(((Richard B. Spencer))) - Child Porn Supporting "Founder" of the "Alt-Right", Cucked by ANTIFA, Soyboy, ALLEGED Wife Beater

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The verdict is in and nobody even likes him. Even the alt-Right can see that he is an absolute disaster and lolcow. Links provided by Weev in his AMA thread.

Weev's article
He keeps doing the same thing and not realizing the constant in these failures is him.

Richard Spencer acts like someone with a trust fund of his size. Arrogant, selfish, narcissistic, jumping from project to project without any desire to bring any of them to completion. Aimless, rootless, planless. This time, he’s going in planless with guns.

Most of the people Spencer puts on his payroll are utterly fucking rotten. We have that furry that weirdly sexually extorted the young shitposter under threat of doxing, the embezzler, the obsessive COINTEL infighter in Japan. These people are poisonous. These are the kind of people that you do not want in any trench with you.

he works for nothing but his own benefit

MPC Thread "Richard Spencer: Unmitigated Disaster"

@CatParty (and others) implored me to get this done about a month and a half ago now, so better late than never.

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Richard Spencer is the attention whoring self-declared "Alt Right" leader who is perhaps most notable as "that guy who got clocked in the jaw by ANTIFA", using a song written by a Jew to try and fight of critics, Being banned (and later re-instated) on Twitter, Hailing President Trump as some kind of savior for the white race, and getting the tax-exempt status of his organization revoked.

Point is, this man get's into shit all the time. And pretty much every single website on the internet has been inundated with his presence, people saying things about him. Some accurate, and some not. Many SJWs really hate him and give him a minor "aura of legitimacy", but most normal people don't give a shit about him and laugh him off as a crank/racist moron, because he is.

One fact is that he's as basically as consistently cringey as you'd expect.



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Just like any other attention whore with first world problems we have threads on this guy would probably be one of the first to die if a Genocide (of any kind) was actually taking place tbh.

(nice meme below)
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Let's laugh at Richard Spencer.
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Google knows, the FBI is on its way

Edit: More seriously...
No one ever knew who Spencer was until the middle of 2016 when CNN summoned him from the ether and allowed him to start saying "heil hitler" and "heil trump" and "gas the kikes" on live tv.

Pretty much this, I wouldn't go as far as to say that Spencer is a creation of the media, but he more or less only has relevance because they give it to him. I more or less blame the 24-hour news networks and shitty pay-by-the-click "news" websites for giving this guy exposure.

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No one ever knew who Spencer was until the middle of 2016 when CNN summoned him from the ether and allowed him to start saying "heil hitler" and "heil trump" and "gas the kikes" on live tv.

Spencer looks like he's being set up to become the kind guy the media can run to in order to get him to endorse someone they want to make look bad. Like when they got David Duke to endorse Trump on the record and then asked Trump to disavow the endorsement.

And he loves it because it means cameras are on him, a guy no one would ever have heard of otherwise.

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I have a good discussion question idea, would this guy be a bigger lolcow with or without all the attention the media gives him to stoke his already enormous ego?
I think it makes him an even bigger cow. The media has crowned him as a leader in the White Supremacist movement and he's let that go to his head and thinks of himself now as some sort of savior of the white race. Without the media attention he would of gone to Charlottesville and did a march that resembled a KKK Rally.

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