Right-Wing vs Left-Wing Lolcows -


Who do you agree with more? Just to name a few examples:

Mikemikev - self-explanatory.

Autphag - also self-explanatory.

Donny Long - supports Trump, dumps on fags and trannies while allowing all kinds of /pol/-tier racism to be posted all over his website.

Marjan Šiklic - incel who is edgy as fuck and worships Hitler.

Luke McKee - was once on the Daily Stormer’s radio section and even was a user of Stormfront.

Knajjd - fag and tranny hating incel who also used to go under the username “Knajjd1488”.

Tommy Tooter - unironic neo-nazi.

And pretty much anyone else under the Manosphere section.


Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici - self-explanatory.

Eurasiantiger - owner of r/hapas subreddit; responsible for posting BBC cuckold porn all over /pol/.

Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv - also self-explanatory.

And there’s likely more, but I can’t think of any more right now. Do you know of any more right/left-wing lolcows?


Richard Spencer is also a bit of a lolcow. There's also John Walker Flint on the far left. AOC's the first lolcow to be in an elected office, and she's far left as well. Just to name a few off the top of my head.
I also remembered two more: Romeo Rose on the right and Brianna Wu on the left. Both are self-explanatory, especially to those that know Romeo Rose.
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are you smarter than 5 gay rats
almost every lolcow on the tumblr subforum are left-wing

soygon of akkad is sorta right-wing (isnt he a self-proclaimed liberal tho)

I disagree with all political lolcows because I am an apathetic nihilist. I probably only hate radicals, left or right, because they threaten my autistic comfort zone.
pretty much the same for me
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Big Nasty

i just died in ur ass 2nite
Political lolcows in general suck, apart from Phil. He is pure gold.

Also, I don't think that Jonathan Yaniv is left-wing at all. He is just a sexual pervert, which a lot of people confuse with being "progressive". If you look at his other opinions, such as his strong anti-immigration stance and contempt for foreigners, you'll find that he's actually pretty reactionary.

Oskar Dirlewanger

SS-Oberführer of 36th Waffen Grenadier Division
Right wing lolcows are much dumber. Left wing lolcows openly admit their positions are based on feelings and morals so usually you don't see them pretending they are some of the smartest and most educated people to ever grace this earth. Right wingers love their "logic" and "intellect" so they all feel the need to pretend that putting a pine tree emoji in their twitter username and reading the evola wikiquote page makes them a 300+ IQ genius polymath.


Tommy Tooter - unironic neo-nazi.
umm wat? the guy is a pot smoking granny tranny who is neck deep in LGBT identity politics. he's the polar opposite of neo nazi.

Isn't Yaniv also right wing?
same situation, he's a pervy troon riding the idpol/socjus wave. absolute opposite of right wing.

i dont really understand the thread. "who do you agree with more?" followed by various insane incels as "right wing" representatives and some autistic tranny pervs and a race obsessed self hating half-asian as "left wing" representatives? what the fuck is this supposed to be?

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