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When looking through Twitter for content for the "Kiwi Farms Salt Thread", I noticed something; a furry was mentioning they liked our site.


I thought I would look through their profile a bit more and saw they seem to be an avid lurker








Just to gauge a bit more on who they were and such, I thought I would go ahead and search their username and...

Clearly this guy likes to use the same username everywhere.

A few things noticed while initially poking around were that a.) he uses the names Roketsune and Darosne just about everywhere, b.) he is close with Tayferret, someone else who is known for their stance on pedophilia and c.) this dude is a lolcow.

Roketsune and Pedophilia

The best person to describe Roketsune's sexuality is probably Roketsune himself.

From his Pounced
Sexual Orientation and Physical Preferences

I am a bisexual and non-exclusive hebephile (you get a cookie if you know what that means and haven't recoiled in disgust) who is overwhelmingly attracted to youthful femininity. I am looking for non-masculine females, feminine twinks, and femboys. In both genders, I am attracted to soft and feminine facial features, feminine clothing, and toned or athletic builds. On males, I like large and intact genitals. On females, I like curvy hips and large breasts. I literally am incapable of attraction to someone who has short hair or facial hair, and am equally turned off by tattoos and piercings, so be mindful of this when judging sexual compatibility. I have a general preference for males and males comprise the great majority of furrydom anyway, so I am mostly looking for girly twinks and femboys.

In RP and fiction, I am very much into cubs between 11-15, though I also am interested in slightly older femboys and girls. It would be substantially beneficial if you either have the same hebe/ephebophilic cub preferences or would be willing to engage in such play for me. I enjoy a wide variety of mammalian species, though my favorites ordinarily are foxes, wolves, raccoons, otters, snow leopards, and minks. I also favor canine genitalia (my raccoon fursona even has one) in general and overwhelmingly on canine species, though I prefer a certain shape and for the urethra to be in the middle (yes, I know that's not congruent with the RL species anatomy- I don't care). I tend to favor intact human genitalia on minks and otters and kemonomimi, and I like sheathed cocks of humanoid shape on most species. Aside from the cub aspect and the furry thing in general, my physical and aesthetical preferences in RP mirror those of mine IRL.

The other reason I'm reviled by people is because, while I do not engage in any such behavior because it's impractical and highly illegal (and there are obviously moral and psychological implications as well), I'm openly hebephilic and supportive of the notion of pederasty. That alone just engenders so much suspicion and outrage, though I suppose it could have been worse and I ended up being a pedophile instead (you get a cookie if you know what the difference is). My Inkbunny site is rather notorious within local furrydom for that and all the other crap I expound. You'd think people would be grateful a cub enthusiast decided to out himself and explain this sort of thing rather than lurking or pretending it's all fantasy with all the other sexual cubfurs, but, again, humanity is generally stupid and that is too much to ask from most of them. And, overwhelmingly, it's THIS issue people loathe me for. That's all some people need to justify aggressive actions. Ahh, well.

When I was 13, I was diagnosed by an inpatient doctor with Asperger's Syndrome. Before I had PDD, but after that it became official I was autistic. For all of my life, I've been different from people, but the autism was my primary disability, until about a year ago. I started suffering from General Anxiety Disorder then, which caused and aggravated alcoholism, and a few years ago I realized I was attracted to minors.

Now, I want to make this clear to everyone. I do not go out and fondle kids or try to seduce them. My sweetheart is an older teen, but he's above the Age of Consent. I'm also a very honorable person generally, and learn from past mistakes, so I would NEVER harm a child. What I'm trying to say is, my philosophy is different from almost everyone else's. I don't think sex with kids is inherently immoral, which, alone, will immediately alienates me from most people.
I could use it as a nuclear weapon and could just drive away people that way. I'm also, while domestically a libertarian moderate capitalist, in foreign policy terms far-right and a strident militarist.

An interesting part of Roketsune's personality is their willingness to acknowledge that they are into children, and that they think that its just fine. Below, Roket responds to a question on the link between autism and Pedophilia. Roket seems to acknowledge there may be a link, as he is autistic and an admitted hebephile


Roketsune believes that children have the capacity to consent and he is an admitted hebephile, with a fursona who is a pederast. He and his pal Tayferret also enjoy trolling "antis" (Antipedophiles or pedophobes). Roketsune also has an account on a website called "boymoment" which is basically what it sounds like.


His twitter profile identifies him as a hebephile and MAP (minor attracted person) advocate.

He has also sperged a bunch in the past about the fur community rejecting the whole babyfur/cub gross shit. Below is a cap from him and @AlexReynard sperging about FurryNetwork telling the people who roleplay as underage to get the fuck out of the community.


