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Fuck, I loved Asterix The Gaul when I was a kid!

The Pink Panther

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They were good. Better than that Boston Market shit.
I was never a Boston Market person, yet they still survive somehow.

Uderzo retired from writing it in 2009.
Yes, the books have been taken over by writer Jean Yves-Ferri and artist Didier Conrad, I suppose it made sense to do it this way since Uderzo originally created the Asterix stories with writer Rene Goscinny at the beginning, before taking over the writing after Rene's death.

I think the first Asterix anything I saw was the 1976 movie "The Twelve Tasks of Asterix", which Uderzo co-directed, and was an original story not based on any of the books. I loved it.
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Shimura Ken has died. WTF Coronachan. You took a man who smoked 6 packs a day, liked hostess bars, fucking younger women and drank like a fish and had an operation earlier this month to solve internal bleeding issues.

I hope he enjoys eternal rest with Umemiya Tetsuo.