Dramacow Romeo Rose / Larramie "Larry" Houston Busby - The Most Redneck of Loveshies

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Jul 18, 2016
Nah, he joined the local Klan and has been preparing for the apocalypse deep in the woods. There him and his long-lost cousin practice the redneck arts of gunchaku, bottle-throwing and hand-jobbery. They say Mormons "do it through a sheet" but that's really more of a "political separatist" thing... Don't worry though, nothin' gay 'bout a couple of dudes getting hammered in a smally, smelly tent alone, ranting about their no-homo shared hatred of women and how corona was caused by teh j00z. I can't wait to see him desperately stuttering on TV about how he might be devoted to Trump but don't worry, he's still single, non-black, skinny, braindead ladies!

Too bad Joe Exotic is locked up now, ol Larry would've fit right in at the Wynnewood ranch...

Wherefore art thou, RomeeeeoooOooo? Take a break from your epic sick summer tour with Slash to give us an update!
How's Susan? Driven by her house lately?
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I am the biggest slut.
Nov 21, 2019
I've come to learn from my time on this Earth that if someone is bragging about how expensive everything they own is- they are massively in debt and they think that the price tag equals status. Such a juvenile mindset that most tend to outgrow early in life, but you have gems such as Mr. Busey here who thinks that his faux richness should make us in awe of him.

He's wasted so much money on guitars, and all videos I have seen of him 'playing' are abysmal. He has no sense of rhythm, and his voice is sorely lacking. He brags about his new teeth and yet you can see the inflamed red gums just above them, begging for death.

He hates blacks but tries to emulate their fashions, and can't pull it off in the slightest. He hates gays but dresses like he is an extra in an Erasure video. He is a petulant man-child who probably made Susan wipe his own derrière.

He is as delusional as PT, but at least she likeable.

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