He also had an absolutely MASSIVE spergout about this on a blog, flipping his shit because he felt victimized by the blocking of cub porn on a forum he didn't even use or was registered for,

I Am Frustrated and Angry As Fuck/Yiff

I must revise my standard battle doctrine. I cannot treat trauma victims differently from the regular fanatics. Trying to be compassionate is not getting me anywhere. They're still being aggressive. It's akin to the case of the last soldier killed in WW1, an American who suicidally charged at a German position a minute or two before the time of the armistice. The German soldiers didn't want to shoot him. They tried to wave him off and spare him, but he kept charging. They had to mow him down. The situation here is very comparable. I don't want to fight them. I want them to overcome what was done to them, but they ignore all reason and are coming after us. Even if I had none of the incendiary traits and beliefs I do, they would still aggress me and curtail my liberty. I'll just have to trample over them when they get in my way as I would anyone else. Perhaps they eventually will realize the futility of needlessly intruding in other people's affairs and stop crusading if they suffer enough. If their therapists are worth a damn they would also suggest they stop trying to save the world from something which harms no one. Why must Terrans be so deranged?

I'm extremely bitter about this despite never having even registered at that place. It feels as if I, my friends, and our subculture are under attack from within and have badly lost. From these fucking unwarrantedly self-righteous assholes who cannot rationally analyze their emotions worth a shit, from the apparently greedy and money-focused types like Varka, and from the apathetic furries who could hardly care less about all of this since it isn't THEIR porn being demonized and banned. Like, I'm so disgusted and hateful right now I would make Professor Coldheart from the original Care Bears series proud. We're under attack for no legitimate reason, Varka just cares about maximizing the size of his precious new site notwithstanding his verbose explanation that should mollify no one (if he actually responds to my e-mail in a miraculous way and calls a new vote, I will revise this; it just seems too likely to not declare at this point), and few of our own kind (furries) will stand beside us. You people reading this who have Inkbunny accounts, and those of you from SoFurry who are here, you better fucking be grateful for those places and help keep them running if you can. Being forced into a smaller redoubt is better than having none at all, and we will indeed have none if we don't stay mobilized and ensure they can maintain the place. I don't know what I would do if this place vanished or banned cub and/or my political speech. Everyone should be grateful to those who founded these sites and fought so hard to hold the line where it is.

I don't know whether any sort of meaningful counteroffensive is possible. I mean, maybe Varka will completely astonish me and revisit this since he has gotten flak for this and my efforts will contribute (share this journal's URL at appropriate places and times to promulgate this, please: I'm 99% sure it's far and away the best explanation of this disaster AND why the crusade against us is wrong). Perhaps something will be achieved that I can't envision to offset this in some way. And, there is actually one benefit to this for those of us already residing here and SoFurry: they will grow somewhat. Of course, most cubfurs and the like will have already come here, but I'm sure at least a few are late to the party for one or another reason. You know what? We can fight back with cub erotica! It won't affect them much since they won't be seeing it (please don't flood FN and the like with it; let the enemy have their redoubts and stay where they are), but, it will still be a proliferation of content they wish was wiped off the face of the Earth, and they can't do shit about it. I am going to try to produce even more hebe/ephebophilic cub literary smut! I'm going to divert whatever spare capacity I feel is wise to this endeavor. Maybe I'll have 10 done by the end of June! Maybe I'll do another of Roketsune and Lucien, as that dynamic is blatantly pederastic and has the highest incendiary value of all my ideas! Everyone else, if you can, make your own or commission someone! We're going to retaliate merely by enjoying what we like to enjoy, even more than usual!

Here is more underage shit sperging about getting a tempban for his gross content

If you are interested in reading up on some of his cub smut and such, check his InkBunnies

Relationship with Tayferret

Tayferret is a furry who is known for artwork depicting young persons in peculiar positions. When Tayferret was banned from Twitter for his shit, Roketsune changed his tune and said that Tayferret was only trying to troll.



He has also defended Tayferret on Tumblr with regard to accusations that Tayferret's drawings are too lifelike and just child porn.

Q&A with mod about Roketsune pedoshielding
Anonymous: I'm disturbed that Roketsune is trying this hard to prove that it's totally fine that they/Tayferret possess kiddie porn. Bestiality is legal in several states in the US. That doesn't make it any less wrong or disgusting. I think the fact that Roketsune is trying this hard to show that there is nothing wrong with this shit is reason enough for them to be on the beware list as well. Clearly they see nothing wrong or immoral about how their friend, or themselves, are behaving.

i dunno about putting rocketsune on our list, that’s not really my area. otherwise, though, you’re on the money.

this isn’t about the legality of cub porn or shota. it’s about the real stuff (which we suspect tay has because his pixiv art looks traced). it’s about real kids. it’s about how tay openly said he thinks grooming children into accepting sex is A-OK, how he actively tries to be around children while realizing he’s a pedophile, how he refuses to get help and instead acts like being a pedophile is a perfectly acceptable way of being. it’s not. it never will be.

if you suffer from a compulsion, and you put yourself around the subject… how long before tay becomes an offender? how long before some child is traumatized because he thinks “child love” should be acceptable?

this isn’t about legality. it’s about morality.

roketsune, we don’t care if you like cub or shota. we care that you think tayferret is doing nothing wrong.

