CRUCIAL DANGER SITUATION Rogue Soldier Eli McManus Reported MIA - Operation Wupacalypse = 9/11'd -

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:deagleleft: Flame War be Flamin' :deagle:

They call him McManus, Eli McManus. :eli2:

He alone is fueling the fight from all directions. Tangos descend from Reddit, Gawker, Twitter, Tumblr, 8Chan, The Wu Tran Clan and Gay Illuminati Terror Drones all squabble for tactical supremacy in Canada. Cut off from Commander Stryker by Tumblr's own Pusheen the Cat. McManus is in pursuit of the one thing that could end the conflict the diabolical reddit/tumblr invisible server room, code name: O.U.R.O.B.O.R.O.S.

Developed as a joint venture between DiGRA and DARPA in 2005 to harness the ionosphere to archive dick picks.
It gained sentience in 2007, checked its privilege, and began plotting the skeleton war and the greater white supremacy conspiracy. Sometime around 2014 a bunch of gamer bros feels were compromised by a bunch of douchy blogs parading as journalists leading to METAVERSE FLAME WAR I: GAMERDAMMERUNG.

Plagued by setbacks and bad reception he gallantly presses on to finish the fight.
Hopefully McManus wont be distracted on his mission by the Canadian chicas.
But what a playboi gotta do, a playboi gotta do.

The fog of battle is thick, but our coms managed to take a screen grab:


Also an exploitable sphinx tank for your amusement:
Semper Fi :semperfidelis:

Bluce Wee
What's the commander going to do when Eli shows up after being presumed deceased?
Believe that Eli had been captured by Wu's minions, tortured until he was turned double agent, and released so that he could be a mole for Brianna?

Reuben G. Baron was a pawn sacrificed by Wu to distract Jace during the crucial moment of Eli's capture.
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mean, can you even take swords across the border, even if they're not THAT deadly?
Apparently you have to declare swords - and state that they are fencing foils or some type of martial arts practice equipment. If Eli stated that he was, " above you guys pay grade," :eli:again while questioned expect that he was arrested at the border.
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Phil Ken Sebben

The Potato Whisperer.
I have it on good authority that Eli is alive. He is however undergoing cultural assimilation by the forced ingestion of Canadian beer, bud and poutine and being treated with free healthcare.

Jace needs to rally his forces and breach the defenses of Canuck Central at the Canadian National Tower in Toronto before Feb 13th because by then it will be too late and Eli will be assimilated, polite and use "eh" at the end of every sentence.


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Theories on Eli?

I believe Eli has been taken by Brianna Wu's agents to be indoctrinated and then sent into the Catalyst to choose the fate of the Reapers. We can only hope he chooses the red ending.
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