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The 'women are amazing' non sequitor is peculiar.
Just two weeks ago she was posting that snarky 'his ex so jelly of me' facebook post, and now she's all, 'oh I hope she knows she's amazing!'

Lowtax shouldn't have hit her, Lowtax clearly manipulated an extremely vulnerable and busted up woman for sure. But regardless of that Logan is also a manipulator, and I'm not buying this 'I'm every woman' Oprah / Lifetime channel shit.

She needs to take this fucking show offline, or at the very least keep it away from Ashley. She showed Ashley contempt, disdain and zero respect as a wife and a mother as she slid out of Utah and into Ashley's meal ticket. She's a victim, but she's also a venal thief as well.

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Why is Dick Masterson running a screen for Lowtax on the recent TDS podcast?

He in the episode says, paraphrasing "...Farms sent me some calls but I'm not going to play those..."
"..I saw some text between you (LowTax) and your child... eh.... I dont want to show those.."

and in the same episode talks about how "one side typically crafts and presents evidence to form the narrative" but proceeds to side with LowTax the entire time.

Also says nothing about LowTax's patreon going from 8k to >1k (how could that be...? wow... really makes you think...)

LowTax seems like a spergy-drunkard nowadays.


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that’s what is fucked up about this whole thing. no one wanted to listen when people have been spreading proof for months, but it took a loud crazy woman on social media to make people listen. society is fucked
Goons. Goons are fucked. Most anyone outside of SA aware of the situation believed prior accusations. If anything the fact that goons flipped on Lowtax over the least credible of the various domestic violence accusations is proof society's operating normally. Even when they (finally) do the right thing, you can count on them to do it for the wrong reason.

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As many others have said, alkies don't buy expensive craft beers, they buy malt liquor or MD 20/20 or box wine or whatever the hell else will get you fucked up cheapest. But Richard likes Boulevard beers.

He's getting REALLY lazy with his lies.
Agreed. No they don't, they buy spirits, or at worst the shit you mentioned... Not one alcoholic that I have had the displeasure to meet that has been as far gone as 'Tax or Bogan (If Loltax is to believed) buys anything less than spirits and beer is just breakfast. Even Box winos end up on cheap spirits because it's even cheaper bang for buck in the end...

I could believe it if she had to rely on him buying it and had zero of her own money, but I find that hard to believe because she was the marketing manager for a very successful website, and also sh.... Ah fuck can't even go there...
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Initial report from LSPD attached
So... Lowtax was in bed when he called the police and when they arrived... and "had difficulty moving on the bed" but still refused medical attention? Lowtax also claims he slipped and "took her down with him"?

If Lowtax' back is that bad, why is he in the basement and not on the first floor? What if there was a fire? He also claimed to have surgery the following day, so what happened to that?

"....Due to conflicting statements and lack of witnesses, no arrest was made"

"Once again, in a big white building with columns out front and people in robes holding gavels inside, I have been COMPLETELY EXONERATED. You say its my dazzling fancy lawyer blinding them with malarkey but in fact it was just that i had JUSTICE on my side, you internet-poison fire tornado!!!"

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Updating my timeline
  • 1976 - Born to Richard Kyanka Sr and Carol Kyanka
  • ~1994 - Graduates from Rockhurst Prepatory School (allegdly) a private Catholic high school and matriculates at Vanderbilt University to study engineering
  • ~1997 - drops out during his Junior year and does IT work for the university instead; later takes up a job at Radioshack in Nashville but is fired
  • 1999 - Works as the content director of Planet Quake but is fired for "[making] fun of [his] boss's niece"; founds Something Awful after talking with Raidum and Fragmaster while working at Gamestop
  • 2003 - Dates forum user Integral (Emily) with a bad breakup that causes him to write a front page article about her
  • 2004 - Scams attendees out of money at the fifth GoonCon due to poor planning
  • 2005 - Marries his first wife Megan in a marriage that would last for about a decade and produce two kids
  • 2006 - Fights Uwe Boll, tries to shill mangosteen items on the forums with disastrous results
  • 2010 - First known year of leasing a GTR
  • 2013 - Is accused of domestic violence by Megan; begins Gaming Garbage channel on Youtube
  • 2014 - Announces free merch giveaway at SA HQ and only one user shows up to find Lowtax passed out on alcohol and drugs; closes the office around this time (?); divorces Megan
  • 2015 - Marries his second wife Ashley after a trip to Canada (?); The state of Missouri orders a tax lien as he owes over $100k in taxes
  • 2016(?) - Ashley gives birth to his third kid
  • 2017 - Reboots Gaming Garbage without Shmorky and starts Patreon with limited success
  • 2018 - Begins to claim that he has severe spinal issues
  • 2019 - Starts Patreon to "save" the SA forum with over $10,000 in monthly donations at its peak, uses it to rent(?) a McMansion and lease a sportscar; has legal and custody trouble with Ashley around Thanksgiving and starts being involved with Logan Day at the same time
  • 2020 - Logan openly accuses Lowtax of domestic violence on FB in May and Patreon implodes, leaving his financial and legal future in jeopardy
Does anyone know when Lowtax bought his first McMansion? What is up with him buying one and then renting another one recently? Thought he had been living in Kansas City in a McMansion for a while. (Edit: In the Vice article of 2017 he says he used to own his house but now rents)

Sorry for all of the question marks. A lot of things are hearsay. If you guys have links to anything I would appreciate it.
Wasn't there some weird period in the SA dark ages (06-13) where Lowtax was living in Asia, teaching English to pre-teens?

Wasn't there some weird period in the SA dark ages (06-13) where Lowtax was living in Asia, teaching English to pre-teens?
I haven't heard of this. From what I understand he has only lived in Missouri and then spent a small time in California after founding SA. I think he had bought a house in Missouri too and was married to Megan with kids. Anyways, this wouldn't make sense because Lowtax never got a BA which is generally required to teach English abroad.

Seems like the drop in Lowtax's activity coincided with his marriage. Not that Lowtax was ever an involved husband or father.