-Jackal Mod

Roketsune's Response
roketsune said: Anon is an idiot. I’m not arguing for acceptance of him having RL child porn (which he doesn’t as far as I know). I am arguing against some of the hysterical bullshit coming from here from people such as you. Also, what is it with people being unable to correctly spell my name? Jesus Christ, this is the 2nd or 3rd time at least the lot of you misnamed me.

Also, one or more mods here have argued cub and the like are illegal, which is basically an accusation of criminality against us. So, one of the issues IS about whether that is legal. I would not have gone in that direction had none of you made it an issue.

Their tumblr is basically just a holding bin for a lot of the Tayferret drama where Roketsune forced himself into the middle.

Checkout his facebook for some funny stuff, t00.

Contact info:
Telegram: Roketsune
Kiwi Farms Name: @Field Marshal Crappenberg
Skype: Darosne



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GS 281

It's like this dude wanted a thread of his own for shits and giggles.
Yeah, I was actually looking over this thread with a couple of other users at the time and @BadHabits just couldn't believe this dude was real. He would have to be playing one long and deep troll for it to be fake though. He has accounts going years back and even usenet shit from 2000.

Jesus Christ, what a sick fuck.

I love how he believes that he might be a lolcow as if it is debatable if admitting to being sexually attracted to children for no reason, chimping out because a website banned drawn CP, and defending a pedophile who wants to have sex with children is considered acceptable behavior on the internet.
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Yeah, I was actually looking over this thread with a couple of other users at the time and @BadHabits just couldn't believe this dude was real. He would have to be playing one long and deep troll for it to be fake though. He has accounts going years back and even usenet shit from 2000.
i mean some fuckin guy with a twitter bio like his just casually mentioning us looked like way too much of a coincidence. you can be some of those things by themself, but for a human being to be all of those things at once is just inconceivable.

but yeah he goes back way too far and now i have to concede that people like this exist


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I was one of the few folk running rampant last night with @yawning sneasel and we dug up quite a bit of stuff on Roketsune and his little buddy Tay Ferret. As mentioned in the OP Roketsune is an unapologetic pedophile but he also goes out of his way to white knight other pedos as well. In fact in classic furry drama there was a massive shitshow involving Tay Ferret and naturally his butt-buddy came-a-runnin' to write a massive fucking symposium defending them. Fair warning everything he writes is like reading a manual.

And here's what prompted the whole 'Let me explain to everyone how you being attracted to children is totally normal' novella.

TL;DR Tay Ferret is called out for having access to actual child porn and then tracing it to make his own shitty art; Roketsune spergs out and makes an overly complicated post to explain how pedophilia is 'totally normal'.


Always good to point out all your haunts where you go hunting for cock.
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Being the curious Not A Brony that I am, I went to check out his old MLPForums profile.

I want to share some highlights of his status updates first:


As @MasterDisaster pointed out, everything Roketsune writes is a fucking novel, so thanks to @widowspiderling, who has a lot more patience than I do, for giving me a tl;dr on his posts and thread OPs.


  • 35 year old admitted pedophile with a 15 year old fursona whos into cub, shotacon, and has admitted to having contact with children
  • Calls himself a 'femboi' who identifies with twilight sparkle, rainbow dash, and rarity
  • He calls himself a 'strategist' in anything including social interaction (possibly admitting to being manipulative)
  • Actual "gender identity" is genderqueer male femboi IC and IRL
  • Is being evicted for the clothes he wears (Furry tails, paws, rainbow socks, and rave gear)
  • Poten. self diagnosed autism, anxiety, and OCD
  • Listens to weeb music

Untitled-1 copy.png


  • Lives in georgia and living in apparently subsidized housing with up to 5 other people
  • Apparently disabled (not sure if physically or mentally)
  • wants to make civ 5 mlp mods/uses civ 5 mlp mods?
  • Thinks transgender friendly moments exist in MLP universe
  • Sperging out about pony trans identities, CIV, and being atheist
  • Openly talked to a young girl in a line wearing femme rave furry gear in a line for a grocery store


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It seems that Roketsune hasn't mentioned anything about being spotted on here yet; he has, however, posted his usual word salad of insanity, explained that children can absolutely give consent sexually if you take time to explain things and totally owned Facebook by posting furry porn when they asked for his real name.

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