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Meet Rhizome Syndrigast Coelacanth Flourishing. Here, let me unpack that for you:

A rhizome is a plant that grows its main stem horizontally underground and periodically throws up stems and down roots. Google @iamrhizome, her main FB handle, and it wants to show you "yam rhizome". Syndrigast is a made-up word from the Young Adult series Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. It is a child with special powers. A coelacanth is a primitive fish, assumed to be extinct until one was caught in 1938 by a South African museum curator on a fishing trip. And flourishing...well, I'll leave you to decide whether this lady is flourishing. So, typical jigaboo gibberish.

Rhizome first came to the Farms' attention when she got into a kerfuffle on the Facebook Polyamory Group where Kylie Brooks was a moderator. Was. It seems a member of the group, Chrissy Raymond Holman, used the word "autonomy" in a post a year ago. This pissed off Rhizome because Chrissy is white (wut?) and she doxed Holman and got Kylie to assist in the doxing by confirming Holman's place of employment. That lost Kylie his moderating gig.

If the above paragraph didn't make a lick of sense to you, join the club. The whole thing is a delightful salty romp, though, including a fascinating glimpse of Kylie grovelling before a Social Justice kangaroo court. Do read it. Start here.

Rhizome was born in Barbados in 1967(?) and emigrated to Canada, presumably at a fairly young age as she attended Don Mills Collegiate (High School). She 'attended' the University of Ottawa but no details of a subject or degree. She currently claims to be 50, but in her blog in 2006 she described herself as 43, which would make her 54 and her birth year 1963:

i am a 43 year old, fiery WYSIWYG, Black conscious, barbadian-born, north amerikkkan raised, capricornian, dark skinned, matriarchal, polyamorous, class conscious, fat, tall, rogue scholar happily living in exile, ancestor/universe/ goddess worshiping, deviant, queer femme, writer, cultural worker and critic, far-seer, former poet based in toronto. i'm mama to two children and polyamorously partnered with two men.
She writes reams and reams of angry twaddle like this:

The white world breaks and bends or completely ignores the rules for white folx all the time. That's one of the perks of white privilege.

There are few things I find more repulsive than white folx listing off or describing rules to me, holding me to the exact letter of their rules as a way to teach me how to play nice and fair in a world that hates me.

Do I fucken need to have your rules explained to me?
Do I need to be taught how to follow rules or pay attention to them?
Racism and anti-Blackness mostly keep me on the straight and narrow...unless I'm sure I won't be caught.

What I would like is some of that precious privileged leeway all white folx can access that so many of them jealously guard by relentlessly apprising me of the rules, of the walls surrounding my existence and my choices everyday

What I'd like is to not be patronized and surveyed for evidence of wrong doing while you let becky and chad slip on by with just a nod, a shrug and a knowing smile.

What I want is access to your loopholes, to the benefit of a doubt, to wiggle room and grey areas where I can work slight of hand or disappear when I need to not be seen doing whatever it is I'm doing.

White world so filled with white folx who would not be able to survive if their white asses were forced to abide by the bogus bullshit rules IBPOCs are regularly held to and punished for breaking...

I'd like to be left unharassed and in peace, allowed to break ALL the BUMbakleet rules I fucken want to. Yes, that would make me happy.

Is this interesting? It is not.

I believe she is a cow of great potential, however. Reading between the lines, it seems she frequently misbehaves in public and chimps when called on it. Even better, she's the keynote speaker at the Accessible Multi-linking and Polyamory Conference 2017:

This years conferences will run November 3-5 and it will take place entirely online. Workshops will use Zoom conference software, which can be accessed from any phone and most computers or tablets. Zoom runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. The main “con space” will be on this website, with forums and chat rooms available to meet other attendees, run your own impromptu workshops and discussion groups, and other activities.
Entirely online! Who wants to take one for the team and sign up?

That's enough to get us started. This is Babby's First Thread, so let me know if I've done anything amiss and I'll add to this OP as necessary.

