Manosphere Richard La Ruina / "Gambler" / @RichardGambler / PUA Training - Creator of "Super Seducer" game, Insecure Beta Manchild, Persecution Complex, Abuses the DMCA.

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Feline Darkmage

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Feb 11, 2016
Meet Rich La Ruina aka Gambler




So 3 days ago on March the 7th of 2018, a game known as "Super Seducer" was released on Valve's platform Steam. It was slated for a PS4 store release, which was canceled because Sony didn't want to deal with the games controversial subject matter. Videos on this game gave it less than stellar reviews, one of which the creator had briefly taken down by abusing the DMCA strike system on youtube.

Though he refuses to take responsibility for this action publicly, blaming it on some anonymous person at his company's PR department, in spite of DMs (to be shown later) that prove he did it because he thought a reviewer challenged his masculinity.

Original Video (came back after La Ruina's PR team removed the strike)

This and his interactions with his victim on twitter led to several videos being uploaded about his antics, as well as articles that now have him declaring that people are "discriminating" against him for being a dating coach.

Videos about the DMCA Incident

Techdirt article (archive)

This event was hilarious in and of itself, and that is only compounded by the fact that some bloke I've never even heard of until just now is claiming to be the "top PUA in all of Europe" and the cringy videos on his youtube.

And his blogs

Western Roasties reeee

I will give him one thing, his game does seem to be getting certain people mad online. That's all though, because he's proven to be a pretty scummy little dork and he amuses me unintentionally.

Oh, and he's been endorsed by fellow lolcow, Roosh V.

He's a part of the "Casanova Crew", which @yawning sneasel did a thread on a long time ago that's now in community watch.

His game was mentioned in it's own thread in the Games subforum.

Wikipedia (archive)
Twitter (archive)
Youtube (archive)
Blog (archive, about)
PUA Training Website (archive, blog)
Super Seducer site (archive)
Instagram (mostly empty)
A debate podcast feat. Dick
The Sun article (archive)

I wonder if alpha manly man, expert in man things, will DMCA this thread to prove his manhood.


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Dec 28, 2014
He's clearly a crybaby whiner. You can see why assholes like this inspired people like Elliot Rodger to go berserk, and why sites like puahate (where Elliot hung out) rose up to address pieces of shit like this.

Even this has better advice on getting a girl than most PUAs charge money for.


Jun 28, 2017
You know you got something special when Sony rejects your game but was okay with Life of Black Tiger

Apteryx Owenii

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Nov 11, 2016
Man he sure seems creepy and exactly the kind of guy who would only get laid by a prostitute or some poor girl that got roofied.

"how to approach a group of girls without any chance of failure"
Answer: literally pay them to appear in an ad with you

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