Careercow Robert Chipman / Bob / Moviebob / "Movieblob" - Middle-Aged Consoomer, CWC with a Thesaurus, Ardent Male Feminist and Superior Futurist, the Twice-Fired, the Mario-Worshipper, publicly dismantled by Hot Dog Girl, now a diabetic

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How will Bob react to seeing the Mario film?

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Dec 29, 2019
With Bob you have to understand that he has legit Brain malfunctions and his parents didn't care enough and one of them drank himself to death. There are passages in His retarded manifesto where he wrote that His teachers wanted to send lard ass to special Ed class. Or how he thinks he outsmarted his shrink.
Bob Is a legit retard and nobody cares about him enough to tell him to Start looking for help.
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy


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Aug 24, 2014
Bobby stands firm against crypto, even in front of a piece of pretty bait:

Why is Bobby following an account called "master opener of women"?
If you think Bobby's answer is retarded, look at how his cronies respond.
Among his peers, Bobby is the smooth talker after all.

Bari Weiss is sick of masks and masquerades. "We were told: you get the vaccine; you get the vaccine and you get back to normal. We haven't gotten back to normal ... I know so many of my liberal and progressive friends are with me on this, and they don't want to say it out loud because they are scared to be called 'antivax' or 'science denier' or to be smeared as a 'Trumper'." (video)

Cohen must not have met any trannies...

MovieRob strikes straight into the core of Bobby's delusions:

More MovieRob:
If a "not-a-person" is smarter than Bobby, presumably a person, doesn't it mean Bobby is... obsolete?

Another reason why, as King Dead so persuasively put, covid is the perfect stage for virtue signalers is that they can always bleat about the sacred 1%. They have so much magnanimity to spare that they can afford to care for the last 1%!

This is the kind of "1%" that I hope Bobby would meet:


But Trump is still Hitler am I right?


Bobby projects his war-crime fantasy on Kamala Harris.


The scottmotors2 account is not banned yet, so why does TeamImpossible set up a new sock?

Bobby is trying to DIY a Star Wars costume, either for himself or for Chris's kids.

The new Venom film, according to Wikipedia, has reached $500M global. 100M more than you-know-what.
So I wonder why MCU didn't brag about their CinemaScore...

Chu-chu thinks Jordan Peterson is Harley Quinn, while Bobby offers a second opinion:


"Pretty girls who succeed on their own make men insecure".

Dog punches man.

I beg your pardon?
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Apr 22, 2021

Pfft if Batman were real life, then Jordan Peterson would make a great Alfred Pennyworth.
Who else would tell a young Bruce to clean his room?

Plus, his quotes really work for Batman. just put "Master Wayne or Master Bruce" in front of them.

Master Bruce,
"It is more difficult to rule yourself than to rule a city."
"Don't compare yourself with other people; compare yourself with who you were yesterday."
"If you don’t stand your ground, then all that happens is people push you backwards."

Bob just hates Batman, because the darkness of Batman can take attention away from his precious Marvel Cinematic Universe with its corniness and camp.
If Bob can't have his camp, then he has to face up to the fact he's 40 years old and zoomers can't relate to his 80s consumer childhood.

Dec 27, 2020
Bob should stop telling randos that they're not people when he is a deformed clump of cells that don't meet the minimum requirements for sapience.
Only he would think he's king shit enough to do that. Any sane individual would look at his takes and then look at his life and tilt their head in confusion or laugh uncontrollably.
The last one is Bob trying to I guess pretend he knows anime and is with it with the news again. Seriously, what a retard.
If he didn't pretend to be smart about every single subject, he wouldn't be Bob Chipman.
The new Venom film, according to Wikipedia, has reached $500M global. 100M more than you-know-what.
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So I wonder why MCU didn't brag about their CinemaScore...
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I wonder which war Bob will ultimately focus on more until his (probably soon to come) dying day: the Console War or the Cape Shit War. The former comes more on and off now that Sega doesn't make consoles anymore, but that Mario movie will surely flare it up into a big one again soon enough. The latter has consistent skirmishes for him daily, but his passion for defending the MCU doesn't seem as high as it is when has to defend Bing Bing Wahoo. Only time will tell, but it's pathetic either way.


