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Roleplaying: A fuel for vanity and fantasies of power and respect.Perhaps the reason why so many of these people are assholes?

Discussion in 'Deep Thoughts' started by Plissken, Oct 11, 2018.

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    1. (Quick preface: Not ALL roleplayers are like this, some are relatively normal people. This is an analysis for the less normal or downright insane side of these communities. Make no mistake either, I am no mental health professional. This is a kiwi's view on why MOST of these people are such fags)

      You ever play an MMORPG, and run into someone who acts like they are the character in the game's setting? Such as a townsfolk or a guard, or perhaps a thief or honorable knight? Well, these people are called Roleplayers, and there are more of them then you'd expect.

      Roleplaying allows people to escape even further than video games into fantasies of power and respect, or to fuel their vanity or ego. They can pretend to be a war hero, praised by many and loved by the people, when in real life they probably wouldn't come close to being eligible for military service. They can pretend to be a thief, stealing objects of great value and not facing the risk of actually being killed or jailed. They can pretend to be a beautiful prostitute, lusted after by many men and women, indulging only those that they deem worth their time, without the real life threat over their head of what real prostitutes face, having to pay their bills and their pimp.

      All of these things are fantasies that many of these roleplayers use to feed their self-esteem, ego, and lack of satisfaction. This brings me to my second point, one that many normies and people on here can attest to.... Why are so many of these people such fucking assholes and/or faggots?

      Well, there are many reasons behind this, but here is a list of big ones.

      1.) Lack of satisfaction with real life circumstances. Many of these people lead pretty mundane or boring lives in the real world. Most of them are not an extremely wealthy business man, a soldier with a high rank and too many medals to count, or a career hitman/ thief. They usually work your average jobs such as blue collar, minimum wage, or white collar cubicle jobs. Whereas a well-rounded and normal person would be content with this, roleplayers are not. They seek escapism in the form of playing an entirely different character, usually an idealized version of themselves, and tumble further down the rabbit hole with each passing day. This usually leads to an unhealthy fulfillment of ego or vanity, where the player of a character will have accomplished something significant in roleplay and then swell up with pride or vanity as though they accomplished whatever feat it was in the real world... When in reality, they didn't.

      2.) Inability to separate themselves from their character. This ties in with the first reason. After a while of partaking in roleplaying activities, these people start to become unable to separate themselves from their characters. Since their characters are usually an idealized version of themselves, the lines become even more blurred than they normally would be. You ever read those really shitty fanfictions of various settings? Ones with an author self-insert? Imagine that the fanfiction never ends and that other people are allowed to participate (To a degree.). You have a delusional roleplayer's ways in a nutshell. This always ends up with the roleplayer taking attacks against their character as attacks on themselves, which usually ends in exceptional drama.

      3) Cliques. Roleplayers, like anyone else on this earth, have groups of people that they consider friends and partake in activities with on a regular basis. Now, while this would normally be fine... Imagine a high school clique cranked up to 11. Why is this? Well, because the people in these cliques feed eachother's fantasies of power and respect, which further reinforces negative behaviors and habits that would normally be considered selfishness or even narcissism. Imagine an ouroboros, with two snakes devouring eachother's tails (ESO logo is a good reference). Now imagine instead the snakes are sucking eachother's dicks, and with each suck, both snakes become more selfish or display more negative behaviors. Starting to see how this is a problem? It's what echo-chambers are, essentially.. But roleplayers typically don't get into things like politics. It's almost always about fantasy fulfillment.

      This paints a rather clear and bad picture of what roleplaying can do to people of less-stable mindsets.
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    2. In my experience with tabletop roleplaying games, some of the craziest fuckers are the ones that aren't some sort of clear power fantasy about being successful. No they're the ones that start out being shat on and enjoy being shat on to excuse the insane shit they do. My Lai Massacre has nothing on the fuckers I play with.

      "If you kill a single civilian you can just blame the enemy, but if you kill the family you might as well kill the entire village to leave no witnesses. Though if you're gonna kill them you might as well fuck them if you feel like it. Remember it's not a warcrime if there's no witnesses!" - some future Spetsnaz operator I've played a game of Patrol with
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    3. >Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
      >'there are more role players than you'd expect'
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    4. RPG nowadays means barely anything more than that there are items you can equip and stats you can increase.
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    5. Or maybe people who role play just want to participate in an ongoing narrative for the sake of enjoying a story that is partially created by their actions and choices, and have fun with their friends while doing it.
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    6. Fun with your friends in an innocent period of make believe? What the hell?

      It's obviously all dark and psychological
      and a sign of the end times.
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    7. This isn't the kind of roleplaying I thought this thread would be about.
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    8. The small city I grew up in used to have a weirdo guy in his 20s who dressed like his D&D character all the time, and talked like him too. Wizard hat and long cloak, the works. Small children would follow him round and throw things at him.
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    9. Though can one imagine if we had something like the Holodeck or a Holosuite from Star Trek?
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    10. Usually people getting super into character doesn't bother me until you get to the annoying-as-fuck Tumblr variety where they call dibs on being "kin" with the characters they RP and claim a monopoly on the character and no one else is allowed to like/roleplay/identify with the character ever sorry I don't make the rules uwu

      Like, they get "triggered" when they see someone else who likes roleplaying the character as if... they created them? That's a whole thing that's not even worth getting into; at least the delusional RP-addicted people in MMORPGs (not talking about the ones that just do it to have fun and still have an actual life) have the decency to create their OWN character instead of claiming existing characters (anywhere from Darth Vader to Robbie Rotten) and proclaiming that no one else can RP them and that if people draw fanart, it's obviously for them because they ARE the character.
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    11. If we're going to go full autistic and really talk about this, I'd say this is your key point. IRL dissatisfaction and cliques can both be relatively harmless if the person is just using this for a few hours of fun or escapism; it's when they can't just leave a game as a game that the real craziness starts to show. I've actually seen people file lawsuits over in-game disagreements, and all because they took "other characters think your character's an asshole" to mean "we think you're an asshole."
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    12. No.

      Perhaps its because I avoid games like WoW but I've noticed more of an obsession with efficiency and a huge population of US southerners in the tech industry who have nothing to do.

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    13. People who roleplay in MMOs are always giant faggots who could never write a real story so they live out some power fantasy with their waifu.
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    14. You forgot to mention how RPGs are a gateway drug for casting mind bondage spells on your father and having your best friend kill herself.
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    15. I've seen a few players take it too far, though not really to Tumblrkin or over-identification levels. Though the biggest examples I can think of were in a X-Men-style game where the trans and non-binary players were really in to making sure that, while as mutants all the players were somewhat oppressed, their characters were super-duper extra oppressed.

      The other players/characters, generally being woke and/or not willing to start engaging in the identity politics reeeeeing that would ensue, were already accepting them. And hey, when you've got someone who's covered in teeth, or someone with horns and a tail, or someone who can't touch anything, someone who's gender-fluid or even trans is really no big deal, you'd think. But no, everyone was potentially really transphobic, no matter how nice they were being in person, and they might be having transphobic thoughts and that was the biggest crime of all.

      Which isn't really the right card to play in a universe with proper psychics in it who could, in fact, find out if the other characters had such thoughts, not that you can really roleplay that. But no, nothing beats SPECIAL OPPRESSION 9000.
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