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Riolu947 / RiolutheBlueCat / BlueCatRiolu / Nicolas SalernoInflation Fag, future cat fucker.

Discussion in 'Animal Control' started by Puar, Apr 11, 2016.

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Since he now 18... will Nick get a job or go to college?

  1. Yes

    1 vote(s)
  2. No

    44 vote(s)
  3. He will just groom minors and fap off to cats 24/7

    147 vote(s)
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  1. Puar

    Puar Pointless...

  2. kiwifarms.net
  3. https://forums.anandtech.com/thread...ch-when-you-eat-mentos-and-drink-coke.174221/

    It won't inflate you. You'd become a human foam volcano, though.

    Riolu doesn't know third grade science, either. Human intestines are located around your belly area. Which is why when you feel sick constipated, it hurts. Of course his fantasy mind doesn't think. As for him shoving a hose up his ass?

    If he and his buddies target you or if he targets minors to do fetish stuff, warn them. Have them contact their parents about what he does. Him targeting minors makes him a predator. Of course, he brushes all this off like it is fantasy.
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    Puar Pointless...

  4. That was another purpose for my journal, to warn others who could end up in the same situation I did.
  5. ''Please take one daily if needed''
    If these little shits were real I'm sure we'd find him on the floor dead from overdosing.

    He actually sent me a picture of one of the pills. He actually forced me into a role-play or something like that.
    He just sent the picture and went. *Shoves it up into your mouth and you swallow*
    (Also that's basically god-playing, he controlled my character. Well, fucking ME at that moment. Like I wouldn't swallow a suspicious pill a stranger showed in my mouth. Fucking creep.)
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  7. Block the sick fucker. Sounds like rape with him. I really feel he is gonna be one of those preds who will creep on little girls and ask them to inflate for his pleasure. The guy is seriously going down his own hole and it isn't gonna end soon.

    Puar Pointless...

  8. He did the “god-playing” with me too, but I was stupid enough not to tell him off for that either. I do honestly believe that he will one day become a predator, going after minors like myself, if he doesn’t stop. He KNEW that I was a minor and he still did the roleplaying crap with me, even after I told him that it could be seen as pedophilia since he’s now an adult.
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  9. So, Riolu wasn't shitting by wanting to move and shit. (''Escaping his parents.'')
    Today on discord he DM'd that he moved from Michigan to Texas.
    also don't fu cking to u ch me
    I don't really know what else to add, I checked if he told this on DeviantArt or anywhere like that before posting this, but he didn't so I thought I'd let you know about that.
    He also talked about some Charming Cat Cafe as well. I have no idea what that is but from what I've quickly searched on Googled, like the lazy ass I am, it's like a adoption place for cat but also a cafe? I thought it was like a cafe all around Texas or America (Well, I'm not anywhere near from America so I don't blame myself)
    But it's actually one single cafe somewhere in Texas? He didn't tell me anymore than that just that there's a pool in their neighborhood. I know he moved in to someone but I have no idea who.

    He also kept talking to me for 2 days, and I ignored him. Until he talked to me and I finally responded, he just told me this.( And asked for a Roleplay.) Was he really waiting for me to give him the attention just so he can tell me something like that? Oh well.

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  10. HE is not gonna survive on his own really well. He has no job. No education. He's going to be some random pan handling bum in the streets.

    On aside note.... Meet Schoolfilmer. I mentioned him in the cartoon pedos thread. This guy I heard is responsible for Riolu's Inflation obsession. Kim Andre as he is known is a 26 year old closet paedophile who grooms minors, does fetish Rps and is a request whore. He will pester people to draw art or certain kinds of art. If he had enough info on him, he would earn a thread himself.
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    Puar Pointless...

  11. I think there’s an Encyclopedia Dramatica article on Schoolfilmer, I might be wrong though
  12. How did he get from Michigan to Texas if he has no job, unless he ended up moving with his parents or, somehow, he actually has a job?

    This man is so pathetic and the DeviantART side of the drama surrounding him is like watching elementary schoolers have a slap fight on the playground, but so fascinating at the same time because of how deep the rabbit hole really is.
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    Sylvie Paula Paula

    Sylvie Paula Paula Running at 500 "bi"s per minute


  13. I doubt he has a job or anything. I bet he is bluffing, since he is great at lying and twisting his words so his sheep can follow him.

    My guess, if he had spare cash would be getting a bus and going that way. You can't walk that far. He can't drive, either.

    He isn't gonna make it far in life.
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    Puar Pointless...

  14. He's very stubborn for an autist. Hell, there are autists that make more dramatic change than this pedofork.
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    The Great Chandler

    The Great Chandler "Pickleless girls don't marry virgin boys"

  15. From what I've
    I think he said he has moved in with someone, which would make sense, but I still have no fucking idea where his source of income is.
    Also, you might've heard of his 'Inflation Academy' Discord servers,
    well he apparentely made a new one, he sent me a invite earlier. I will not join it, but I've never seen this one. (And he has like 3 at this point now.)
    Anyways, I tried asking him what his source of income is or who he has moved in, but I still haven't got a response yet.( All I literally do with Riolu now is use him for answers here lol.)
  16. Problem is. Riolu has no way to manage money or anything. He'd spend it on things that he doesn't need or just eat at fast food place. Even if a "friend" of him picked him up; I doubt his parents would know. I am pretty sure they are worried. If he was "abused", he wouldn't have all his shitty YKW toys or Pokemon games. MOST people that age at least know how to manage money and would want to leave the nest. At least they prepare for it rather than letting things slide and everything is this fantasy universe where nothing bad happens.

    As for the Coke and Mentoes thing. You don't expand or inflate. You puke foam.

    These inflation servers need to fucking go. Real Life inflation is dangerous and Riolu hasa fantasy like mind that everything works like in the cartoons.

    Another thing. Riolu is not gonna make it on his own. Or even with someone. He'd be a taskmaster and abuse whomever is taking care of him. Plus with the lack of college and possibly lack of his high school education, I don't think he could get a decent job. I don't think random people are going to want inflated cat bases or ask to be inflated for money.

    He has a petreon, but we know he is a scammer either way.

    Oh he is "Famous". He's in par with CWC and isn't far from being the new CWC if he doesn't change his ways.

    At least the ones that make a change can become better people, but that is a tiny fraction.

    Puar Pointless...

  17. News flash!
    He didn't ''run away'' or move in with his friend to Texas or anything.
    He has actually moved in with his family.
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  18. I knew it was too good to be true. Looks like he actually lives up to his character, because he’s a lying pussy.

  19. So it looks like his family wanted to have a "better" life. Still doesn't save his ass. MAYBE he will get a college eduction or a job. If he wants to work around animals, I don't trust that man.

    EDIT: https://www.deviantart.com/imnoahtheawesome1/art/RIOLU-4-SMASH-ULTIMATE-Redraw-763862682

    Someone made this for him. That final smash.

    Ew ew ew ew
    #399 Puar, Sep 14, 2018
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018

    Puar Pointless...

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    Puar Pointless...

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