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Anyone interested in helping me have a go at this? I don't know if anything is known about his early life/personal life, but I think attempting to summarise his nonsensical belief system might be entertaining.

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Attempting to summarise his nonsensical belief system
Brad's website is called 7seals and he talks about them all the time. It's supposed to be some book of revelations thing and only the Lamb of God is worthy of breaking these seals to some document. Brad also believes this document predicted by Revelations is very own book "There are no Coincidence - There is only Synchronism."

Seal 1 - The multiverse exists and aliens are everywhere.
- Adam was cloned from an alien and Eve is also a clone with an altered chromosome and ancient aliens is fact based on the online and the History Channel. The cosmos are infinite and the many-worlds interpretation is correct. Interuniverse travel is theoretically possible.

Seal 2 - The Plan-It theory, GOD = 7_4 algorithm/code, FOD = 6_4 etc.
- As far as I can tell this seal is based upon three fundamental concepts: Simple English Gematria (grab your decoder rings Kiwi friends), God, and a pun.

"The Creator first conceived of any 'true Earth-like planet', He had to plan-it by creating a mathematical model."

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." John 1:1

To Brad, the word God is a universal physical constant (the most important one at that) and English is a very special sort of language because it works with his gematria number letter system thingy. Brad believes that English was the language spoken before that whole tower of Babel deal and is God's language because it was built for the 7_4 algorithm/code. Or maybe it's the other way around, really hard to say.

"As above, so below. On the earth so as it is in the heavens."

Brad likes this phrase and references it a lot when he talks about sacred geometry. That's why he looks for 4s and 7s everywhere too I think, to find evidence in support of the word GOD as a physical constant intimately involved with every aspect of the earth.

And then you get fucking Nestor. No matter how much I look into Brad's stuff I have no idea where Nestor came from (but I have a tiny bit of an explanation a bit ahead). Nestor is the nearest earthlike planet to us and is basically like earth except 6 and 7 are exchanged in the sacred geometry. Naturally this means that Nestor is more advanced because they only have 6 day weeks and are basically in the future because of it or something. Otherwise I think Nestlings are a lot like humans, with 10 ginfers and toes and two eyes and all that.

Their sacred/natural language is not English, it is Eqfish which as far as I can tell is pretty much the same thing with f and g reversed and some other stuff changed around so that the Eqfish gematria (famatmia) adds to a special number. So in the Eqfish translation of the Holy Bible, dudes like John 10 + 15 + 8 + 14 = 47 become Juan 10 + 21 + 1 +14 = 46.

One thing I always wondered about Nestor and the whole FOD = 6_4 thing is if Brad believes there are other, similar algorithms for other earth-like planets like maybe GOC = 7_3 or some shit. All I know is that he believes that earth-like planets are built by a creator according to some mathematical code associated with the word GOD in some language. I also know that Brad believes there is only one God, the universal quantum computer/system as a whole. I do not know if Brad distinguishes between God and Fod other than in name.

Seal 3 - M Theory + Unified Field Theory

The united strings takes the ideas from Superstring/Supergravity theory and then doesn't really do anything with them. Brad just decides there are 6 or 7 aspects of time (depending on if you feel like Fod or God today) and 4 aspects of hypertime.

Time: 1 - The beginning, 2 - The end, 3 - Past, 4 - Present, 5 - Future, 6 - Void beyond the boundary of an event horizon of the expanding universe, 7 - The constant speed of light.

Hypertime: I don't know much about any of this but Brad says its analogous to a VCR so I'll believe him. 1 - Fast forward (gravity/speed influencing time), 2 - Reverse (information seemingly traveling backwards in time), 3 - Pause (all things travelling at the speed of light are in a domain where time has stopped), 4 - Before the beginning and after the end (so I guess it's like the FBI copy protection except actually just other universes outside our own).

The twelfth aspect of time sometimes shows up when Brad wants to do number stuff with 12. The last aspect is eternity, all the previously listed aspects as one. Goes great with the 12 aspects of matter because it's like poetry, it rhymes. 6 leptons and 6 quarks.

Space comes into play too I guess, 3 common spatial dimensions and 7 hyperspace dimensions. I assume that comes from string theory but I don't care.

Now I guess God uses these dimensions to build planets, and for the Fod = 6_4 case the void is omitted. Brad never says why this is allowed or what consequences follow from it. Might be worth asking sometime.

