Rick and Morty Fans - Futurama for 14 year old reddit atheists

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I'm a simple man, I just chuckle at the funny voices and the character designs. I think the show its at its best when it embraces its sci-fi roots, than when it tries to be more than a quirky comedy.
Its not like the Simpsons first seasons that dealt with stuff like unemployment, family relationships, mental health, in a funny but adult way, you know, stuff that is actually important and meaningful to people.
Sperging about meta narrative is not deep.


Did you always dislike it, or did the excessive shark jumping sour the earlier stuff to you retroactively?
I used to hate everything after the second season, but now I like most of season 3 and parts of season 5.

I never saw what the big fuss was from the get-go ... And then the show got progressively worse with its shark jumping, which built up my resentment towards it.


Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
I caught Solar Opposites, today, if anyone cares.

It was..... OK. Not great, but not terrible like I was concerned about. Just OK. I'll see if S2 can flesh things out a little more, just because, but it's nothing special and it likely won't catch on like R&M had in its first 2 seasons otherwise, IMHO.

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