Robert Bowers / @onedingo -


What we know:
- Pittsburgh resident
- #QAnon
- Gab user
- UNIX Developer UNIX user, appears on FreeBSD and Linux mailing lists
- Credited in at least 2 FOSS projects
- At some point owned and was <> and <>
- Also <> and <>
- Disliked Trump for being friendly to Jews
- Fortnite player GAMERS RISE UP (Deleted by Andrew Torba, see attachments)
46 Y/O

Just a heads-up: there is another Robert Bowers from Bucks County, PA, which is on the eastern side of Pennsylvania. He also has a lengthy criminal record. If you're posting anything attached to his legal name, be extremely careful to ensure that it's the correct Robert Bowers.

Pittsburgh and Mercer are on the western side of Pennsylvania, so if it's actually him, it should match up to that area.


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To live a lie, or die in a dream?
Might have found his archlinux forums account:
Name + onedingo matches up, so he's a linux fag and probably programmer.

EDIT: (edited) linuxquestions account confirmed his:
Lives in Pittsburgh, PA
EDIT2:, another possible link, was down when I found it so couldn't archive.
EDIT3: relationship with someone named Amanda (from the code snippets), possibly name of his wife?
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