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Jun 12, 2019
2 year of mild inconvenience
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This shit will never not make me MATI. It's not him, you repugnant filth. It's a good chunk of the American population, your precious POCs included, that have suffered for no goddamned reason other than fat pieces of shit behind their keyboard and get paid to be there are all for those people getting fucked in the ass. You conveniently stick your head up your ass as the evidence becomes overwhelming that this was Faucci's fuck up and his cover up and it was done so because it was politically expedient. Again, real actual people have suffered for no goddamned reason. You would think Bob would be able to comprehend this but he has no ability to have empathy as he demonstrates time and time and time again.

The replies.
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Bob's reply to a reply
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Your comorbidity, which he quoted and misspelled btw, is one hundred percent lifestyle. You gave yourself the beetus. You are overweight, despite your claims of seeing a doctor and nutritionist, still. Run from it all you want and I do recommend that you do as it's the only running you'll ever do.

and the replies
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Ryan is followed by both of Bob's accounts and is a stunning visage of manhood.
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Diamondrockers1 is yet another TeamImpossible alt.
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I, for the life of me, cannot understand what kind of brain damage someone has to have to be THIS dedicated to defending the Lord of Lynn and ONLY defending the Lord of Lynn.

No one's saying it's good retard. It's the equivalent of bad parents throwing on youtube kids for their kids and walking away instead of being parents. Remember? Those youtube vids that you use as a comparison whenever anyone points out that no one watches your videos?
I love that the coof can simultaneously be a mild inconvenience but also nigh apocalyptic depending on who Bob is dunking on. Doublethink at its finest.

Ralph Barnhardt

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Apr 8, 2018
MovieRob strikes straight into the core of Bobby's delusions:
Tyler Freshcorn, real name Embarrassment, is the consoomer who lamented that he didn't buy the plushie of the thing with two butts from Shang-chi and it bothered him until he went back and bought it. I'll just refer back to an image I posted a few days ago.
rent free.jpg

I can't wait for Bob or one of his merry men to get ahold of this image and run it into the ground by inappropriately using it. Do it Arkle! You pussy!

Dog punches man.
This is not the first time that he's used that clip of a man in a dog suit punching a man. He jizzed himself when he discovered it was on Disney+ in March of 2020, the start of the shutdown. He only talks about this one scene from it to the point where I think he only knows about this one scene, that or his autism only allows him to focus on this one thing.

I beg your pardon?
Someone in a zoom call with the Italian parliament streamed porn of Tifa and a shorter clip of some character from Genshin Impact.

Link to the video itself which is NSFW

The first character is Lily something from the anime Zombie Land Saga. She's only important because someone in the British parliament used a meme that some rando sent her as an example of death threats or some malarkey.

Troons with dapper accents rejoiced. This was so effective and damaging to terfs and troon deniers everywhere that almost none of you have even heard of this faggotry. Allow this total real woman explain to you how the reanimated corpse of a child star is, in fact, trans because she has a comical butch name, that's only used for comedy, and she died because she freaked out and had a heart attack when she discovered that she had A facial hair.
The author who knows all to well about body dismorphia



Troon lesbian weeb. What a winning combination desu.

Hoshikawa Lily Can’t Be an Anime Trans Icon Until She’s Allowed to Be​

25 February 2021 7:34 am
by Alicia Haddick
I’m not sure the anime fandom has ever rallied around what a character represents in quite the way many fans rushed to celebrate Hoshikawa Lily’s trans identity upon its exploration in Zombieland Saga episode 8. It’s easy to see why: the show deftly and respectfully handle an episode which revealed that Lily was a trans child actor, when it’s incredibly rare to have positive trans representation front and center in any anime.
The storyline of the episode explores gender dysphoria in an easy-to-understand manner that attempts to represent how an unwanted physical change can be heavily distressing for trans people, sending a person spiraling into feelings of depression… or worse. All of this is handled wonderfully, making it easy for trans people and allies to rally around her as a symbol.
It’s just a shame the promotional material for Zombieland Saga is unable to offer Hoshikawa Lily the same level of respect fans share for her.

