Ron Toye AMA - The SheepDog answers your questions

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Mister Y
2/ Why didn't Monica bring that incident up for FUNi's investigation? She did.
8/ If it's for the TCPA, does that mean he'll stop working on the case if the appeal court decides to revert the ruling? Check the court docs, we have a specialist working on the appeals who is one of the top attorneys in the state.
Thanks for the answers , I have extra questions regarding two of them (the quoted ones, I will use the same numbers):
2/ You said that Monica did bring the kiss incident up for FUNi's investigation, why isn't it in Denbow's affidavit, didn't she investigate it?
8/ You didn't get that question right. I was not asking you if you think you'll go to trial (you cleary don't). I was asking you if, in the hypothetical situation that you do, would you still be represented by J Sean Lemoine, or, because you hired Lemoine for the TCPA stuff, would you then reduce your counsel back to Casey Erick alone? Basically, I'm interested in knowing if Lemoine is your "TCPA-exclusive" lawyer or if you would eventually keep him as the head of your counsel if you still further need a counsel (granted it's 100% a theorical question).


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No, not even the casual fans want shit like "Are you one of those GamerGate freaks?" in their anime dub.
For reference, this is from 2015, Funimation’s dub of Prison School.

The dub had the line “Woah, cut the breaks Arthur Fonzarelli. You got a stick up your ass, or are you one of those dumbass GamerGate creepshows?”, while in Japanese it was closer to “You keep talking to me like we’re on equal terms, but I’m a 2nd year. You have to address a superior more politely. Shut… up…”

It wasn't even close to the original script, broke no laws, included no untranslatable references....


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Ron, are you aware that most people do not want to support genuinely bad people? That they will refuse to donate money, see them at Cons, like or even watch their videos if they thing those people are truly bad?

Are you aware that when a person supports someone who later they discover to have been dishonest, manipulative, and a sexual predator, they feel guilt, remorse and other painful emotions?

Are you aware that people want to support victims of abuse? And that they will support people who are standing up to villains?

Do you realize that if you are accurate about your receipts proving Vic to be a bad man, that by failing to produce your receipts, you are hurting anime fans who want to be on the side of the good guys? And then after having deliberately withheld the information that could have convinced them of your truth, you've insulted and belittled them? And that you've contributed to keeping Vic in a position where he's protected from what would be the just consequences of his actions?

Do you realize that by failing to produce your receipts, you are subjecting Monica (who you claim to love) and her friend Jamie to unnecessary hatred and ridicule, and isolating them from people who would otherwise support them? That you are hurting Monica and Jamie's finances, not just through the lawsuit, but through the money that potential fans would give them at conventions and through purchasing their products?

Do you realize that in order for your version of events to be true (that Vic is bad, Nick is worse, and there is tons of damning evidence), your failure to produce that evidence means you are engaging in the sorts of manipulative, destructive behavior with Monica that you engaged in with Marci, only this time you're using naive anime fans to heap the emotional abuse on her (though you're still working personally to damage her finances).

Do you realize that, in your hubris, you've set up a world where there is no possible scenario in which you are a decent human being?

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Cool. I lived in Greece as a kid. Not concerned with the people who would think negatively about me. They can choose to feel or think however they like.
So why does it matter what they think of Monica? What makes her different? Don't you love yourself, or are you that spinless?

Also, Nick, if you read this, my name is Foolish Samuari, because I misspelled it. Accept my mistakes!

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She has heard of it and she knows I come on here occasionally. She doesn't mind it at all.
How about your lawyers? Do they know you're posting here? What do they think about it?

3/ Why didn't you show the receipts you claim to have yet? Why can't you? It isn't the time, yet. We didn't get to that phase in the lawsuit and now that we won we will do what we promised, once the appeal is over, and post everything. We will also be covering a lot on video.
Please understand that "I have tons of evidence and I will show it when the time is right" is a common strategy by internet liars who have weak to no evidence and are filibustering in the hope that things blow over and become forgotten so they never have to reveal just how little evidence they have. You lose credibility every time you and Monica say something like this without dropping anything. If you've got receipts, and especially if they're more credible than the affidavits in your filing, drop them. What do you think you're gaining by continuing to wait?

We keep separate accounts and a joint account for bills. The reason we are not officially married is schedules. We own a house together have been together for almost 6 years . Marriage is a piece of paper and a party at this point.
I can't believe I'm in a position to give you relationship advice, but separate accounts are a huge red flag. Joint accounts only, or walk, my man. I speak from first-hand experience here.

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@Ron Toye

Hypothetically if it came to your knowledge that Monica had lied to you about her encounter with Vic what would your reaction be?

Also Hypothetically, what if it came to your knowledge that not only had she lied, but she was the one making unwanted sexual advances towards Vic, what would your reaction be?

If you found out that Monica and Jaime had made up their story would you still stand by Monica?

End of Hypotheticals.

Earlier you said that you liked metal music, and specifically mentioned Black Sabbath, so it begs the question: Ozzy or Dio?

Would you consider going on Nicks stream to do a mutual interview where you ask him questions and he gets to ask you questions as well?

In your opinion what is your real life D&D alignment?

And finally, I saved the most important question for last, Does Monica Peg you?