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MoguMogu intensifies
Mar 24, 2021
I enjoyed watching Nomad.
Shame the show never got the chance to fully blossom.
Agreed, it was a great show. Just a shame it won’t ever continue, it had a lot of potential. Just a shame that potential will never be realized. (Besides most of the 2D animation crew are probably stuck on Death Battle animating Wiz and Boomstick anyways. Just a hunch though).

Hugbox Kommissar

You wouldn't download an ideology
Dec 17, 2019
Thanks twitter, why would you do that to me?
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She doesn't go into detail. She was probably bored.
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Asking your simps won't get you a real answer.
Cue kickstarter for start up capital.
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I didn't know that but it makes so much sense.
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Getting Spoony Experiment flashbacks. The film is in the render queue you guys.
In case the funhaus crowd isn't aware, Adam has resurfaced.

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Not gonna lie, I'm stoked if he can pull off a comeback. Better give a shout out to Ryan Haywood for making this possible.

Random Internet Person
Jun 28, 2019
It's coming...

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coomer mcgee
May 30, 2021
In case the funhaus crowd isn't aware, Adam has resurfaced.

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Honestly, while I enjoyed the hell out of the drama, I can't help but feel bad for him. Getting roped in with Ryan Haywood really made the leak seem so much more sinister than what it actually was - a fag leaking Adam's nudes. sounds like he's going to a Coomers Anonymous type group and he's in a better spot now, so I'll be really happy if he can come back to the Internet even just a little bit.

Sleazy Car Salesman

Believe me when I say that I will take your money
May 27, 2021
Oh, that's be fucking funny. "Hey guys, sorry for fucking the females amongst you, but the pussy was easy though. Can I go back to playing games and flying retards out to hotels to rawdog behind my wife's back?"
Basically this, Ryan is in a weird position where everything he did is his fault but every girl he fucked is equally as guilty as he is.

Dumpster dived waifu

Sieg heil mein waifu
Apr 5, 2019
Some are, like the ones that were his chat mods and whatever but some of them were lonely teenagers that he had manipulated. This is the really damning part I think
"Yeah, my wife is totally cool with fucking my fans because she doesn't ever fuck me herself."

Anyone that falls for that line is fucking stupid and shouldn't be excused from involvement.


A bucket is technically a type of disc
Sep 23, 2019
I took a look at the Griffon Onlyfans pics. It's all pretty bad:
1: Picture of poorly-aged legs trying to pull off an orgasm equals pigeon-toed thing but somehow making her legs look not even human because of the bad angle
2: Mostly a picture of the satyr-fucking-a-redhead tat on her back. Because they really didn't think this through, they're not lined up on the counter she's leaning on so the posture is horrific, looking more like "drunken vomiting in the sink" than anything respectable.
3: Apparently her sex face is "I farted and got my brother in trouble for it". Though you can hardly tell that because her unwashed messy hair is covering 90% of her face because, again, she somehow manages to align her face, body and camera in the least appealing positions possible.

0/10 never again.

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