Robert Pattinson to Play ‘The Batman’ for Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. - PATTMAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

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I kinda like what they are going for with this one, reminds me alot of the burton suit in terms of it's horror influence which makes sense if this movie will be using more of Batman's detective skills for this film, intimidation is how bruce gets Intel alot of the time along with trying to go under cover as matches malone or something. Love how it also looks piecemealed as well, like bruce had to skim the top of wayne industries so no one noticed he was building it.
I know some people arnt a big fan of the colar saying it makes twlight man look "too much like dracula" but it gives of a more dignified look to it fitting for a "Dark Knight". Plus it just adds to the horror element I think the film will probably go for so thats a plus.
Pattinson's weird shaped head looks kind of imbalanced in the suit
I know this sounds crazy but it looks like they CGI'd his jawline to make it more square. He looks fine enough in the cowl but I need to see how he acts to see if he is a good fit, which hey if Mr. Mom could do it well, I see no reason why Pattinson can't. As long as he isn't Clooney or has a voice like DK Bale he should be fine, not that bale was bad but if they want to stay more subdued they should keep that from showing up this time.

I like what I see from the test footage. I already dig it more than the Zack Snyder/Dark Knight Returns-inspired suit for Batfleck.

This new suit looks like it's inspired by the Arkham video games. If the next series of Batman movies are going to be similar in tone to the Arkham video games ... Then count me the hell in. If that's the Batman that Matt Reeves has in store for us, then I'll be extremely hyped.

Batman is my second favorite superhero (Spidey being my number one). I want to get excited about Batman on the big screen again.

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I am...curious. Pat's open hatred for his Twilight role made me fall in love with the guy.

Batfleck taught me to be a little less sceptical. There's someone I didn't think could pull it off, but he's replaced Conroy as the definitive Bat for me.

Since I was worried that Batman would keep him from starring in movies like The Lighthouse, I’m so relieved to learn that Pattinson will be starring in Claire Denis’ next movie. And that it’s being distributed by A24.
That's good to know, I really enjoyed High Life, their previous collaboration.