Horrorcow Rob Casio / Robert L. Robinson - Convicted child rapist from Augusta, ME, toothless hobo schizocow and attention whore

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"Hate Crimes in Cyberspace"
Seeing his diseased cats upsets me more than anything.
I dread to think that his awful living conditions and incompetence could be causing such harm to animals. Or maybe he got them from shelters and is actually helping them. Does anyone know?
I believe that cat was Sir Thomas he was really old and according to casio had cancer, Thomas passed away sometime late last year. He talked about that cat a lot on his old channel (www.youtube.com/user/Casiodarkmoon) before it was shutdown. Casio does care about his cats a lot, is he able to properly care for them? i don't know

Big Nasty

hey fuckers im back
I'm trying to think of something clever to say about this fat bastard but nothing comes to mind. He doesn't strike me as being a lolcow, he's just a detestable, slimy creep. There's nothing funny to be found here.
I agree with you. This is one scary felon, far worse than Nick Bate. This is not really "Hey, look at this kook!", more like "Lifestyles of the registered sex offenders".


My friend, you are still dead.
Trip to North Korea? There are several tour groups he can go on:

For a good time in North Korea
- "Forget" your bible somewhere
- Preach the word of God
- Tear up your visitors pass
- Jang Song-thaek was a very cool guy
- The Kim's are only human

Follow any one of these steps and the North Koreans will appreciate you so much, they will never let you leave. Their camps get raving reviews. If you want to sneak in go in via China.
I know someone who actually traveled to North Korea. He says the countryside is gorgeous, and the cities are absolutely surreal.


Domo Arigato
And here I thought it'd be about a guy who's a little too obsessed over Casio keyboards.

Now I don't know whether I should throw up, or shake my head in disgust. Also, does anyone know how he got that "Mr. Casio" moniker?


True & Honest Fan
Seeing this guy's pictures makes me shudder.

Also those cats... God damn.

Also, what was up with the way he was talking in that video? It sounded so weird and robotic.


woah calm down there friend! double posting in threads is looked down upon here, much less quadruple posting! lurk a bit moar first, learn the rules some.

and i haven't seen many people smiling on straight up sayin you hate a lolcow. we all hate this guy, don't preach to the choir.

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