchange and you two can breathe easier as a result.

Or spread the love and volunteer together!

If you and your partner share a passion for a cause, why not make an anti-Valentine stand and spread your love instead? Consider offering free tutorials to marginalized children, or spend an afternoon with the elderly. Homes for the aged always welcome visitors as many of their patients rarely get them. Or pledge your Valentine’s Day budget so a child can go to school for a year. Remember that P8,500 average spend? Well, World Vision Philippines accepts monthly donation of P750 to sponsor a child so he or she can go to school and also receive related care. That’s just P9,000 a year, and the joy you will bring to a child is a more meaningful gesture of love than any Valentine experience can create.


To be honest, such thing kinda surprised me.

I have been an observer of Japanese internet culture for years, and this kind of 'Japcel' as I call them in recent time have been there for years, years before the term 'incel' has been coined into English. They call themselves 非リア充 (Hi-riachu) as opposite to the リア充(Riachu), those who have a functioning social life and won't stutter when confronted by a girl. According to these people, you can still fuck your wuifu pillow every night and being a Chad in American standard, as long as you have more than 3 friends.

These are the people who generally your Western incel but with more self deprecation. They distaste women, hate everyone besides themselves because they could't lost their virginity with Stacy that fucking whore in high school, while laughing at each other, just to feel slightly better about themselves.

They are pathetic and funny at the same time. They were basically the laughingstock on the internet there. People use it in a jokingly way to self deprecate. People joke about these people are going to ban Valentine or Christmas because it's hurting their feeling as lonely men. It was all just a meme.

And then this happen.

The MEMEs are coming alive!!!

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