Careercow Ronald P Corbin / mrontheborder / StayNegative / smalltownfamous765 - wannabe rapper, amateur youtube "lolcow reviewer" he will #trigger you!!!


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This is like one of those plot twist Twilight Zone episodes where there's like a vampire hunter and the twist is that the hunter was a vampire all along.

Except in this case, we knew he was a vampire from the start
And plus, he's not a vampire but a lolcow.


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He's constantly begging for money....RON, get a JOB...get your hands out of everyone's can be a single parent and work...he's a lazy bum. No wonder he got beat up most of his life...

pretty much lol why would he get a job? he can live off of tax dollars because one of his kids is an autist and now he can beg his couple thousand subscribers for money on a daily basis.


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Love how he uses his son's disability to not work and live off of the system. And then if that isn't bad enough he begs his viewers for money. Isn't he embarrassed? He also needs a good bath, he looks like he smells like coffee, sweat and old cigarettes. As he sits there on his lazy ass gulping down coffee and acting like he's cool. But he looks like a retarded idiot. What a man, he sits in his crappy apt making fun of fat ladies.

Once he heard from Amy Slaton gets her disability check and YouTube money doesn't cut her disability check down monetarily he went full retard with it. He wants to get paid for his son being autistic and he gets an equal amount for being a dedicated caregiver. Now he wants even more money from YouTube. That is why he doesn't want to get a regular job. The regular job money would cut down on the Social Security that he gets in.
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Holy shit he is fucking delusional. his latest radio podcast is chock full of him thinking he is better than 99% of YouTube's videos and how his content is worthy of $ and him deserving of patreon donations from his subs that are even poorer fucks than him.


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He tries to act all cool and edgy, however the truth is he most likely was the kid on the school bus who got beat up everyday. Ron, I know you read here, you are nothing but an e-begger. Get off your lazy ass and get a job! Any money he makes online should be reported to the SS office. If you make a certain amount SS will deduct from your benefits you're collecting. He also has to pay income taxes. Someone should check this all out.
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probably probably why he's going to patreon. Those are gifts so they're not taxable I believe.

This popped up when in my suggested. This is from 2015 and describes mr. Triggered to a T.

Plus the accent was pretty funny.


Awe shit gingivitis

My lord this man is salty I really wouldn't expect someone with a fucking autistic kid to go after other people with disabilities just because they are doing better on YouTube than he is.

I would much rather see these people working to make money than leeching off of the government like our poor salty talent-less Ron.
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I used to kinda like this dude, but he's right. He still thrives off of hate watches. He's admitted he's not above being a complete whore for views, like as long as he makes a nickel, he'll make videos acting like he's some super cool, top notch drama monger who shuts down debates with his sick burns, or whatever. The best thing to do, the most harmful, the thing that would burn him the most, is to just let him die. He'll have his 5,000 subscribers for years. But if he's not growing, it's still hurting him. If his subscribers grow beyond him, and move on, it hurts him more. Especially with youtube's changes. I dont know the specifics, but he doesnt have to only worry about strikes anymore. Now they can cut his ad revenue for being too offensive or mean, so he's going to be even more of a limp wristed pussycat than he already was. Dude's ship has a hole, eventually he'll sink.

If anything, do what they do to Darkside Phil. Archive his shit, edit and rehost it.


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Yeah like when he used to rip ALR and then she and PM confronted Ron behind the scenes and he agreed to take down his ALR content and not rip her. But to save face to his audience he started calling Amber, Allen Reed or something like that. Notice he will no longer say her name while ripping her,nor will he rip Peter Monn. He's scared shitless of Peter for some reason.

I used to be a big fan of Rons until I started seeing what a pansy this guy really is and all the back peddling he does.

His focus now is ripping big youtubers in the hopes that they will respond and he will get noticed like ALR did and get a shit load of new subs. Even if he ends up getting a ton of new subs he wont be able to keep them because his content is shit. All he does is moan and complain in every video, it gets old very quick.

He can't even afford to feed his kids, he uses food stamps,yet vapes and that crap is expensive. Instead of vaping he could buy food for his dam kids. He gets close to $500 a month in food stamps. He also joined a gym, he could have bought food with that money, but no, he will let the tax payers feed his dam kids, while he has a gym membership and vapes. And God only knows what else that he doesn't show that we don't know about.

I just want to add when I watch his videos I have my adblock on lol
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