Roast another kiwi! -


Putting chemicals in music that turns weebs gay!
I’ll start @witthel is a misogynist who posts nothing but lewd anime girls and think transphobic terms like “trap” and “futa” aren’t slurs. He’s a creepy incel who probably lives in his mothers basement watching porn all day. Geez bro, show some decency for christ sake!
You can roast any kiwi, just make the roast really good
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Hopeless and unapologetic degenerate.
I feel honored that you'd choose to start off your thread with me. :feels:


@SIGSEGV is a dumbass sped who does nothing but get into autistic slapfights with low-hanging fruit users and obvious trolls.

The Last Stand

I need more gin.
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@The Last Stand I'm sick of looking at the disgusting makeup-caked man-faced monochrome whores you keep posting pictures of and you also have the worst opinions on almost every political issue. you annoy me more than anyone else on this forum, congratulations.
That means a lot coming from somebody with a racial slur and preschool comebacks as a screen name.

I'd roast you, but I imagine if you step out in the sun, your pale skin and beer belly will do that anyway. Assuming you get out.