Mostly active on FaceBook:

https://www.facebook.com/roguetheoretician/ main personal account. No friends because she deleted them.

twitter: https://twitter.com/darkdaughta/ (protected)
deviantart: https://darkdaughta.deviantart.com/
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/darkdaughta
email: rhizomesyndrigastflourishing@gmail.com
patreon: https://www.patreon.com/RhizomeSyndrigastCoelacanthFlourishing (41 patrons)
wordpress: https://iamrhizome.wordpress.com/
blogger: https://www.blogger.com/profile/17034508 (blogger alias DarkDaughta, group blog Out Of Iraq Bloggers Caucus http://ooibc.blogspot.com/
blogspot: http://darkdaughta.blogspot.com/ (invitation only)
website: darkdaughta.com (inactive, I didn't find anything useful in whois)
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamrhizome/ (zero posts)
medium: https://medium.com/@rhizomesyndrigastflourishing medium (empty)
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Hm. I can't seem to paste photos into the original post, so here go some selfies:


The caption to this one ^^ is "Fuck you, "Cute"!

Fuck YOU and all the folx who willingly accept the privileges "cute" as arbitrary oppressive lookist construct offers to some and withholds from others!!

If you accept this designation without challenging it and sharing space with the rest of us, I'm fucking tripping you down short flights of stairs wherever you are right NOW!!"


She uses this one ^^ to bitch about fat shaming, for some reason. I mean, yeah - that's an unfortunate fashion choice, but she's not really fat for a woman of late middle age who's born children (and in her forties, apparently).


Uh huh.


As you can see from this one ^^, when she doesn't put shit on her face, she looks like a pretty well-preserved woman of late middle age. A hair cut, some decent clothes and...dear god, where are her eyebrows?...and she's look like a bank manager or something. All her ugly is self-inflicted.


I'd like to be left unharassed and in peace, allowed to break ALL the BUMbakleet rules I fucken want to. Yes, that would make me happy.
My tendency to try to remain moderate starts screaming internally when I see "folx" like this. "I want not only all the unseen privileges I ascribe to certain majority groups, I want to be invincible and immune to any societal restrictions or expectations. Oh, also, if this pisses you off, don't bother trying to talk to me about it, just throw some money at my gofundme/patreon/paypal, because you're only mad bc of your white guilt anyway"

I shouldn't waste the time, but morbid curiosity always compels me to click.


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https://www.patreon.com/RhizomeSyndrigastCoelacanthFlourishing - Her patreon.

I giggled when I read her Patreon. Notice how regardless of how much you give her a month you don't get anything in return - each tier is just some stupid plant analogy about how you giving her money helps her spread her bullshit on the internet.

Even in her bio she doesn't really state that she does anything at all other than "organize online communities," which I'm assuming she's referring to those stupid FB circlejerks she gets kicked out of for being obnoxious.

Her entire patreon might as well say, "Give me money for nothing in return because I bitch at people on Facebook."

Mary Tyler Meltdown

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To be fair, she also makes art:

KF is now in #3 position on a Google search for Rhizome Syndrigast Coelacanth Flourishing. That is some impressive SEO, null-san.

What's her real name? I found that she used to go by DarkDaughta online as far back as 2006 and ran a blog called One Tenacious Baby Mama but other than her general location she seems to have always been pretty good about keeping her real name offline.


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What's her real name?
I wish I knew. I held off starting the thread while I poked around hoping to find it. The name DarkDaughta took me back another ten years, but didn't yield any real dox.

On the other hand, if she's smart enough to hide her real identity while being this obnoxious...well, good on her. She's smarter than 90% of cows.


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Why is she living in Canada if she hates whitey so much? She's Barbadian (?). Even in white evil KKKanada she has plenty of freedom to go back to where she came from. I'm sure Barbados has no rules and no white people and will welcome her with open arms. Is she on a Canadian tugboat?

Also, when I see 'rhizome' I think of potato.
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