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MODERATOR EDIT: @Lowtax has graced us with his presence, answering questions about SA, Shmorky and himself in general. I've reopened a shit-tier cancer thread for Lowtax, so I can move over 70 fucking posts of off-topic shit out of Shmorky's thread. I was going to put it into the SA thread, but there's just too much shit. If you want to discuss Lowtax, do it here.

I'm not a Goon, or an SA sperg, so I may be ignorant to a lot of the dramu. I'm just writing up a quick OP so I can clear out Shmorky's thread.

@Lowtax is the owner of Something Awful, a controversial old-internet website that has attracted lots of drama over the years. He is hated by some buttmad people who think he's worse than hitler for some reason, probably due to them being banned from SA at some point in their lives.

Main drama:
  • Had his ass kicked by Uwe Boll. Uwe Boll challenged him to a 10 round boxing match, telling Lowtax it was all in good fun and he wouldn't actually harm him. That turned out to be a lie, now everyone laughs at him for it.
  • Something about Mangosteens, this autistic shit is hard to understand for someone who's never been a Goon. I think this is what happened: Lowtax started shilling Mangosteen through affiliate links(?), people on SA were blown into a frenzy, Lowtax chimped and said he'd never shill it again? Since then Goons have used "Mangosteen" as some autistic-ass meme.
While writing up this OP, IWC sent me this - which felt relevant to this thread.
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