Richard Meyer v. Mark Waid (2018) -

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Waid Livestream - What will happen?

  • Talks about the lawsuit.

    Votes: 3 8.1%
  • Further incriminates himself.

    Votes: 18 48.6%
  • Defames YaBoi again.

    Votes: 5 13.5%
  • Doesn't talk about the lawsuit nor CG.

    Votes: 2 5.4%
  • Host disagrees with Waid on something, chimpout insues.

    Votes: 7 18.9%
  • Normal interview. (no drama)

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Richard Meyer Sues Mark Waid Over ‘Tortious Interference With Contract and Defamation’
Posted by Rich Johnston September 29, 2018 Comment
Diversity & Comics YouTuber Richard Meyer has launched a civil suit against comic book writer Mark Waid. Filed on the 19th of September with the United States District Court in Austin, it claims ‘tortious interference with contract and defamation’.

Meyer is represented by lawyers Daniel H Byrne and Dale L Roberts, of the legal firm Fritz, Byrne, Head & Gilstrap of Austin, Texas. Mark Waid is being represented by Mark S. Zaid, who is the founding partner of his own firm.

This stems from events which took place in May 2018, when Antarctic Press announced they were to publish Meyer and Jon Malin‘s upcoming graphic novel Jawbreakers, originally planned for publication in August. Bleeding Cool reported then that Mark Waid phoned them up to discuss the matter. The publisher then announced they would not be publishing the comic, subsequently stating in part “It’s now bigger than we could have handled”. Meyer claimed that Waid had bullied them into their decision, though the publisher issued statements saying that hadn’t happened.

In the lawsuit, Meyer claims that accusations that he ‘held a number of socially extreme views’ are untrue, that he is not a bigot and that Waid has accused him of being a ‘serial harasser of women and minorities, and claimed that he promotes hate and intolerance.’

Meyer states that ‘later that day, Waid spoke by telephone with one of the owners of Antarctic Press, and convinced him that Antarctic Press should repudiate its contract with Meyer. Frightened for its very survival by Waid’s threats, and primarily because of his unwelcome interference, Antarctic Press caved to Waid’s pressure.’

Meyer’s case states that ‘Following Antarctic Press’s experience, no other publishers would consider publishing Meyer’s comic book. Meyer’s only option was to self-publish by creating his own independent publishing company, which he did. At significant expense, and after significant delay in publication of JAWBREAKERS, Meyer is now performing all of the tasks that Antarctic Press would have performed in the absence of Waid’s interference with Meyer’s contract. Instead of pursuing other potential business interests, including writing additional comic books, Meyer is responsible for overseeing the printing of JAWBREAKERS and arranging to ship copies ordered online through Meyer’s crowd-funding campaign.’

Meyer also states that because of Waid, he has been blackballed by the comics industry. That he ‘could not even find a U.S.-based artist for his next book, and has resorted to contracting with one he located from the Philippines’ and that he can’t exhibit at comic conventions or appear on panels, and states this is a ‘direct result of Waid’s interference with Meyer’s contract with Antarctic Press and false statements.’

Meyer also states that ‘Waid has falsely stated that Meyer published a list of comic book stores, with the first and last name of the comic book stores’ employees, in response to the stores’ decision to not carry JAWBREAKERS. In doing so, Waid suggested that Meyer was encouraging his followers to harass or threaten the comic book stores’ employees.’

Whereas he claims that ‘Meyer had only identified the stores identified in the leaked chat transcript that had agreed not to carry JAWBREAKERS and the individuals who were part of that conversation.’

Meyer claims that as a result of all this, ‘Waid intentionally induced Antarctic Press to breach its agreement with Meyer. Waid’s interference proximately caused injury to Meyer for which he seeks damages in excess of $75,000.’

And that for defamation, ‘Waid intentionally published statements of fact to his followers and the general public regarding Meyer, including falsely stating that Meyer published the first and last names of comic book store employees to encourage his followers to harass and threaten them, as well as characterizing Meyer as a racist, serial harasser of minorities, and as affiliated with white supremacists.’

Meyer is demanding a jury trial but that judgement, peculiarly, be requested against ‘Defendant Chris Waid’. Who this is, and his relationship to Mark Waid, is not made clear.

Mark Waid’s lawyer has responded to inquiries made by Bleeding Cool earlier today.

“Mark will aggressively fight this frivolous lawsuit with every legal means available but at the end of the day what will have the greatest favorable impact for him are the actual facts. Mr Meyer’s’ lawsuit will further reveal to the world his true nature. Ironically his own litigation will likely increase the professional isolation he alleges Mark has caused,” said Mark S. Zaid, a Washington, DC attorney who represents Waid. Mr Zaid has handled high-profile defamation cases and is well-known within the comic community for representing CGC and serving as an Advisor for the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.

