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Dr Robotdick
Nov 10, 2013
Enter the Gungeon is still my favorite. I played Hand of the Dead Gods for a bit and enjoyed it too.


Shit-stirring retard
Sep 17, 2018
Let me know how that game goes. It looks like they made a ton of improvement and QoL features but the launch version of the game looked like a massive slog.
I haven't gotten very far in as there is currently a dispute over screen priorities and I'm trying to play it on steam remote play which is not picking up the controller properly and a trackpad is unsuitable. However, it already seems like I will get at least $5 of enjoyment out of it. The art style is nice and you definitely get a sense of isolation out of it

The I Scream Man

True & Honest Fan
Feb 4, 2013
Another personal recommendation is Jupiter Hell (spiritual commercial successor of DoomRL). It's worth checking out if you are a fan of fast-paced traditional roguelikes.
Absolutely, Jupiter Hell is really really good and it does nail the Doom aesthetic in my opinion, top notch game

Really the roguelike sale is just fantastic in general, I've picked up several new cool ones like Rogue Tower

Professor G. Raff

May chaos take the world!
Apr 15, 2021
Today I finished a game of Tales of Maj'eyal for the first time after losing at level 25ish the first time playing. I was playing a Skeleton Sun Paladin (I cheated to unlock all the classes/races because screw unlocking them legit when it took me like 15 hours to finish just this run) and I picked up the Avatar of a Distant Sun prodigy to become what I thought was an ultra devout hero champion. Well, after the last boss my distant sun patron asked me to sacrifice myself to summon him to the world and I was a bit conflicted. However, it was the end of the game so I figured I might as well die if it meant a god-like sun would come protect the planet.

Well, I was wrong. It wasn't so much a guardian as a Lovecraftian being as it fucking destroyed the planet instantly. I basically summoned Hellstar Remina because I was convinced since the other sun paladin evolution (fallen) was the evil-coded one mine must have been the good one... guess they were both bad...

Twitter Hate Mob

Actual size
Dec 17, 2019
Yeah the one thing I dislike about ToME is that runs take fucking forever. Well, that and flying insect randbosses that roll Cursed or Sawbutcher.
If there was an add-on that would let me skip the T1 dungeons with an average loot drop collection and the same with experience (around lvl 14-16 on Nightmare), I'd be very happy for the time saved. T1 dungeons are a boring cakewalk, the game only really opens up once you've done those, Derth and The Maze (which is basically T1) - everything after those gets to be interesting, in a "this vault should be OK and I'm instantly dead" kind of way.