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I like the show but I'm getting kinda bored with every season ending with "Rick jumps to another universe/resets the universe to how it was before." I'll probably drop it if season 4 does the same thing.
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isn't like half the show not cannon?
It’s more that the show doesn’t really have too much of an overarching storyline aside from stuff like Evil Morty, the fact that Rick & Morty changed universes, the divorce). It’s mostly a show you can watch without seeing all of it to know what’s going on.


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Nothing about this show is completely story-driven (not a problem, as the show is still hilarious and engaging for that, IMHO.) and I wish more people in this fanbase could accept that, honestly. To be further honest and think harder about some things, I don't mind if they don't do anything with Evil Morty anytime soon - that Citadel being under his control sounds like as happy an ending as said miserable place is ever gonna get, anyway!

Too bad I don't trust Dan Harmon (fucker that he is) to live and let be, when he could focus on helping out in making this show funnier and more engaging for those disappointed in Season 3, knowing he's still on it and sharing space with the real brains behind this show (e.g.: Justin Roland.).

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The first two seasons strongly stood by overarching story being a purely background thing that wouldn't be apparent unless people watched the show looking for it. I hope they go back to it because I feel like it detracted from the individual episodes this season (exceptions being the opener and the citadel episode.)
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I prefer things to have an over-arching story and was disappointed when Series 3 opened by pretty much resetting everything that they had established at the end of Series 2. But I don't think it would really work tbh, it's kind of hard to have stakes in a show like Rick and Morty where in like the fifth episode they casually abandoned his birth family - honestly kind of makes the death of Bird-Person seem pretty trivial but that's what happens when you introduce infinite timelines into a story.


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Rate me :late:, but I just finished the season finale and was seriously disappointed. It felt like just another random episode :/ Having Ricklantis be the finale would've left it off on a more compelling note, I think
I feel like they didn’t want to end on some massive cliffhanger that would take like two years to see a resolution.
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Rate me :late:, but I just finished the season finale and was seriously disappointed. It felt like just another random episode :/ Having Ricklantis be the finale would've left it off on a more compelling note, I think
I think The ABCs of Beth would have been a better final episode, since this season focused so much on their divorce. I would have been happy if they didn't get back together by the end of the season.

If you're disappointed in this season of Rick and Morty, go watch Bojack Horseman if you haven't already. There are four full seasons on Netflix. Unless you really love the sci-fi setting of Rick and Morty or really hate talking animals, Bojack is just better.


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I enjoy one of two episodes like the family dog going on a Power Trip, Anatomy Park, the co-dependant spouses from hell and The Jerry Daycare, but ~even more unpopular opinion alert~ the rest just feels like fluff-filler to crank out seasons now that it is a proven cashcow.

The fans have gone full exceptional individual, which makes it more difficult to talk about the enjoyed episodes, but we already know and have voiced that too.

Edit: rip fave side character bird-person.
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I would have really, really enjoyed this season if it'd ended with ABCs of Beth. I was really enjoying her arc this season, and her realization that she's just like Rick was one of my favorite moments of the season. I think it would have been really cool for next season to show her battling between her self-imposed expectations and embracing the fact that she's an asshole genius--and it might have made for a good dynamic in the family, since this whole season was basically Morty getting fed up with Rick's shit. (I'm honestly hoping that this Beth ends up being a clone so we can get badass Beth in season 4, assuming that it doesn't get canned because Harmon ends up being the next Harvey Weinstein.)

That said, it would have been pretty hilarious if they'd made Rickchurian Mortydate the series finale. There would be some really great salt from the fans if, after three seasons of talking about how nothing anyone does can change anything, it ended with Rick winding up right back where he was at the start of the show--an outsider in the Smith family.

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