Zaid was also repeatedly named a ‘Superlawyer’ for his work with national security whistleblowers and is a strong First Amendment advocate. He is best known for suing Libya for the 1988 terrorist bombing of Pan Am 103 which resulted in a $2.7 billion settlement, the largest of its kind against a foreign government for terrorist activities.

Daniel H. Byrne is a founding partner of Fritz, Byrne, Head & Gilstrap, his areas of expertise include real estate, securities, fiduciary, governmental, financial institution, employment, and bankruptcy litigation.
The full court document runs below.

Coincidentally Marvel has been taken out of his Facebook profile:

Mark Waid's Lawyer (What an unfortunate looking fellow):

YaBoi's Lawyer (Reminds me of that 'Most Interesting Man in the World' guy, but older and less interesting):

If you’re unfamiliar with Mark Waid and his antics please be sure to check his thread:

Nicky Racket’s Video discussing the possible lawsuit from a couple months ago:
Recent video actually discussing the lawsuit:
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So what will the defense's argument be, that Mark Waid totally didn't call Antarctic Press and intimidate them, or that he did, but it's somehow not a crime?

We'll have to see the quality of Waid's lawyer. There is no 'witz', 'berg', or 'stein' in his name and that nose is looking pretty miniscule to expect a good legal defense.

I imagine Waid going for a similar defense as Maddox's girlfriend. "Yes, but I was doing so to limit plaintiffs free speech." These types of think the law works like Twitter Thought Police and any action was justified if you call the person a Nazi first.


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So what will the defense's argument be, that Mark Waid totally didn't call Antarctic Press and intimidate them, or that he did, but it's somehow not a crime?
Some people have been arguing online that "Well, you need to prove it was Waid's call in particular that made them drop it. Waid just needs to show Meyer's YouTube to show he's an irredeemable Nazi . Hope your wallets are open as Meyer is an attention whore scam artist who sees his fans as walking ATMs".

I don't think it works like that.


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What's going to be extra interesting is how people react depending on who wins. Both outcomes would have some dreadful sperging either way but I feel Waid losing the case would be worse if only because the Pros obsession with political sperging will lead them down the road of the courts being a massive Trump conspiracy rather than any nuanced thought.


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:story: The guy that helped tank his own publisher and was made to quit his job as CFO of IDW would make a great character witness, but not for who he’s rotting for:
View attachment 555487

Angry Manlet spotted:
View attachment 555488

It's amazing to me how willfully stupid these people are. Meyer is not the defendant here, Waid is. Proving Meyer actually is an alt right Nazi bigot won't just make the lawsuit go away. The issue here is not the character of the people involved. The issue is Mark Waid calling Antarctic press and getting them to drop the contract with Meyer.


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Yes, I know, get off my ass.
I could say "violation of the law" or whatever, but when I say crime everyone knows what I mean, and it's a lot shorter.
A few more notes regarding common related errors:
  • Any reference to "innocent until proven guilty" is not relevant. That is not the standard for civil suits.
  • There is no prosector. There is a plaintiff, who has a lawyer. The state is not obliged to supply the defendant with a lawyer, although in some cases a defendant can get free representation.
  • Nobody is going to jail over this suit, nor will anyone cop a plea, nor are there "charges". The suit alleges various civil wrongs, which are provided for in law or by precedent.
  • There will be no grand jury, no indictment.
These errors arise all the time in threads like this. Thought I'd head it off at the pass, especially since you are being so thick.

"Nazi" really needs to be libel per se.
Well, unless you're clearly a self-identified Nazi. If you call yourself one, I don't think it's defamation to take you at your word.

These cases are of course a residue of the overall total, of course, so in general you're right.
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So it seems that Sherman Act violations are unlikely, but can a real lawyer tell me why respondeat superior isn't applied in Waid's case? The idea he isn't representing Marvel (and ultimately Disney) on his official Twitter is laughable.

Not a lawyer, but from what I understand they can't use the Sherman because the lawsuit is focused primarily on Waid who is being sued in his personal capacity. Not in his capacity as an employee of Marvel. There is also some debate as to whether he even IS an employee of Marvel rather then just some dude they have a contract with. There is a legal distinction.

Of course this is just the preliminary phase, and we have yet to reach discovery. If it turns out that Marvel execs/management knew about and/or encouraged Waids actions, then they could get sucked into the mess. From what I am seeing though Meyers lawyer wants to run a tight ship and go for what he can reasonably get, as opposed to going full Captain Ahab and hunt a white whale.
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