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  • The site was compromised. (Initial announcement) (What to do) (A post about feelings)
    This announcement will be removed when I (hopefully) finalize my audit either today or tomorrow. I will follow it up with a mass email to all users linking the information in this announcement. So far, there has been no subsequent release of data.


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He'll be back. This isn't the first time he's been shut down. He's too dumb to stop.

The weirdos of the Daily Stormer posted a short rant about Heartsite and Roosh V. ( )
Now, they’re just banning people, so there is no more conversation to be had.

What are people supposed to do next?

These big tech censors appear to be trying to create terrorists.

It’s as if they don’t understand just how precarious the situation is, and are adding fuel to the fire, convinced that everyone is as soy-soaked and cucked as the average employee running around doing IT work for them.

This won’t end well.
Did Wordpress had heard of the Streisand effect? I don't think so.🤔
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Heartiste's account is still active, if not saying all that much.

Also, cow crossover?



heartiste01.PNG does not seem to be archive-able.
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