Dramacow Ripley Violet Tempest Storm / Brett Gaetano Lemke / @RipleyStorm - AKA Rioley Ravioli, the amazing diaperfur too neurotic for even Kevin Gibes to handle! Every day is a new adventure in harassing random people!

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Nov 25, 2017

Brett Lemke, otherwise known as "Ripley Violet Tempest Storm" to people who pretend to tolerate him and referred to as "Rioley" and occasionally "Ravioli" by his observers due to his infamous meltdown over misspelling his own trans persona when filling out his credit card info (where he blamed the automated bank system anyway) three times is a 40-year-old neurotic diaper fur with a penchant for lying, frequent meltdowns, and horrific imagery (whether it be his own art or own visage). The original boyfriend of Kevin Gibes, he plays wrath and envy to Kevin's deadly sins of sloth and lust. With Rioley regularly utilizing his seemingly infinite supply of money for frivolous medical procedures and art products, he ensures a steady and uninterrupted stream of content.

Special thanks to @Ronnie Rocket, @Outwith Quiddany, @Cerabella, @Gone Ham, @Oxous, and @Exuvia for their assistance in gathering info for this thread.



A seemingly pathological liar, it is quite difficult to sift through the endless parade of half-truths and exaggerations Rioley constantly vomits. The key word, however, is "difficult," not "impossible." While Rioley tends to "enhance" the truth, there is always a nugget of reality buried within his self-aggrandizement. Born Brett Gaetano Lemke, Rioley enjoys an extremely cushy lifestyle and is almost certainly supported by wealthy parents or family members to sustain his wasteful and expensive way of living.


Because he's an imbecile who can't go two seconds without getting angry at nothing, he inadvertently confirmed his own name because he got mad at a picture depicting a person who had his deadname, insulting a smiling face on a passing delivery truck advertisement for its apparent slight against him. This was apparently supposed to be some sort of powerplay on Rioley's behalf.


While he grew up in Wisconsin, he has since moved to California. The half-truth Rioley often shares is that he was a major musician who often played to crowds totaling up to over 30,000 viewers.


The reality, of course, is that he actually was just part of a small-time band that got nothing more than a mention in a local newspaper. He also used an old Twitter account to integrate into the community. While the account is now protected, a few uninteresting replies to this account confirmed the purpose and owner of the account.


Around the same time as his music career, Rioley claims to have been "a professor at UC Berkeley," and will flaunt this over people as a point of superiority. Once again, this is yet another stretching of the truth. In reality, Rioley was just a student instructor, and does not possess the proper credentials to hold the position he claimed to have in UC Berkeley.


Rioley now resides within the Oakland area of California with the current occupation of a leech, although he does own the dubious title of being a content creator for Kiwifarms.


Given the demonstrated tendency to lie and exaggerate, it's difficult to decipher reality from Rioley's relays of information. However, whether or not his actions are overly-dramatized in his retellings, Rioley proves to be a clear public nuisance. Perhaps he's a private nuisance as well, as he is one of the few known individual to have broken up with Kevin Gibes (with Kevin himself terminating their relationship), proving his obnoxious behavior was too hot to handle even for an individual who regularly surrounds himself with absolute lunatics and sexual deviants.


Outside of his personal life, Rioley still takes to being excessively aggressive towards random individuals for any perceived slight, intended or otherwise. Usually, he does so hypocritically, as seen below where he rants about his mother apparently not caring about his health due to her requests to visit him, all while Rioley himself continues to smoke excessively in images he shared immediately after.


Once again, while anything which comes from Roiley's mouth cannot be trusted, tiny bits of truth can still shine through. Take, for example, Rioley deciding to complain about a couple in a bar who supposedly mocked him for being trans. Considering this supposed event took place in San Francisco, and how getting attacked for being trans is a daily occurrence according to Rioley, it seems highly unlikely this is the whole truth. However, Rioley's responses afterwards strongly implies he was berating this couple unjustifiably, as a few people came to his victims' defense since the man he attacked was a respected member of the community. Rioley would later go on to get thrown out of the bar for breaking their rules regarding smoking on the premises and arguing with the worker who asked him politely to stop.

Also, as a side note, SixArmSweater is seen interacting with Rioley during this particular meltdown, who is a common lolcow adjacent that often can be seen engaging with countless individuals with Kiwifarms threads.


Rioley's lies even reach the memetic "and everyone stood up and clapped" level at times, such as when he brags about attacking a religious woman for zero reason and supposedly spurring everyone within earshot to applaud him. This is most likely wish fulfillment on Rioley's part, as there have been multiple times where he conjures stories of religious individuals berating him without any feasible motivation.

10.png 15.png

Naturally, Rioley's issues extend from the social level and merge into the physical, as he regularly complains about being dropped by surgeons for requesting to undergo sexual reassignment surgery, something which has occurred within two or three instances at the current time of writing.


Then again, perhaps the absurdity of the procedure is what scares off his surgeons, as Rioley regularly states his desire to construct a neovagina while retaining his penis.


Undaunted, Rioley still jumps the gun and describes himself as "intersex" despite being distinctly male. Irrefutable confirmation of this was provided by Rioley himself, as he had posted his own penis on Twitter. However, this spurred a new series of questions to arise, namely asking why his penis is spotted and blue. Although some readers suggest it may be due to Rioley's unhealthy habit of wearing and soiling adult diapers to satisfy his fetish, a conclusive answer has yet to be found.