Now with all this in mind, can you find evidence to support Nestor's existence? Brad can. In the same way as finding 7s and 4s together in nature support his 7_4 algorithm except with 6s and 4s obviously. He says things like the moon's crust being ~64km deep is evidence for sympathetic vibrations caused by the existence of Nestor and Nestor's moon would be ~74km due to sympathetic vibrations due to the earth's existence. Seems legit to me, moving on.

Brad also says Nestor exists because an Earth-like analog must exist somewhere in the cosmos at some point in time, so I guess that's why he came to that conclusion.

Seal 4: S = 19 (18.6) Theory
I honestly have no fucking idea what this one is about. The letter S and number 19 are important somehow but I haven't seen many examples for why and where the 18.6 comes from yet.

S is symbolic for knowledge because of snake/serpent in the garden of Eden I guess. God also put a mark on Cain to protect him from the other humans after he murdered Abel, Brad says this mark was an S but I'm not a bibleman so I don't know if that's true.

Seal 5: Knowledge is Power! - Speed of Thought and GOD
God is the universal quantum computer, everything is thought and thought is the most powerful thing in the universe. God's thought especially. Thought is faster than light and is the cause behind synchronisms and other non-local simultaneous totally not coincidences.

Because everything is thought Brad tried to use math to explain this relation. Because Brad is crazy the relationship didn't make any sense and it was all shit like thought = tthh = t²h² = hydrogen2 x light² = h2c² (Y H W/ H?) and that doesn't help anyone.

Other key points that somehow got jammed into this seal: Hydrogen is fucking sick dude. Father Sol, Mother Earth and Aunt Luna are great because they have tons of hydrogen, which is equivalent to thought because everything is thought. This is somehow associated with why they were worshiped by early humans and the duality of pain and pleasure.

The power of thought also leads to the senses humans are just begin to develop! 7th sense : psychic intuition! 8th sense: telepathy! 10th sense: imagination/ability to change the matrix! I don't know what the 9th one is but we'll have to use our 10th to figure it out I guess. These three senses are within us all, just believe in yourself dude.

Seal #6 - Theory of Renativity, Conglomeratal Energy eternal (CEe) and Conglomeratal Energy Relationships Theories

E=mc2 ... Conglomeratal Energy74 eternal = light2 x mass of infinite universes
CEe=God=2 Christmasses ... God=CEe=mass x infinite Christs
CEe theory (God=8t5m)

??? Tyce what is this?

This seal is the most retarded of all the seven seals and I'll do my best to translate it from crazy person into English.

If God exists, Brad asserts that they would not be lazy and only become incarnate (Christ) twice.

"The soul of the Messiah exists in every generation and waits for the appropriate time to come." - The Everything Kabbala Book

So here's where Renativity comes in, Brad defines renativity as repeating the birth of the Christ/God's chosen one which is something that happens all the time. That kind of makes sense I guess. Then he goes off on defining/creating ‘Christmas’ based on Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence:E=mc² and that's just silly.

Basically rewrite E = mc² like E = m x c x c and like holy fucking shit is that xc? XC was the Greek abbreviation for Christ for thousands of years. God told Jesus to get crucified so he could be used as a calendar and everyone could agree on what year it was. #factblast, x also represents "times" so this equation is just chock full of the Jesus. How about we write it like this? E = c² x mass. Holy fucking shit, x mass more like CHRISTMAS. The X oriented cross represents JESUS being in control while the upright † represents Roman control so that's why X is better. X symbolizes the secret hidden truth and everything. The bottom half Λ represents the masculine while the V, its equal opposite represents the feminine because of all the V words for lady bits. They join forces to create harmony and the letter X.

Now x is a variable used in algebra, if you define God as everything God = light² × mass (of infinite universes). QED bitch.

Abe Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin were also Jesus.

Seal #7 - Reincarnation Stuff

23 principles!
1 - Energy is the property of something than enables it to do work.
2 - Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.
3 - Information can be created, but not destroyed. Information is preserved as it is transformed.
4 - Consciousness cannot be created nor destroyed.
5 - Systems with different locations in space have independent realities.
6 - Wave/particle duality.
7 - Theory of luck: Luck 100 = [karma 4 + modesty 1] x [desire 4 + actions 4 + ability 4 + contributions 4 + blessings 4]
8 - Self-replication is the simplest form of design
9 - Many animals build nests/colonies that take more than a single lifetime to complete.
10 - Evolutionary selection of the soul, those who return as human do so because they deserve to.
11 - Many things are cyclical
12 - The soul is attracted to its physical creator, parents+relatives etc.
13 - The soul is attracted to its ancestors through DNA.
14 - The soul is drawn from environment (nurture exists).
15 - The soul is affected by date of birth.
16 - The soul is affected by its given name, and associated gematria.
17 - Souls return to improve the system.
18 - Personality persists beyond death.
19 - True love is likewise eternal.
20 - We return as human by God's design, to best experience physical and spiritual fulfillment.
21 - The soul is attracted to physical characteristics, one will be reincarnated with a similar body as before.
22 - The soul is attracted to its history (Brad gives the example of Civil War reenactors having died in the Civil War previously).
23 - If one was male one usually returns as male and vice versa. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Brad said he will reveal how he tested these principles in another paper but I haven't found it yet.

