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One Man Bland

Shitty new feminist writers, Justin Roiland phoning it in, Dan Harmon virtue-signaling like the cucklord he is, etc.
I’d also add a half-assed season finale reseting the status quo that even hardcore fans have a hard time defending and the long hiatuses and delays due to staff infighting eating away at the show’s already limited rewatcheability.


I consider myself a fan of the show. I loved most of the episodes and have overall enjoyed it.

But there is no way this show is going to last for 70 more episodes given the people involved and how they are.

This thing is going to crash and burn HARD. Hopefully it can stay good for another season or so.

Fortunately, Venture Bros has somehow managed to stay great even with the long breaks in between, probably because the people that make it aren't completely insane.

The Estatist

The show should have just ended with the first season where Rick and Morty universe hop or instead have at least Rick abandon an Earth every season.

Also, I'll point out that Rick stopped being acceptable when he turned from a corrupt Doc Brown who uses and abuses all around him to some Wigger who totally cares about his family really.

I just found out my long time best friend was into this. What should I do lads?

As long as he doesn't act edgy he's not haram.


Ever since that fiasco with McDonald's a year and a half ago, I haven't been able to watch a single episode of Rick and Morty.

I did love the show, too ... The fandom has pretty much killed it for me though. Talk about running something to the fucking ground.

And, no: You don't come across as "intelligent" or "high I.Q." when you profess that you watch a cartoon show that has a character who is literally named Mr. Poopy Butthole. I liked the show because I thought it was funny. No more, no less.

Rick & Morty is for faggots.
I read this hearing Danny DeVito's voice in my head. My night is made. Thank you.


Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
I still like the show but I don't hang out in any of the fan circles. It's kind of the opposite of modern Simpsons. Or Zombie Simpsons.

Yeah... as much as I love making fun of the show and it's cancerous fanbase, I actually fucking like (but I wouldn't say love.) this damn show. A lot more than I care to admit. I still think it can be better, though... As in funnier, at least (it can still be gritty & violent all the fuck it wants, that's OK - that good shit is what really got me into it!). And lay off the pop-culture refs as cheap laughs for just a fucking while, maybe.


Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
Harmon couldn't even fulfill his season 3 order of fourteen episodes, so I wouldn't be hold my breath on the 70 episodes appearing anytime soon (or ever).

I'm only expecting 10 or 20 (max) more episodes and then BTFO into obscurity (if THAT is even allowed to be possible, given the cancerous fanbase, of course.).

Y2K Baby

The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom???
True & Honest Fan

Writer made a funny. xd

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