13.png 14.png

I really should've uploaded these images first, because now the thumbnail is constantly visible on the image tray for this thread.

Rioley's bouts with surgeons is another common theme to his complaining, of course. Demonstrating the excessive reserves of money he owns, he often performs what is referred to as "doctor shopping" to approve his procedures, swapping from surgeon to surgeon until he finds one that supports him. His most recent procedure is his facial feminization surgery, which involved shaving down his sharp jaw and muscular neck. However, there is no observable difference to Rioley's facial structure after the procedure beyond the presence of visible scars.



Although his confrontational nature bleeds into his online interactions, Rioley at least produces something of note, namely a painfully boring stream now and then and, most enrapturing, masterful art pieces which strongly resemble those found in prestigious museums such as the Louvre.


Art aside, there is a key distinction between his behavior online versus in person. With the social freedom and lack of accountability online, Rioley acts even worse to individuals over the internet on his main Twitter than he does in person. After all, as mentioned earlier, Rioley managed to make Kevin Gibes cut off their relationship despite the two never actually meeting in person. It is abundantly obvious that Rioley complains even more in private chats than he does publicly on Twitter. For example, hot off his aforementioned alleged encounter in the bar, Rioley went on to whine that he was booted from trans chatrooms for "venting" while begging for rides. He also lies about being poor despite being a Californian chain smoker who constantly affords cosmetic medical procedures. This tells the clear story that, when asked to stop talking about himself during his emotional high from the bar encounter, Rioley became highly aggressive and was kicked out for refusing to calm down. An insider later confirmed this was precisely the case.


This leads to the sound conclusion that Rioley cannot handle any form of dissent, let alone any negative social interaction such as criticism or being ignored. This is most prevalent when he was posted by the "Trans Posting L's" Twitter account for his constant whining over being dropped by surgeons. This spurred Rioley into demanding his followers mass-report the account.


And so, whether it be the immediate result of him being featured on this account or it simply being the straw breaking the camel's back, Rioley was soon booted from even more trans and furry communities due to his resulting meltdown. Completely desolate, he makes the ominous post asking if he should be a "martyr" while stating how he now has nothing to lose. This reached its climax when he kicked off a complete mess by getting banned from a furry convention entirely.


Most curious of all, many of Rioley's noteworthy posts from years ago which mirror this behavior, all of which were created long before he was ever in the public eye, have already been archived by a previous individual dating back to when they were initially posted, suggesting this is far from the first time Rioley has become a nuisance. Presuming his aforementioned messages don't lead to the start of Rioley's career as a serial killer, this paints a positive picture for his observers. With a love of boisterous storytelling (truthful or not) paired with a highly confrontational nature both online and off, Rioley promises to be an unending treasure trove of hilarity and insanity.


This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

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Nov 25, 2017

10/27: Surprising nobody, it is revealed Rioley's freakout over the furry convention is just because he claims to have been misgendered by a restaurant staff member. Rioley then blames Kiwifarms and 4chan for nobody believing him.

10/24: Rioley, after a long bout of silence, gets kicked out of a furry convention for harassing staff as he normally does. For some reason, this causes an absolute meltdown in the furry community who don't just assume he's lying like always.

Additional reading: More info on Rioley's work and educational history.
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Apr 3, 2021
Lmao about time. Rioley’s eclipsed Kevin in number of sheer lulz as of late, and we only just got his dox. He seems to be on the brink right now, after his surgeon canceled on him and he considers himself abandoned by all the Bay Area troons. Which, first of all, has to be the most tranny friendly place on earth. How thoroughly insufferable must Brett be to be an outcast there?

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Jan 29, 2021
As it will come up:

Ripley's surgery being cancelled is specifically a big deal because he wasn't just getting a neovagina.

What he was getting is considered a speciality surgery and the doctor he was working with is one of very few who actually do it in the US. I think when I looked into it I found a total of 3 surgeons in the entire country that will fuck around with this lunacy.

I do not know the medical reason behind why this is a good idea, but its something that is done primarily for non-binary people. Its formal name is Phallus-preserving Vaginoplasty (this means leaving the penis but creating a vagina anyway, effectively a real life futa). This particular doctor will also create Nullos, which is when you have literally no genitals.

You can see more about it here. Archive.

I am going to include a picture of the final products this doctor was telling you were worth buying from them:


I'm not saying we need another crusade, but we need another crusade.
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Apr 13, 2021
An interesting connection I'd like to note, given that Kevin recently appeared on this same channel, a couple days ago. Last year, Ash Coyote gifted Rioley a fursuit and he was even featured in the video. I have no idea what's happened to the suit since then, or if Rioley's burned bridges with Ash as well, but just another connection in the rat-king Kev-o-sphere

Here's the video it happened in, I think it might have been noted on Kevin's thread before or something but like I said, I don't know what to make of it or what even became of it.

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May 19, 2021
An interesting connection I'd like to note, given that Kevin recently appeared on this same channel, a couple days ago. Last year, Ash Coyote gifted Rioley a fursuit and he was even featured in the video. I have no idea what's happened to the suit since then, or if Rioley's burned bridges with Ash as well, but just another connection in the rat-king Kev-o-sphere

Here's the video it happened in, I think it might have been noted on Kevin's thread before or something but like I said, I don't know what to make of it or what even became of it.
Nice find- here's a Farms backup of the video in case some gay tranny drama ever causes the video to go down. Can't be too careful with these people, especially if we get a Rioley freakout after he realizes he's been promoted.