Brad believes that he was the following people in the past, in addition to Jesus.
→ Pythagoras
Socrates → Aristotle
Leonardo Fibonacci → Bernard of Clairvaix → Leonardo da Vinci → Galileo Galilei → ? → Benjamin Franklin → Abraham Lincoln → Albert Einstein → Brad Watson

Bonus: Why Brad believes he must be Einstein

1) He fits in the timeline of direct reincarnation (was born after Einstein died)
2) He continued to advance science with "beyond Einstein theories"
3) He finished what Einstein started, discovering Unified Field Theory
4) He discovered Plan-it theory and the God = 7_4 algorithm code
5) He discovered S = 19 (18.6) theory as well
6) He discovered Speed and Power of Thought theory
7) He both discovered the theory of renativity and was a reincarnation of the messiah
8) He provided new insight on Einstein's birth/death
9) He provided a new beyond E = mc² theory that symbolically incorporated Albert Einstein's name (He said he did this but I never saw it anywhere on his sites)
10) He will provide CLASSIFIED information on Einstein's top secret WWII activities.
11) He discovered the 23 principles of Reincarnation + Theory of Luck (Brad always associates the two but I can't figure out why)
12) He modified the separability principle to apply to souls
13) He provided the "soul thread" of who he was before Einstein
14) He identified the direct reincarnations of those closest to him
15) He is a profession musician (Einstein said he probably would have been a musician if he didn't pursue science I believe)
16) He continues Einstein's social/political agenda
17) He proved conclusively that there is a God.
18) There is GOD-guided evolution including biocentric universe, decisions, purpose, intelligent design, complexity, sudden catastrophes, 'appearance of randomness', reincarnation and 'follow-the-leader', Gaia, panspermia, and alien intervention. (this was listed as the 18th requirement but I don't see how it's a requirement or at all related to Einstein)

Brad says his goal as the reincarnation of Albert Einstein is a simple one. To correct his errors and spread the truth.

Peace and Harmony

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Well that's pretty good.

(I'm hoping some astute Kiwis will rise to the challenge of seeing if there's any publicly available information on this guy other than his loony bin rantings.)

Peace and Harmony

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So I made a brief start to this on my user page as a dumping ground and I already felt like I was going nuts. I'll be working on this a bit at a time, but I'm still missing stuff on his non-7seals life (assuming it exists). Let me know what y'all think.


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So I made a brief start to this on my user page as a dumping ground and I already felt like I was going nuts. I'll be working on this a bit at a time, but I'm still missing stuff on his non-7seals life (assuming it exists). Let me know what y'all think.
Good stuff. How are you not crazy now?
I had to go over Mauvman's work really quickly, like 45 minutes- an hour, because I was getting such a headache.
I found a very little bit of stuff, which I will share with you in just a bit, though I don't think anything older than 1977.
It's mostly school stuff, from Facebook, but I think could help fill out Personal History, a bit. Some of this was only available if you "friend" him.

Birthday July 26, 1959


University of Miami
1980 to 1981 · Percussion Performance · Coral Gables, Florida

University of Cincinnati – College-Conservatory of Music
1978 to 1979 · Percussion Performance · Cincinnati, Ohio

Peabody Conservatory of Music at Johns Hopkins University
1977 to 1978 · Percussion Performance · Baltimore, Maryland

He's in a relationship, and he has a sister.


He was sued by the City of North Miami Beach, Florida last year.

and he has a kinda cute google plus account at

That's it, that's all I know.
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but I'm still missing stuff on his non-7seals life (assuming it exists). Let me know what y'all think.
So far looking good. As far as Planet Nestor goes, Organic Fapcup's post in the Brad's beliefs thread is quoting Brad on the Nestor stuff and I think that's very informative.
Personally, I'm going through the Brad thread and trying to update the OP of the group thread about the man himself as I'm going along. I'll be away for most of tomorrow but I'll be going steadily through the thread and when Brad talks about stuff relating to his personal self, I'll try to cap it for reference and update the info to the op.

