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I don't know. I think people saying "WUBALUBADUBDUB!" or "PICKLE RICK!" isn't that bad. Remember when South Park blew up and everyone was saying "Oh my god! They killed Kenny!" "You bastards!" Everyone was saying that for a year or so. Tons of TV shows worked that line in somewhere.

The psychotic autists who think they're Rick and have created a philosophy around the show are the one's that should be ridiculed.

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Hmm. It's coming together.

Rick's speech to Beth in ABCs is ultimately his views on his own intelligence. Rick feels he can make the universe bend to his whim through his intelligence, but it's inevitable the universe is going to buck back sometime. The season opened with Rick's incarceration being revealed as some sort of master plan to get rid of Jerry, but in the end Jerry and Beth got back together. Even changing universes isn't cutting it anymore since Rick is actually attached to his family now, despite viewing such attachments as one of his undesired personality traits, and he has to make some form of peace with the President to remain with them. And no one is buying his "nothing matters because multiverse" lines anymore. Things matter because we view them as worth mattering, such as Jerry's memories of a date Beth hated.

So, this episode pretty much serves as to counter what the show's perceived nihilism. Even Rick has people that matter to him, and that's why he lost at the end of this episode. I'd argue this would be a good place to serve as a series finale myself, but then again we've been fooled by Rick before. Time will tell how they will take this series further.

The psychotic autists who think they're Rick and have created a philosophy around the show are the one's that should be ridiculed.

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It’s still original Rick. He just had to put in effort to stay in this reality and do something he really didn’t want to do. Watch that YouTube vid Adult Swim posted if you get the chance. It explains it really well.
Yeah, stupid me :dumb: It was obvious it's the same Rick since he threw the hat at Jerry.
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Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
I can't wait until protesting over real issues that need it eventually is outlawed over BS like this, on a more serious note - these clowns are asking for it, when I know a FACT there's bigger shit to be directing such anger and hatred towards. Something that nobody doing so gets anymore... Especially here, and over shitty barbecue sauce I bet I could make myself in my own kitchen for the fuck of it, no less.

And I thought the Steven Universe and MLP fanbases were messed - well, they still are... At least I can still watch this show (definitely looking forward to Season 4, as well!), knowing it's good, unlike those 2 examples, honestly.


Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
Who knew all it took was a bunch of fans sperging out at minimum wage working employees to destroy whatever reputation the fanbase had left.
I'm more disappointed it didn't happen faster - however, this trigger was far too perfect.

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