Is Hoshikawa Lily Transgender? Yes. However…​

Zombieland Saga anime Lily

I’ll be honest here, I don’t want to write this article. I think Zombieland Saga is an inventive and enjoyable anime original that blends idol culture and preppy music with engaging characters that make it a joy. I can see how much the staff care for the show in every aspect of its production, while I’d like to think that my introduction to this piece showcases just how much Hoshikawa Lily means to me as a character. Yet there’s a dissonance between her portrayal in the anime and in promotional material that undermines the series’ positive representation.
Fan responses were jubilant when it was revealed that Hoshikawa Lily was trans in episode 8 of Zombieland Saga. The outpouring of fans in response to the episode was almost universally positive. It earned coverage from the streaming service showing the anime, Crunchyroll, and other places like the Daily Dot, while spawning major discussion on trans representation on anime to a level I hadn’t seen before.

The response on Japanese social media was admittedly more muted, but in general, fans were discussing Hoshikawa Lily’s trans identity, and responding to how trans anime fans internationally had reacted to the episode, mostly in a positive manner. It also prompted discussions on TERF rhetoric that has run rampant in UK politics and media following an edit of her character being displayed during a debate in the UK parliament, later being referenced by Japanese Twitter users when discussion of JK Rowling’s comments reached Japanese audiences.

Her trans status has never been something the staff has outright come out publicly to confirm in interviews, but this is undeniably a positive thing, right? Right?
The fact that Lily doesn’t outright say she is transgender, even if her portrayal within the show easily suggests as much, has turned a vocal minority of anime fans into contrarians regarding her trans status. And yet the production committee’s efforts to validate her identity fall woefully short, giving these claims unfortunate weight.
In celebration of the announcement of season 2, Animage ran a cover feature about the anime, featuring an introduction to the series, long interviews, and coverage of the live concert where the news was broken. Such an in-depth feature is typically created with a level of production approval given the content featured in the magazine. In this magazine, Lily is referred to as male.
Zombieland Saga Hoshikawa Lily

Not only that, they celebrate her dead name (a name no longer used by a trans person due to its relation to a past identity, with the name typically seen as offensive to use to refer to such a person). The magazine makes a point to state that she is ‘actually a boy’, and that her ‘real name’ is a ‘strong, manly name’.
It’s not the only instance of this, either. In an interview relating to the Dempagumi Inc collaboration with Zombieland Saga, they also reference Hoshikawa Lily’s ‘surprising real name’, not allowing her to simply exist as Lily, while other PR representations of the character have similar comments.
Suddenly, her ‘real name’ and ‘surprising identity’ isn’t a part of who she is; it’s a selling point reliant on shock factor.

A Positive Fan Response, Undermined​

So which argument stands up stronger? The fan interpretation, supported by outlets covering the series including the official English streaming partner, Crunchyroll? Or the production committee, which makes no reference to the trans identity of the character and even goes as far as to use her dead name as a selling point? I think the argument is a little more complex than simply stating that ‘the team behind the series have decided in promotional materials that she isn’t transgender’.
As mentioned, the actual content of the episode is more than supportive of the possibility that Hoshikawa Lily is trans. From her dysphoria, her death being a result of shock from her changing body, alongside the assertion that ‘Lily is Lily’, these all support the argument that Lily is a trans girl living in an identity she feels most comfortable with. The show doesn’t shift her character to refer to her being a ‘former boy’ in later episodes, either, as Lily chooses to continue her life as a girl by saying goodbye to her father with a song.

From a cynical perspective, you could argue that this is a case of wanting to have your cake and eat it. Transgender issues in Japan suffer most heavily from a lack of visibility and understanding, making it a risk to create media centering on this topic. Even as media success stories like the movie Midnight Swan show public support for seeing more trans stories, they may see it as too much of a risk to discuss the issue.
But such a direction is an injustice to the character. It takes nothing away from the strength of episode 8 of Zombieland Saga, but the production committee actively undermines who Lily is by not addressing comments related to her trans identity and by regularly emphasizing the idea she is ‘fooling’ audiences with a different name and appearance.
Of course, season 2 of the anime is just around the corner, and it could address these concerns by further exploring Lily’s identity in the context of Japan’s growing trans rights movement and the positive international reception.
Or it may not.
As it stands, as much as Hoshikawa Lily can be seen as inspiring by fans, she can’t be a trans icon until the show embraces and celebrates this part of who she is. The publicity surrounding her is a reminder of the hurdles trans people face, not a symbol of trans liberation.
Zombieland Saga is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.
They didn't get captured but there are a total of FOUR tweets that he uses as proof of his claims of support. The first two are from American troons and the two from Japan. The two in Japanese have a total of 18 likes between them which is pretty good for a grass roots movement that doesn't exist.
I sincerely doubt that Bob has any idea of dick snippers trying to take the identity of a dead child girl as their own and only saw someone else tweet this and Bob likes titties so of course that gets a like from him.