Peace and Harmony

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Thanks guys. I think I might start on the Planet Nestor section tonight if I have time. And like I said, please feel free to make changes and especially to add citations.
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Regarding his personal life, I know his dad was a staff sergeant during WWII. He also apparently either lived with or took care of his mother before she sadly passed away in 2013. I won't post links, but I will provide through PM if you want sources.

He has been interviewed by mainstream media before. He set up a group called the International Musicians in Space Society, with the goal of eventually performing a concert during an EVA using electronic instruments. The website is down, but you can still access it through the wayback machine. There are several people listed as being board members; whether they are actual professionals or just random people on the internet has yet to be determined. This was supposed to break the world record for number of people performing a simultaneous EVA, although there are discrepancies from Brad himself on just how many people are supposed to be doing it. Supposedly the record is 3; in the article he wanted to use 4, while on the imisearth website he mentions 5 and even 7 participants. According to the article, which is from 2002, he had been touting this idea for more than 10 years.

He has a history of cosplaying as Lincoln in parades while another friend, the one who video-taped his einstein reincarnated video, dresses as Washington.

EDIT: He didn't live with his mother; she apparently was being cared for by Brad's sister in Placerville at the time of her death. Brad is listed as having lived in Placerville at somepoint, but not sure when that ended. Of note is the fact that his grandfather was apparently named George Washington Watson. Not sure if this ties into his reincarnation theories or not. Brad's sister and parents ran a golf shop called Watson's Tee House, which Brad was not involved in an official capacity.
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Brad seems to be adding new names to his reincarnation list: "Vishnu was reincarnated as Krishna who was reincarnated as Jesus son of Joseph who was reincarnated as..."

Funny thing...Vishnu is one of the eternal deities of Hinduism. Since he, by the nature of his being, can never die -- that means he can never be reincarnated.

I will try to work on citations for your wiki this weekend.

I highly recommend you check out where the reincarnation of Jesus is now claiming to be Muslim! (Be sure to like my comments while you're there -- nobody seems to like his.)
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He's also a "top commenter" on most websites that he visits, and it looks like he spends most of his day watching TV (for synchronisms) and commenting on different sites. He was ridiculed on the David Icke forums for being a nutjob, which is saying a lot.

He attended the University of Miami for a year, and on at least one of his user profiles he has claimed his occupation as a scientist and that he went to Johns Hopkins.

Also, he was arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing in 2002:



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He's actually been arrested many times:


Might I suggest adding a section called "A History of Violence"?

Grand Theft, Burglary, Resisting an officer with should be noted that those listed are just the 1st charges, there are actually multiple charges for each case. You can also pull dockets for some that shows what the outcome was.
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Wow! Good stuff, guys. I can't wait to read some of these links.
I like reading about religion and religious nuts, so this is just so much FUN!
But I'd also like to get smarter, so am going to try to get through that other info about the ?... nature of the universe? and its center, Richard Bradshaw Watson?
And, he's a Muslim, he's a Christian, AND he's a Hindu!
Also, I know of a youngish woman about his age who'd REALLY like to meet "Jesus, The Eternal Bridegroom". (cough*... Gail Chord Schuler). Yep, I'd really like to see that.

Peace and Harmony

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This is a real treasure trove, guys. What I might do is attempt to organise the various claims made in this topic for a coherent bio, and someone else might be so kind as to link references and citations to any publicly-accessible records. Null's policy by and large is to present only sourceable information and let it speak for itself without being directly insulting a la ED, so that's what I'm going to try and do...or someone else can take a crack at it too, if they like!

EDIT: Holy shit I'm looking through the case records that @tomgirl4life provided and damn, this guy went from Internet sperg to like an actual crazy in my mind. Assault/battery? Burglary? Like what in the shit?
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I wouldn't be able to resist the sarcasm. I finally reached Brad's first post about his religious center:
"The Center for the United Religions of Earth - The CURE
September 18, 2014 ·
The Center for the United Religions of Earth - The CURE - is located in Miami and I, Richard 'Brad'shaw Watson II, am its Founder/Director.

Richard Poshard
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  • Why not call it what it really is, Brad? "Another Desperate Attempt on My Part to Try to Convince People I'm Christ"."
Nope, there's no way I can stop the sarcasm.

Peace and Harmony

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Okay good people, I started a first draft of his bio based on the stuff posted here though I made no citations. Opinions?

AP 297

wow @tomgirl4life , very very well done! I looked up some of his records, but it never dawned on me to do a criminal background search.

Oh my actual god! That is incredible. I cannot rate you informative or winner enough for that research you did!
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