Right-Wing vs Left-Wing Lolcows -


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the lolcows most likely haven't read the source material of their ideology.
you'll get commies who hate the idea of work despite it being it's core philosophy on one hand and then you get the tradfags who quote Evola and yet never cut through his purple prose or look only into the material biological aspects or even read people like Guenon.


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Lefty cows kinda warp society these days with their lukewarm takes, but that can probably be blamed on Satanic Panic's backlash, Bush Jr. room temperature IQ, and the 2016 elections.

Right wing cows are just generic loud annoying boomers IRL or some kind of extreme nutter who managed to miss Satanic Panic that no one takes srsly like Westbaptist, Gab, or PragerU.


Right wing lolcows are typically incels, left wing lolcows are typically troons, then it becomes a coin toss whether or not someone in the former turns into the latter
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It depends on which left and right you are talking about. If someone is non-globalist, libertarian with troon sympathies, how do you weigh that?

Also, most of the "leftcows" are focused on social issues. Even the ones who claim to be communist and for old school socialistic economy don't really know anything about it. God knows why, but the best guess is that radical left wing economy is just so fucking bored and complicated. As Jordan Peterson experienced when he went up against that Jugoslavian coke head, Marxism is famously hard to get a grasp on. The source material is tedious beyond what a lolcow could ever muster the patience to read. Compare that to radical right wing which is extremely easy to understand. Nobody has ever struggled to understand Ayn Rand, mostly because radical right economy is more of a moral thought than a economical one.

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Most right-wing lolcows aren't actually lolcows imo, they just make leftists assblasted because they have to hear someone has a different opinion than them.

Typical left-left wing lolcow thread on the Farms;

"Look this tranny communist, drug-addicted furry who advocates for NAMBLA and screams at people in the streets and has a nervous breakdown if you talk about them"

Right-wing "lolcow" on the Farms;

"Look at this dude who said something I disagreed with!"

I'm a superfascist though, so I may be biased.
Left wing cows tend to be worse for sure, but right wing cows are still cows. Though I generally get the impression that when it comes to rightwing cows theres a lot more butthurt leftists trying to hyper criticize them over dumb shit, while with left wing cows there are fewer people who do this, or the people who do aren't politically motivated (for example the people who really really hate onision).
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