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Jan 3, 2017

Ralph Barnhardt

I tried that was alright I guess.
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Apr 8, 2018
Oh yeah, it's him. Peter, not Bert. Has Bob or Chris referred to him as Bert? Might be a nickname.

No I made that up wholesale as a joke some months back and never bothered to learn his actual name because I gradually stopped caring about caring about Pa. Bob and lesser brother weren't formed in a vacuum and they had to learn their repugnancy from somewhere and if they didn't learn it from Pa then they sure as hell didn't learn anything to counter that from him.


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Dec 31, 2018
Some local Boston area mothers tried Bob's method of coping in the real world and got a NYT article/photoshoot out of it:

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Why is Bobby following an account called "master opener of women"?
If you think Bobby's answer is retarded, look at how his cronies respond.
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Among his peers, Bobby is the smooth talker after all.
It's a bit of a Twitter meme to quote these and do joke replies for "openers", but of course Bob is not only bad at this but he already used this same exact line involving an earlier instance of this. One of these (Mickey) was alright, the others are just way too wordy like Bob's.

Bob wouldn't know not speaking to any women, but the "women's bathrooms are usually cleaner" is such a myth that needs to die. Women's bathrooms are worse than men's arguably because men can piss in a urinal and leave even if they're incompetent. Women's bathrooms are often somehow like men's stalls times ten. Even if I hadn't been in women's bathrooms to see it first hand (FOR ENTIRELY LEGITIMATE AND LEGAL REASONS I ASSURE YOU) I've heard more than enough women themselves complain about it.

Chu-chu thinks Jordan Peterson is Harley Quinn, while Bobby offers a second opinion:
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Bob's been whining about this for months, but here's the thing, if The Batman does not treat the Waynes as potentially corrupt all of Bob's Twitter idols will attack it as billionaire propaganda and so on. The way the comics always get around this, which contrary to Bob's imagination did not start with the Court of Owls storyline which barely had anything to do with this (Morrison's R.I.P. storyline spent far far more time on this, as did the far more famous Hush, as did Scott Snyder's later storylines including Eternal and that's just ones in the recent decade), is that some thing comes out that's bad about the Waynes and the villain gets it into the media which tars the Wayne name but Batman discovers it to be false but he can't undo the damage from the media attention except to continue his efforts both publicly as Bruce Wayne and as Batman.

Bob's "actually new" idea isn't new either. The comics have long dealt with the notion that Batman's war on crime creates his rogue gallery. In Nolan's The Dark Knight the Joker all but says this is the truth of the Nolanverse, that by bringing down the mobsters Batman created the conditions to allow the Joker to appear, finish the job, and usher in a new class of criminal with Two Face being just the first of these. (Burton's Joker does and says roughly the same thing!) In the comics, and somewhat less but still so in the Nolanverse, Bane sets out to target Batman because of his success at defeating everything else that has come his way in Gotham including "the freaks" which Bane places (and often proves) himself far above as a foe. And Bane's not the only one who has decided things along these lines, every major new villain that has come along more or less has considered the Gotham conditions that Batman has created conducive to their plans. In R.I.P. the Joker places his "bet" against The Black Hand because they very specifically are doing this and he considers their hubris in assuming they have won at the first success of their plan to be massively ignorant about Gotham and Batman and the extended Bat family.

Just admit you hate Batman most of the time and how most people view it, Bob, it's not wrong to do so! I'm not a Nolan fan, I thought TDK was only alright, I think TDKR starts off pretty great but then goes epically downhill into total disaster. I thought everything about Batfleck was also going to be a disaster until I actually saw BvS and wound up loving that part (and Diana) of the otherwise not so great movie. This upcoming movie wasn't looking so great to me but the last trailer actually caught my interest by showing Batman's world existing within a larger Gotham he has yet to influence. (Something that kept me following the admittingly pretty stupid Gotham for the entire run.) Just relax and stop huffing your own farts about Batman being some kind of Republican plot you've been on since at least 2012.